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  1. Okay, I'm not sure if it's just my area or what but why is so damn difficult to buy cute cotton underwear lately? For years now I've been able to easily find cute pairs of underwear that aren't made of almost entirely polyester and other various materials (I can't wear the synthetic stuff). I could find cool colors and patterns, I could find cute looking ones with a bit of lace for a flirty factor. I could always find them in the style I like and that doesn't show above my jeans but now all of the sudden.... Nothing! Zip! Nada! Now the only cotton underwear I can find is briefs, briefs, and more briefs (nothing against them if they are somebody's preferred, I'm just too paranoid about my undies showing when I bend over) and to add insult to injury, they're all sooooo bland. Seriously, I saw a pack today while shopping that was white, off white, tan, dark grey, where is the whimsy in that? All the cute underwear is synthetic. There are oodles of nerdy themed underwear that I would looove to have but they just taunt me every time I go questing for the right underwear because they're all made out of polyester. I was kind of hoping it was a passing thing but I don't think that's the case. I guess I'm doomed to boring undies for the rest of eternity :/
  2. So we have a post about breasts (which is super awesome) but I don't see one for legs, anybody else appreciate a pair of lovely legs? My eyes' direct route to a pair of nice legs was actually one of the things that helped me realize I was attracted to women. There's just something so enticing about them. Especially when the lady in question is wearing a pair of thigh high socks or stocking *stares off into distance dreamily* (Interesting Fact: I now have ZZ Top's "Legs" stuck in my head thanks to writing this post....)
  3. "Take On Me" but like, the sad acoustic version from the end of Deadpool 2, so pretty but so sad
  4. Oh it probably will drive me crazy, haha especially since I only run into her often enough that I'll *maybe* remember to be more observant when we interact but it's not a sure thing. It'll probably go how it usually does, we'll talk, my brain won't function properly, then once I'm walking back to my desk I'll think "Dammit! I was supposed to pay attention!"
  5. Unfortunately that department's break times are different than mine due to what they handle. :/ I think I'm just going to have to be more alert the next time she's around and trying to have a conversation (usually we see each other in the morning when my brain isn't exactly at it's quickest)
  6. While I seem to be more visually drawn to legs (mainly thighs, for some reason my eyes immediately go for a nice thigh, especially when stockings or tall socks are involved...but I digress) touching boobs that are not my own is definitely at the top of my list of things I would really really look forward to in the event I had the chance to be with a woman. My main curiosity is what it would be like to get my lips on them.
  7. So to preface this, I have absolutely no social awareness whatsoever. I am so slow on the uptake all the time and usually don't understand what was really going on in a conversation or interaction until about twenty minutes later, if I figure it out at all, because I typically take everyone's actions at face value. ...All that aside...I'm like 90% sure one of the girls at work has been flirting with me. At my work there's this one department that I have almost no interaction with at all. I only know the people who work there by their first names, if I know them at all, and I don't think I've ever had an extended conversation with any of them. And in that department is this girl that I've only really talked to in passing and the sum of the things I know about her is her name, her department, and that her car is in the parking space next to mine most days but lately I've been getting this vibe from her when we do interact. She seems extra, I guess animated would be the word?, when we run into each other and I get the feeling she's trying to engage in a longer conversation than "Good Morning, Good Morning, Have a good day, You too" by the office fridge. Then there are things like the other morning when she literally ran over to open door (we have one that locks in the front) for me before the fingerprint scanner could let me in. I mean I'd be definitely on board with giving it a shot at seeing where it would go but the problem is I don't know anything about her. Plus there's that pesky, I have no idea if she's even into women or if she's just trying very intensely to be my friend (which would be good too, I'm always looking for more friends) and the fact that I'm not anywhere near out at work. So yeah, that was my realization of the day today.
  8. I read more fanfic than I do original work anymore. It's so much easier to find what elements you want in a story since everyone tags their work then you can filter out what you do and don't want from things like word count and rating to whether it's a slow burn or a crack fic. I use AO3 mainly for finding fics or posting my own (I write Supernatural, Check Please, and some MCU in case anybody is curious) though I do cross post to tumblr and sometimes pic up a few fic recs there.
  9. The Game of Thrones question is kind of tricky, I mean if you don't mind having the emotional rug ripped out from under you on a pretty regular basis, I'd say give it a go. The thing I love most about the show is that it always keeps you guessing, it's very very good at building suspense and surprising you. Another thing I love is the character arcs, some of these character arcs are super fantastic. If you do end up watching, I hope you like it.
  10. I love a nice voice, it's something I'm really into. Someone who's funny and either is a bit weird like me or doesn't mind my weird, haha...and nice legs are always a plus
  11. I don't know if this happened to to other people or not but when I would put that I was bi and interested in women on my profile I got a lot of women saying they where looking for someone to "play" with her and "her man". Since I'm not interested in being the missing piece to a couple's threesome, obviously this was a let down for me which is why I started putting down that I was a lesbian and left it at that.
  12. @jarobin - I've never used sweet myrrh, that sounds like it would smell really nice! And I love the smelling like you came out of a burning mineral pit description @bi-the-ocean - Oh vanilla and eucalyptus! I missed putting those on my lists, I love vanilla but like, subtle vanilla. I have a bottle of body lotion from bath and body works called "sensual" ,such a sexy name ;) , that's black currant and vanilla. It's got this spiciness that's just so good. (Update: oh my god, when I was on the bath and body works site looking for the name of that body lotion, I just found out they have a vanilla and patchouli one! That sounds so awesome!) @grneyedgrl - It's not strange I like the smell that you get right after it rains and it's extra nice since I live in the country because it smells so fresh
  13. So I know this is totally random but I got to thinking today and I'm curious, how many other women enjoy earthier scents over flowery/fruity ones? (Shout out to my one coworker for giving me a better term to refer to the non-flowery/fruity scents besides "the not usual" ones) I've noticed that when I'm given a choice, I'd rather smell and/or smell like earthier smells. For example I currently rotate between the following soap smells: patchouli, sandalwood and citrus, lemongrass, and dragonsblood (it smells kinda spicy in case someone hasn't encountered it). And before I switched to natural earthy scented goat soap, which is what all the soaps I just mentioned are, I liked to use Irish Spring soap. (sidebar: goats milk soap? super awesome for making your skin soft, my legs are so soft I catch myself feeling myself up sometimes because damn...haha) Anyway, I've noticed that a lot of people seem surprised when they notice what I smell like. If I had a nickel for all the times I get a surprised "is that patchouli?" out of people (though the one time it was a really cute girl working the check in desk at a hotel so that was kinda nice.) So I'm wondering if anybody else likes smelling like these kinds of smells too.
  14. First...*high five* awesome Arctic Monkeys reference Second...I'm totally in the same boat. Even though I really really would have wanted to, there's absolutely no way I actually would've gone through with it, haha! I'd be way too worried about all the things that could go horribly wrong in that scenario plus if I'm going to be boinking someone, I'd want to know them for more than a day before doing that.
  15. (I'm feeling a bit bold due to lack of sleep...) A good chunk of the time, I'm not really itching for sex. I mean, I'll get myself off if I'm not too tired and I can manage to get some time where I don't have to worry about someone in my house interrupting me but I'm not like, actively seeking it out but for some reason tonight I'm just...super focused on sex. I think if I had the access (whether it was a fuck buddy or a surefire way to get myself a one night stand) I would actually do it which amazes me since I never thought a one off would be appealing to me. So yeah, I guess it's nice to know that I do indeed possess some sort of sex drive and my tired brain decided I needed to share it with everyone here since I can't tell anyone else out of fear of accidentally mentioning that at the moment I would take a guy or a girl (though the scales point slightly more towards girl because...yeah...) at this point. Anyway,..I'm going to go sleep now and probably wonder tomorrow morning why the hell I'd post this random nonsense.