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  1. Wow! I'm still recovering from this awesome device, so... I'll get back to you all later 'cause I may spend a little more time with it.
  2. Tall, short, medium... All good with me. I must say, I'm only 5'0', so my short options are limited.
  3. When I was 12 years old, I read the book Deenie by Judy Blume where the teenaged girl describes that "special place" she touches to feel good and to relax so she can sleep. It was the first time I came across any mention of masterbation, and it was the moment I realized I was normal for feeling those good feeling. But it didn't end there... This was also where my "bi" traits emerged. I also realized from reading the book that other girls masterbate, and when I thought about other girls feeling the same good feeling I felt, it magnified what I felt. I started seeing more beauty in women that I never noticed before. I thought that was what every girl felt, but through the years, this admiration for women grew into an attraction to women, and that was when I started to suspect I was different -- that I was not straight.
  4. I think your theory relates to the historical emphasis and outward celebration of masculinity in patrilineal societies. I suspect in response, women looked in ward, sought out each other, and created a niche of their own as a place to nurture their feminity.
  5. I accidentally left out the last line of this blog entry and have edited it just now to include: "Dr. Doctor: I'm afraid I don't have the expertise to handle your case. Here is a referral for a consultation with my colleagues at the Shybi Clinic."
  6. @kairi I won't tell a soul, even if you decide to delete the post. I promise! Porn has many purposes that we each consume or not consume for a variety of reasons. I think it's all legit. I consider myself fortunate for hanving a mutual enjoyment of porn with my husband and as a solo pleasure.
  7. Thanks for resurrecting this discussion, @kairi. There was a recent anonymous post on my city's social media website by a women who caught her husband watching porn after she told him to stop. She wanted advice on how she should proceed and whether she is overreacting. This caused a shit-storm debate among people who responded -- it was not a civil discussion as what we see here in this forum! Some of the debating points were: "He's your husband, he should worship your body and only your body. Totally cheating on you!" vs. "It's just porn, and he still wants you, so what's the big deal? This isn't cheating!" "How dare he excludes you from his sexual life!" vs. "What right do you have to control his personal, private time to himself?". "He's watching something that exploits women for their exaggerated sexuality and unrealistic body that is unachievable in reality. Does he know this is hurting you?" vs. "Girl...you have some serious self-esteem issues if you can't accept that those porn actress are fantasy, glamored up women. They're not real. You're real!" "Any mental or emotional sexual interactions with other women is a form of infidelity." vs. "Haven't you ever got off while thinking of another man, such as a celebrity or a character from a romance novel? If you think watching porn is cheating, then you've been cheating too!" From everything I've read, I don't think porn is the problem in these relationships. I think there are bigger issues within the relationship itself that is manifesting themselves in emotions, conflicts, and disagreements on porn. I wouldn't be surprised to see other areas in their lives, outside of porn, where these issues manifest themselves.
  8. Long hair, delicate, elf-like features, sun dresses, Mary Jane slippers, lipstick/lipgloss or berry juice stained lips, chirpy voice with lots of giggles and squeals in the presence of baby animals, bubble baths, silk, lace, and strawberries... I think I come across as femme, and nobody would ever guess I'm bi.
  9. I'll be peering out my front window squealing at every delivery truck that comes down my street.
  10. I ordered one from the Lelo website just now. Thanks for the recommendation, @miamia
  11. I want to add that when shopping for any sex toy, spend extra for the rechargable varieties -- they last longer. Ditch the battery powered ones. I've blasted through so many of those cheap ones, there's probably a sad graveyard of choked vibrators and drained batteries in a landfill somewhere. Large carbon footprint...shame on me!
  12. I have several Lelo products and they've all proven to be top quality toys. They're durable, rechargeable, have skin-like surfaces (not the sticky jelly kind), and are elegant looking. Very much worth the price.
  13. @miamia, do the sonic waves stimulate deeper than vibrations? And is it true that it doesn't cause much friction, meaning that it allows you to use it for repeated and extended pleasures within one session? Heather wants to know...
  14. @Kailee, it's the same for me. I hesitate to use apps and social media, and that makes it very hard for me to meet women. Part of my hesitation is because I'm only out to my husband (who has always known I was bi, even before I told him), meaning I'm pretty much in the closet. The other part of it is that I'm new to this, so when I look through the dating apps and LGBT social media, I don't feel I belong, at least not until I figure out my role in these communities. I think this is related to my post on lesbians and biphobia where I don't know what to expect or what is expected of me. Shybi is, at the moment, the only site where I am in the company of women who understand my need for advice and support as I come to terms with my sexuality.
  15. An Amazon customer review for the Lelo Sona: "Like a Hummingbird Grew Lips and Took Some Meth"