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  1. Thanks @ThatsNoMoon ... I have a lovely husband but we are no longer in love. Basically I told him I was in love with this woman but that I wouldn't cross the line physically. As for her she often talked of us 'running away together' when our children grow up. I think she wanted to keep me in her life on her terms. But her daily texts were just a constant reminder that she didn't miss me as much I miss her, they weren't enough. I wanted to see her more, to hug her. She has told me we are soul mates and she has never felt more connected to anyone. Sorry am rambling now! But you mention 'self worth' and that's the issue here. I am trying to stick to my own boundaries and if she can't meet me halfway it can't continue. Anyway we have had no contact for 9 days now but we will see what happens. We always seemed to be pulled back together like magnets.
  2. @blueberry she deleted me right after I posted a photo of me on a night out with other friends.. She gets a bit jealous I think who knows im done I think.. I do still love her but I need to get off this rollercoaster
  3. Thanks @blueberry . The problem is getting her to communicate as she is not often willing to meet face to face. She does 99% of her communicating with me through texting. We have had no contact for over a week now. I told her I couldn't cope with her just being a pen pal. I would get so excited when we were due to meet but then so upset as she would usually cancel last minute. She does have some social anxiety. Anyway she deleted me off Facebook and didn't wish me a happy birthday. I won't easily forget that. I just don't understand why she would text me to say she loves me almost every day for the last 2 months when her actions tell me the opposite.
  4. Wow that sounds so similar.. yes I have often thought she has narcissistic traits .. pulls me in telling me how much she loves me then gets irritated when I call her out on letting me down again.. i think we both filled a void in the others life as not particularly happy in our marriages but not willing to leave them yet as children still young It's a roller coaster of emotion but I'm beginning to wake up and see that if her actions don't match her words then I need to keep her at arms length.. it's hard though thank you
  5. Thanks for all the replies .. I've never stood up for myself properly with her before .. so I guess it will show me if she cares enough to make more effort. Either way I will get my answer. I told her that if I had to let someone down cancelling a night out then I would suggest an alternative night.. she did not respond to that. its so frustrating as we are both off work this week and it is my birthday in a few days and it would have been so good to just spend a bit of time with her this week. Instead we are now not speaking :(
  6. She also does the hot and cold behaviour which is torturous. Some days so flirty and loving then some days cold and to the point.. i wish I'd never met her in some ways because she is all can think about. The power she has over my moods and emotions is so frustrating, I just can't shake her .. can anyone relate?
  7. I've been 'friends' with another woman since last summer .. but we knew each other vaguely before that (friend of friend) she started texting my out of the blue, they were always complimentary but I never thought much about it as she is that kind of person. over time our texts became more frequent and we seemed to develop a connection.. we had a night out, lots of eye contact , then hand holding 6 weeks later another night out.. we kissed it was amazing after that night though she freaked out .. and pushed me away.. I told her I had feelings which made her push me even further she pretty much ghosted me for two months.. them she came back.. saying she wanted to be friends but she couldn't trust herself to drink with me (we are both married) so the texts started again.. and from early December we have text every day apart from one day until now often we text each other every morning and I love it so over December she seemed to change , she had always been reluctant to see me in real life.. but suddenly we were going to cinema, getting nails done , taking kids out bur then she will go for weeks saying she is too busy to meet up - she does have a busy job but she is a five minute drive away yet barely a day goes by where she doesn't tell me that she loves me so last night we were supposed to be going out for a drink and she cancelled in the morning .. I was really upset and didn't believe her excuses she responded by saying our friendship is not healthy if I'm reacting so emotionally i basically said that it is always me who wants to meet in person, and that having a 'friendship' that is 99.9 % through text messaging is not normal when we love so close by and that we want different things i just don't know whether she really cares or whether I'm just one of many she is texting i have told her I will not text again. The reason I react so emotionally is because I am in love with her.. I won't say this though because last time I did she ran for the hills i just feel so lost.. I'm already missing her texts .. but never felt like she would make any real effort to keep me in her life sorry just needed to vent
  8. For me it's wanting to tell her everything, butterflies when her name pops up on my phone. It started off as an emotional connection for me and the physical attraction grew out of that. I knew this woman as an acquaintance previously and did not fancy her in the slightest until I got to know her. Now I think she is gorgeous because I have fallen in love with her and we have a connection.
  9. Loulou I totally understand how you feel, I am having the same thing done to me at the moment. I haven't messaged her for 8 days now as was sick of it being one sided, I miss the daily chat and the good morning messages the most. I know how much it hurts. I feel at times like I hate her for being such a coward and wish I didn't love her I hope you feel better soon hugs xx