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  1. My marital status: She must be willing to accept my devotion to my husband whom I regard as the number one person in my life. She and I may bond with each other and may even care very deeply for each other, but she must never desire to replace my husband.
  2. Are you ready for a tear-jerker? When She Loved Me from Toy Story 2
  3. I want to start off by saying that I'm happy for you ladies who enjoy anal. You are lucky to have two pleasure ports. I also want to chime as a woman who doesn't enjoy anal to provide company for those who may feel they're missing out . Now, I must warn you there will be some TMI, so brace yourself. Anal is a NO GO for me! Yes, I've tried all the tricks from lubes (lots and lots and lots...of lube!), to relaxation, arousal, flirting ("Ooh, baby, we're so naughty, tee-hee..."). I've tried it all! It still sucks. It either hurts like a mofo, or at "best", I just feel as if I'm sh*tting backwards. I get nothing from anal except a total buzz-kill. Oh, and for me, it stinks. Literally stinks. I have a very sensitive nose, and no matter how neutral people tell me it is, I still smell it. You ladies who enjoy anal are very lucky. Believe me, if I were to have 2 pleasure ports, I'd take advantage of both at every opportunity.
  4. I zoomed in to read the print:. "I'm comfortable with my looks. I know that I'm not a marketable beauty in TV terms. I'm attractive in a different way." What? "Not a marketable beauty"?! Well, those TV executives are blind and stupid.
  5. Gillian Anderson has always been up there on my list of beautiful women. And, guess what... she's bisexual !!!!
  6. From the American national anthem, The Star Spangled Banner, I heard ”Jose, can you see?" as the opening verse.
  7. I adore Lisa Ling!
  8. Vice correspondents Isobel Yeung and Gianna Toboni. Smart and beautiful women who lead the way in investigative journalism -- very hot! I'd love to go on a date with them. https://www.girlboss.com/girlboss/2017/5/3/how-two-vice-correspondents-landed-their-really-intense-dream-jobs
  9. I have a feeling had my second-cousin been a gay man, instead of a gay woman, he would have kept it a secret. Historically, South/East Asian cultures tolerated female homosexuality/bisexuality, as well tolerated any form of transgender orientations. However, they have been negative towards male homosexuality. Some countries only punish and imprison gay men.
  10. I noticed the poll doesn't let people select more than one answer. For example, if you have a gay parent and a transgender first-cousin, you wouldn't be able to select both first degree and third degree relative. Until there's a way to fix that, please select the closest degree applicable. Sorry, about that. :(
  11. There is a saying that every family has one. Let's take a poll and see if that's true with the members here on Shys. In my case, I only know of a distant relative, my second-cousin (mother's cousin's daughter) who is a gay woman in Vietnam. There are probably more, but like me, are closeted.
  12. I have the same concern, and sadly, it is a major factor in my choice to stay in the closet. I read a lot of good, encouraging advice from members here on Shybi, however, I think in my case, I am not ready to come out. I'm frustratingly self-defeating this way. I hope it works out for you.
  13. Francesca Gregorini and Morgan Marling cuddling their "baby".
  14. I'm Chinese and Vietnamese.