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  1. clever-username

    it's a small world

    About a month or so ago, a friend of mine went to a yoga class at our local YMCA. It was a nice class and we had a good time. However, between the combination of the coming new year's resolution workout crowd and the instructor's announcement that that particular class was her last one since she was going to be having her baby soon, that was our only time going to that yoga class. Now you're probably wondering what this has to do with my previous blog entries...well, flash forward to today. I was talking with my lady friend and I mentioned I wanted to get back into yoga. She asked if I went to a class or if I did yoga at home and I told her that I usually did it at home but I did go to a class one time. I gave a brief rundown of going to the class and why I hadn't been back yet and didn't think anything of it. And then I found out that my lady friend had been at that class too! But wait there's more... Because right after that revelation the conversation moved on and I mentioned how cute she was (we've been snapchatting and seriously, she's soooo pretty). It was then that she mentioned that when she saw me in class, she thought I was cute too!!! *Double Gasp! So yeah, I'm having a pretty good day now.
  2. clever-username

    first date

    Well after much scheduling trial and error, I finally went on a first date with my new potential lady-friend! We had planned on going to coffee this past Saturday but then when I texted that morning to double check we were still on (she'd been having car trouble all week) she suggested going either to Sunday brunch or drag bingo (aka awesome bingo for a good cause wherein a fabulous and fabulously funny drag queen is the bingo caller). I had no idea that drag bingo existed but I know I would definitely do it again. It was so fun! I was so happy with how the date went. She is super nice and funny; we had a great time chatting about our crappy coworkers and about how awesome drag bingo is. My new potential lady-friend is also very pretty and very tall (seriously, I feel short next to her and considering I'm 5'7'', that's an accomplishment indeed makes me extremely happy *dramatic swoon*). After bingo we stood out in the parking lot and talked more, I think we would've stood there longer if it hadn't been for the fact it was absolutely freezing out. We're still texting and it's more frequent than before which I figure is a good sign. I'm really looking forward to seeing her again
  3. clever-username

    super excited

    I didn't want the clutter up the forums so I thought I just put this here so I can be excited somewhat in public...I'm talking to a girl on a dating site And things seems to actually be going well. She's not super far way from me, she seems super nice, and I'm really hoping that we actually get to the point of meeting up. It's been such a long time since I've been attracted to someone on a dating site (probably because I was sticking to men and my attraction to men seems to be very very low anymore), let alone someone who seems to share that attraction, I really hope this works out.True, if this works out I have to have The Conversation with my dad finally but for now, I'm very happy. That's it. I just needed to get that out so I don't accidentally explode at work and blurt it out to my blissfully unaware coworkers...
  4. clever-username

    Name Your Vagina After The Last Movie You Watched....haaha

    ...Hellboy ...oh my...
  5. clever-username

    Tough to meet bi women

    This...sadly...so much this.... I recently decided to turn on the 'everyone' setting on the bumble dating app (I had been sticking to men - I'm in a conservative area and therefore mostly in the closet so I was consciously not looking for women but then I realized that since the women I'm meeting are in my area, they should understand why I'm hanging half-in/half-out of the closet so why not try...but I digress) So far I've only found about 20 women in my area and so far the majority of their descriptions can be summarized as follows: - Hi! I'm in a relationship and we're looking for a woman to join us - I'm in a relationship so I'm just looking for a friend with benefits - no relationships - Suspiciously lacking in any personality or details besides one pic and a snapchat handle It's such a bummer :/
  6. clever-username

    hot & heavy messages

    I know I'd definitely enjoy hot and heavy messages, dirty writing is sooo good! And the extra exciting thing about the prospect of exchanging messages with someone someday is the fact that I'm about 90% sure I could give as good as I got (...I may or may not dabble in dirty writing....it's like working out at the smutty writing gym...)
  7. clever-username

    The Shybi fitness thread

    Yoga doesn't get you bulked up like weight training but if you do enough planks, downward dogs, etc, all those body weight exercises really do help build up some muscle if you don't have much like me Someday I want to be able to do arm balances but there's a lot of work to be done before I get there As for plant based food, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I've really started to like tofu. I've been getting these little kits in the world foods aisle that usually you'd add meat, veggies, rice, etc and I've been substituting tofu. So far they've turned out pretty tasty. If you're not into tofu, I did get some compliments on my lentil 'meat'balls. Basically you cook up some lentils, smash them and make meatballs with them (adding breadcrumbs, egg, seasonings) and bake them before adding sauce. Now that recipe technically has some cheese in it but I think you'd be able to take that out and it would still work.
  8. I would *love* if that were true because honestly, if my dad didn't care, I'd definitely try to date more women (even though the lady loving ladies pickings are a bit slim where I live) because I can see myself ultimately settling down with a woman. But...I just don't know. I've been trying to retrain his brain on the track of 'hey, some people are gay, bi, etc and that's okay' thing over the years and it seems to be working but sometimes he backslides. It's those backsliding moments that keep me from saying anything. I was telling my mom and sister in law about it and they both got the same "oh shit" look on her face when I go to that part. I even asked mom if she'd said something to him but she said no and that he hadn't mentioned anything. My sister in law agrees that it was a distinctly strange thing for him to have asked and she's the most impartial third party we have. The only thing I can think of is either he: a) put the pieces together on his own [such as my deliberate use of 'they' when talking about my future partners, my stellar dating record of 2 guys who only lasted for about a month each, and my lack of interest in the guys he's always setting me up with] or b) he was talking to his friend whose daughter is a lesbian (and whose wedding my dad went to) and his friend was like 'uh, have you considered the possibility your daughter isn't straight' c) maybe a combination of the two
  9. I told my best friend first so she kinda eased me through that first initial 'holy shit' panic right after all the puzzle pieces fell together. After that it was my sister, followed by my mom (mom had a little bit of a rough time with it, she didn't understand but she's doing better now that she's had time to digest) then my two brothers and my sister in law (after my confession my one brother made a nicely crude joke, a sure sign in my family that he's cool with). Oddly enough I ended coming out to the one coworker I have who's my age, she was fine like I figured she would, she's a nice person. I don't think I'll ever come out at work if I can help it. I don't need that kind of attention because my coworkers are just not capable of being cool with something like that. But then there's dad...I haven't actually told him because while my dad is not super-homophobic, there is a lovely generational tang of it that I think could grow if I just blurt out my lady loving tendencies. But after a conversation I had the other day, I'm starting to wonder if he knows something is up. I had gone out after work with a new friend of mine and when my dad heard about it he started asking 'ohhh, and whose [insert my female friend's name here]? what does she do?' Now...to an outsider, this wouldn't seem odd but you see, my dad has this weird dad teasing voice that is almost exclusively for when he's asking his children about potential date material. It's very distinct and we all know it when we here it. So the use of this voice was odd but I figured, maybe I was mis-reading the situation but then Dad: So is she single? *cue record scratch noise and internal panic* Me (internally): WHAT DO YOU KNOW?!? Somebody talked!! AAAAHHH! Me (externally): Uh...she has a boyfriend. Why would it matter if she was single? Dad: Well, I just wanted know...*dissolves into random dad mumbling that I couldn't interpret* ... So yeah...it's entirely possible my dad has put the pieces together but like hell am I going to bring it up any time soon.
  10. clever-username

    The Shybi fitness thread

    My goal for the year is get back into doing yoga almost daily. I really miss the upper body strength I was getting when I did it pretty much every day. That and get more traction on my 'eat less meat' diet. I don't necessarily want to go vegetarian all the way but I want to go more plant based (my doctor suggested it and so far it does make me feel good)
  11. I'm not exactly an authority on the matter (since I am a big ol' virgin in the lady lovin' arena, sadly) but I usually go by the general definition of third base being manual stimulation (fingering/handjobs). I mean I suppose you could qualify fingering as a homerun in regards to f/f sex but I feel like there would be more there then just fingering (maybe oral + fingering w/ toys maybe? I dunno) But I most definitely could be wrong because...*jazz hands and sing song voice* lady lovin' virgin!
  12. clever-username

    Super Mario Bros? Who Loves These Games?

    I love Mario Bros 3 (I used to play it on an website in college when I'd finish my classwork) but the first gaming system I ever really really played was a Sega Genesis our neighbor gave us. I liked it right up until it finally gave up the ghost and died. I never did get to beat that damn Sonic the Hedgehog 2...
  13. Just the general fantasies of rolling around with a curvy naked lady, with a bit of third base action as well, not to mention other things that I won't ever get to have thanks to my rural setting...so the usual....
  14. My friend and I were talking about this today and she thinks that having a long distance relationship helps strengthen communication skills and I tend to agree with her though more for the fact that it helps you get to know someone without all the distractions of being in the same room. Getting to know someone via text, messaging, etc really appeals to me since when I physically meet someone, I tend to get attached a bit quicker before I let myself get to know them so it's always a bit of a kick to the face when you realize "wait, this isn't someone I actually want to be with" and you're already in too deep. (EX: please see my ex-boyfriend who really was a nice guy but so irresponsible there's no way I could've stayed with him for the long haul). Maybe if I'd had more time to talk with him long distance before meeting him, I would've realized sooner he wasn't for me and saved us both the shitty breakup.
  15. The title says it all, I caved again and made an online dating profile :/ (Because that worked out *so* swell the last time...) This time I went more towards my geek-ish leanings and made a soulgeek profile but going from what I saw on the site, it's looking highly unlikely that anything will come of it. The site seems pretty dead. Oh well, maybe this'll shut up that nasty voice in my head that likes to remind me that my birthday is coming up and I'm still a big ol' virgin (not to mention the lowkey shame of being single that the holiday season just *loves* rubbing my nose in). Maybe with this, I can fool myself into thinking I'm doing something until that little gremlin goes away.