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  1. Very positive for me and my husband. He has always accepted my bisexuality, but we didn't have serious discussions about me possibly hooking up with women until now. I feel safer and more confident now that we've gone over our expectations and limitations.
  2. Looking at these pictures make me say: Please, oh please let me be in one of these pictures someday!
  3. My husband is the only person who knows I'm bi, and I have asked myself over, and over again, why I can't come out to anyone else. After reading through the responses on this thread, it has finally occurred to me what has been keeping me in the closet. Normally, for something like sexuality, I don't give a rat's ass for what people think of me. But that's on "me" and not on anyone else. Now that I am married and have children, it matters what people think of me because I fear whatever ill thoughts people have of me will spill over to the people I care for. Rational fear? Maybe not. Perhaps one day, when the kids are older, I will come out.
  4. There is an area of concern in regards to being sapiosexual and (somewhat) demisexual, and that is I limit myself to a very narrow range of potential relationships, meaning I will miss many opportunities with women. I fear I will continue to fall for women, like D, who for any number of reasons, is unavailable. It's quite pathetic, but the hopeless romantic in me keeps me open to the prospect of love.
  5. Thank you @Ona and @amsterrock for your replies. It's good to know there are other demisexuals and sapiosexuals. Those terms are new to me as well. While I am accepting of D being (most likely) straight, I still hold onto that tinge of hope that she may be secretly attracted to women. D and I both live in a conservative neighborhood that keeps bisexuals, such as I, in the closet. She is a member of the local college's LGBT alliance team that protects LGBT students against harassment and discrimination. I adore her even more when I found out.
  6. I want to wear heels because I'm 5'0", but there are two problems: 1. I wear a children's US size 2 (women's US size 3.5) and it's hard to find high heels in those sizes. 2. My small feet are short which means any given heel height is more "tippy toes" on me than for the same heels on normal sized feet. A 4 inch heel will make me feel like I'm doing ballet pointe!
  7. This is the story of how I discovered Shybi. Two years ago, I became attracted to a local mother whose son attends the same elementary school as my son. Her name starts with the letter "D", so let's call her "D". For years prior to that, I'd see D at various school and community functions where we would chitchat about typical things mothers talked about, such as homework, extracurricular activities, etc. -- it was unremarkable. I've always noticed her understated beauty where her sweet face was never masked by excessive makeup, and her body was naturally cared for by her healthy lifestyle. However, I am sapiosexual (attracted to intelligence) and somewhat demisexual, so looks alone is not enough to attract me; I needed more. Then one day at a kid's birthday party, I found out D is a biology professor at the local college and has recently been promoted to the position of Dean. That immediately peaked my interest in her and got me conversing extensively with her. I found that D is an exceptionally intelligent woman with passions and values that match mine. Each conversation with her leaves me swooning and lusting for her. I soon found myself obsessed with her. I spent each day looking for bi clues and hoping she was secretly attracted to women as I am. I downloaded the HER app hoping to find her there. She wasn't. I scoured the internet searching her name with lgbt related terminologies, to no avail. Then I came to Shybi, also hoping to find her here. She wasn't. I eventually gave up and concluded she is straight. However, in my dashed hopes for a special relationship with D, I remained here at Shybi where I am learning more and more about myself, and it was here where I discovered my identity as a bisexual woman. From then on I've made further progress: I admitted my attraction to D to my husband, who was surprised but intrigued to find that she was my type. I also had serious talks with him about my expectations and my strict limitations if I were to develop feelings for other women in the future. As an additional benefit, our (already strong) relationship became stronger. Every time I see D, I want thank her for taking me to a place where I can further my journey as a bisexual woman, however I believe I will forever keep my gratitude a secret. Dear beautiful D, in the off-chance you come to this site and read this blog entry, thank you!
  8. If they can tell by the big smiles on our faces, then maybe. But, considering it was the Pacific side of the North American continent, the water isn't as clear as the Caribbean side, so no free show.
  9. This song played over and over in my head during the presidential election. "You loved me as a loser. Now you're worried that just I might win" "You know the way to stop me, but you don't have the discipline"
  10. Handcuffs?
  11. Partially public sex in waist-high water, concealing all the "action" below in the Pacific Ocean. It was broad daylight and at a moderately populated beach. We even said "Hi" to people wading past us. Sorry, was that tmi?
  12. I don't care to argue whether dogs or cats make better pets. I adore them both.
  13. This is a very good point to bring up. Poly relationships require a special kind of care, and I have to admit it is one of the things I am most cautious with in being bi.