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  1. @sasha420, thank you for sharing, and as a relative newbie, I'm always happy to see people return to this wonderful community. I agree with everything @Violetta wrote. Stay true to yourself, and don't opt for a man just because it's "expected" or "easier". I put the words "expected" and "easier" in quotes because they are subjective ideals from the perspective of hetero culture, and they often don't apply to queer women -- in many cases, having a relationship with a man should not be what a person expect of oneself, and if forced, it's in no way, easy. I hope that makes sense.
  2. Ah... It feels good to be bi.  :wub:

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      This makes me so happy ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Thank you all for writing and for comisserating. While I wished for someone to say, "Oh, Heather, you're overreacting!", I knew that was wishful thinking. However, I feel some consolation in knowing I'm not alone in this. ❤️
  5. With the current administration, divisive politics, emboldening of bigotry, and an absence of checks and balances, the potential Supreme Court Justice seat replacements may do away with the rights our predecessors fought for. Am I overreacting? (Please, someone tell me I am overreacting!)
  6. Before Shybi, I used to think this website was comprised mostly of women who lean hetero and are experienced mostly with men. After perusing the discussions, I find that women on this site represent (pretty much) the entire spectrum of sexuality, lifestyles, experiences, and are from all walks of life.
  7. Genius. With my ingenuity, I would create something amazing that would benefit humanity, and by doing so, I'd exude an inner beauty that is arguably, extremely attractive!
  8. @ChemFem, I personally like seeing dead threads revived. They're kind of like the classic rock music of discussion topics: oldies, but goodies .
  9. Former Miss America, Dr. Diedre Downs Gunn marries girlfriend, Abbot Jones. https://equallywed.com/celebrity-lesbian-wedding-news-former-miss-america-winner-deidre-downs-gunn-marries-abbott-jones-in-alabama/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5622073/Former-Miss-America-winner-Deidre-Downs-marries-girlfriend-charming-southern-wedding.html
  10. Before Shybi, I used to think that my lack of sexual experience with women disqualified me from the right to say I'm bisexual.
  11. Has Shybi changed your perspective on sexuality? Perhaps you learned something about yourself. Let's share by filling in the blank in the above statement. I'll start: Before Shybi, I used to think I was only pseudo-attracted to women because society sexualize and glamorize women. I didn't acknowledge my bisexuality until I realized my attraction to women is real and is something that originated from within me.
  12. This sign from a Santa Fe, New Mexico coffee shop:
  13. Pretty much any song by Zolita is about women. Fight Like a Girl Holy
  14. Okay, I've finally set the Sona down and freed my hands for some typing. As promised here's my review. I second everything @miamia said about this device. It's different from any sex toy I've come across, so different that for the first few uses, I wasn't sure how I should use it. There was a moment when I questioned if it was any different from a vibrator, then I had the the "Ah-ha! That's how it works!" moment. I'll try to describe what it's like: Imagine a band playing a rock song. Next, condense their sound waves into a tiny space, just big enough to cover your clitoris. Then, imagine "ears" on your nerve endings -- all nerve endings, from the surface to the deeper areas -- being sung into a screaming audience as you would find at a rock concert. I'll also add that the different settings are not just different patterns, but are also different sound waves. It's as if it has a set list of different songs. I want to note that everything I wrote about above was experienced completely sober. I swear, I was not under the influence of drugs. Haha! I must warn you that it makes interesting noises once it comes into contact with your skin. So, if you share a bedroom with someone, you may get a little self-conscious.