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  1. Femme Lusting

    LA vs NY kids edition

    A meetup sounds great! Yes, please keep me posted.
  2. Femme Lusting

    LA vs NY kids edition

    Regarding that Free Fallin' video, I remember being 12 years old and feeling secretly "lesbian" for that hot skateboarding girl.
  3. Femme Lusting

    LA vs NY kids edition

    Here's another good song about Southern California, specifically the San Fernando Valley area (aka, "The Valley") where I grew up. The video shows footage of the area, some bygone era scenery and some timeless. Beautifully written song. Free Fallin' by Tom Petty:
  4. Femme Lusting

    LA vs NY kids edition

    I haven't had the chance to watch the videos you posted, and I can't contribute to the sports discussion (I'm completely out of touch with spectator sports). However, here's a classic song that is very Los Angeles: LA Woman by The Doors
  5. Femme Lusting

    What American accent do you have?

    Does this forum allow us to post sound clips? I think it would be fun to hear each other's voices. I have a typical California accent, and naturally to me, it's the most unimpressive sound -- but, it still feels good to be regarded as "exotic" . I think California English is very much represented in media because of Hollywood, and because of that, I have a feeling this is the American accent most people are exposed to. When I hear other dialects, such as East Coast, Southern (ya'll), and Midwest (yous) American, it's as if my ears are tasting other regional flavors. By the way, contrary to the first video, I pronounce the "t" (and not like a "d") in words such as: inTernational, denTist, buTTon, etc. However, like Stewie from Family Guy, I'm the kind of weirdo who pronounces the "h" in the Cool Whip.
  6. I have learned a lot from discussions here on this sub-forum, especially from polyamorous women. I have not been with a woman, so when I imagine being with one, my first concern on dating a single woman is the scenario where she wants more in a relationship than I can give considering my (very committed) marriage. My ideal poly relationship is a "Z" shaped, 4 person arrangement with a married/committed woman (bi or gay), where neither of us have sexual/romantic relations with each other's partners. No threesomes. No swinging. However, regardless of whether she is single or married, the basic understanding must be set upfront that we are each other's secondary mate, and that my husband will always be my #1. I have been warned this can fall apart if the expectations are not properly communicated. I could be wrong, but I have a feeling this arrangement is more challenging while dating single woman.
  7. @Blueheaven5, thank you for sharing, and thank you @BiTriMama for the advice. I have the same hesitation towards attending lesbian meetups. Perhaps, one day I'll get over being a coward and build up enough courage to go to one. I promise to report back here if I do, and we'll compare notes
  8. Femme Lusting


    BiFi - I like that! I'm going to start using it.
  9. Before ShyBi, I used to think... I'd have an easier time understanding women because I am a woman. I regret to admit I am inept at the very basics of interactions between women.
  10. Femme Lusting

    How did you meet her?

    @Iamme, I feel your pain... I really do! What you've vented on is the exact reason why I started this discussion. Dating is extra challenging for bi women, and by posting this topic, I hope to be inspired by their success stories. Like you, most bisexual dating sites/apps I've come across appeal more to people who are looking for threesomes, which is a complete deal-breaker for me. As for the women-only (lesbian and bisexual women) sites/apps I've perused, I find very few bisexual women, and even fewer lesbians open to dating bisexuals (reasons for which I understand and respect). Perhaps we can get somes clues on meeting that special women from the responses here on this discussion.
  11. I'm from California which is pretty much a treasure trove for LGBTQ people. Take a road-trip along the West Coast, and you'll catch a good number of notable places. Starting from the South and travel Northbound: San Diego, Los Angeles (particularly, the very gay West Hollywood), Santa Barbara, and then the must see gayest city in the world: San Francisco (especially the Castro District). You can also continue further along the coast to the other two coastal states: Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington -- both very bi friendly. Other states I've visited with points of interest for gay and bi women: Massachusetts -- Boston is the most educated, most liberal, and most woman empowered city I've visited. Everything in that city screams: "We love women!" New York -- New York City and its famous landmarks. This state is like California's sister-from-another-mister. New Mexico -- Santa Fe is the most enchanting place I've visited. Architecture, landscape, Native American folk art, and many other things that influence artists... you know what you get when you attract artists. Queer people!
  12. How did you married (or committed) ladies meet your girlfriend? Do tell, Heather wants to know
  13. Femme Lusting

    The Succubus

    Here's the rest of the story. Happy Halloween The Succubus -- Part 2 Her breath was dry and hot like the blast of heat you feel when you open an oven door when the broiler is on high. Her breathing increased with intensity as she continued to examine my body. She looked at my face in the most curious way as if she had never seen a woman before. With intrigue, she put her fingers on my quivering lips, then her eyes glowed and the corners of her lips curled up into a demonic smile. She slid her hands down to my breasts, traced her fingers over my areolas, over and over in a dizzying swirl that drew from me a terrified gasp, followed by a surrendering moan. My nipples perked, and I startled her into an unearthly squeal. Her yellow eyes sparked and flickered like flames, and from her shoulder blades, a flash of ebony feathers unfolded and spread into the most spectacular, most terrifying plumage that spanned the entire bedroom. Again, I screamed to no avail. She flapped her wings, creating a storm of hot inferno swirling about the room. Her body levitated, hovered in parallel above my immobile body, and with her formidable wings canopied me as if she were to be shielding, from an onlooker, the atrocious things she was about to do to me. James’ singing drifted further, and further away -- or perhaps it was I who was being transported further, and further away, until his singing was overtaken by the jubilant cackles of otherworldly creatures. Under those wings, she pressed her immortally hot red lips onto mine. She kissed my neck, then proceeded down toward my breasts where she lapped her tongue repeatedly against my nipple before she drew it into her lips and grazed her teeth along my nipple, threatening to bite it. I shook in both ecstasy and terror. Her silky raven hair swept along my chest as she proceeded downward past my navel. At this point, I was far removed from the natural world, and deeply engulfed in an unearthly realm where there was nothing for me to do but to surrender my body to the will of this woman, this hungry, thirsty woman, who is even more powerful now that she is within her domain. She grasped my legs. My legs spread in acquiescence. She parted my delicate labia lips. My lips moistened in preparation. She hovered her face close in front of my vulva and looked up at me with her glowing yellow eyes. My eyes widened with anticipation. A shock emanated from my vulva, engulfed my body, and knocked the breath out of me. The winged woman kissed my labia lips, drawing them into her lips, and proceeded to repeatedly press her tongue into my vagina. My back arched as if it was pulled by a demonic puppet master with his invisible marionette strings. Under the canopy of the woman’s wings, I watched each feather play its own scene of carnality and lechery. Some with humans, some with winged demons, while others with multiple, countless humans and winged demons -- all moaning, crying, heaving, writhing, screaming in their own indulgence. The winged woman paused and her yellow eyes were dimmed to an amber hue. I felt her exhausted breath fan my wet groin, and at the moment, I thought she was done feasting upon me, but she looked up at me and her eyes glowed into a more intense flame than before. She caught a second wind, and was hungry! I looked into her eyes and screamed as the fiery panic consumed me. She swiped her tongue over my clitoris, then around, and around, and around… I moaned in submission and watched her feathers engorge with intensified scenes of sex and orgies. She drew my lips and clitoris in through her lips in tiny teasing kisses, enslaving me in her clutches. I cried in a frenzy with the choir of demons and their enslaved humans emanating from the scenes from her feathers. My screams intensified, woved in and out of the dissonant harmonies from those orgies as she continued to tantalize me, enslave me, consume me… until we were struck by an otherworldly explosion that flung us upward and suspended in mid-air. My body went limp. The winged woman smirked and snickered in a choir with her raven feathers. The tickled amusement grew in jubilation into a taunt, then into a chuckle, then into a riotous guffaw, and finally into cacophonic laughter. The laughing stops suddenly, and the winged woman smirked, then she let go of me, sending me into a freefall. Down, down, down I fall, flailing my arms, screaming, crying… thinking that this time, I was done for, that the demon woman had sent me to my plunging death. I didn’t die. I fell onto my bed, into James’ arms. “Baby, I’m here. It’s okay. You’re okay, I’m here. My god… you’re sweating and shivering!” James pulled the wet sheets off of me and wrapped me in a dry blanket. “That must have been some dream! What could have frightened you so?” I looked at him with wide, haunted eyes and tried to speak with quivering lips. “S-S-S...Succubus! It was a succubus!”
  14. Femme Lusting

    The Succubus

    A little Halloween story for you ladies The Succubus -- Part 1 It was four in the morning, the end of October. I was lying in bed while James sang (severely off-key) in the shower as he got ready for his usual Wednesday morning shift. “God, I hate Wednesdays!”, I muttered as I stared at the ceiling. But this wasn’t an ordinary Wednesday. There was an eerie texture in the air as if you were being touched and teased by the barely tangible still and empty space. To my left, in my peripheral vision, the wall inhaled and convexed into a mound toward me -- which wasn’t unusual considering how I normally have mild hallucinations that carried over from my dreams upon waking…well, I thought it was a usual hallucination until a pair of hands poked through the mound, followed by slender arms, shoulders, a head, a woman’s torso that tapered in to a cinched waist that flared into its hips and pair of thighs, and finally, a pair of legs and feet. A shadowy figure of a woman stood before me. Indeed, this wasn’t an ordinary Wednesday morning. “J-J-J-James...James...JAMES!!!”, I screamed without a sound coming out of my mouth. I try again, “JAMES!!!”, and again, silence. On the other side of the hallway, James continued singing in the shower, cheerfully meandering between indiscernible keys (singing that would earn him the Randy Jackson’s “It’s a little pitchy, Dawg!”). The shadowy woman sashayed towards the bed. I frantically tried to get out of bed, but couldn’t move. I tried rolling, and thrashing, but couldn’t budge. I was paralyzed, silenced, with no choice but to hope that...that…whatever that thing is, doesn’t hurt me. The shadowy woman sniffed the air and walked past me to Jame’s side of the bed. She grasped the sheets and whipped it off the bed, exposing me to the cold morning air and triggering goosebumps all over my body. She examined his side of the bed, noticed it was empty, and in a fury, grabbed his pillow and thrashed it across the room with an angry screech. It became clear that she came to get James. I tried to scream again for James, but I was still mute and paralysed. When I thought she was heading to the bathroom to get James, she turned to look at me. The hallway light beamed through the cracked door and illuminated her face revealing bright yellow eyes, pale skin, raven hair, and blood red lips. She sniffed the air again, crawled onto the bed towards me, leaned towards my face, sniffed my hair, then sniffed downward towards my neck, breasts, waist, groin, legs… at that moment, I thought I was done for, that she was going to eat me, and I will meet my end as demon food. I didn’t die that morning, but she did, umm… eat me. ...to be continued. Part 2 coming soon