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  1. The same...I have 2 female friends. The one is far too straight (well i think) and the other one i am working on but i just can't figure her out. LOL! One moment she seems interested and the next she pulls's frustrating!
  2. Jip....i think what's beautiful for one person might not be for the next. My hubby shows me pics of women all the time that he thinks are hot but i don't always agree and then he is confused as to why....taste differs from person to person i guess.
  3. Thanx for the advice....I always tend to sell myself short cause you know, a person always thinks....that girl is way too hot or too good for me. Which got me thinking....I have always had this notion that hot bi or lesbian girls prefer the this true? Would love to hear some thoughts on this.
  4. The last one... Wow!
  5. Well that puts it nicely in perspective for i just have to go find a hot girl lol!
  6. And....this girl i kissed suddenly pulled away, just a little, looked in my eyes, smiled and bit her lip and then started kissing me again....I think I died and went to heaven in that split second....
  7. When her hair falls over her just makes my knees weak. Or when she runs her fingers through her hair and it falls back over her face....anything with hair lol!
  8. Well....if you figure it out please let me know what you did lol!
  9. With the right woman though....cause if you combine the emotional with the physical then I think sparks will fly!
  10. It might be that you are right....maybe i have built it up in my mind too much. I am the kind of person who can and will not be able to make love to someone unless I have a deep emotional connection with them. We have had a threesome once with one of my hubby's male friends and because I had no connection with this other man I did not really enjoy it. I tend to build great emotional connections with women easily but not easily with men, hubby being the exception. So this might be why I think it will be awesome to make love to a woman.....
  11. Eventhough I love my jusband so very much and that sex with him is amazing and I always orgasm, I can't shake the feeling that there must be more than this. I always have this feeling deep inside of me that with a woman it most definately will be much more intense and mindblowing. I really feel very bad for saying this as he is my soulmate.
  12. This is exactly the same thing that happened to me a couple of years ago. She was the one that flirted first and even once whispered in my ear "the things I would do to you" at a party. So one night we also got a little tipsy and she kissed me. We held hands the whole night and there was some touching inbetween as well. Since then she has been cold and distant and I had the same responses from messages....either she ignores them or I get the minimal response. Once I even resorted to asking her what the hell is going on and if what happened even meant anything to her. Her response: it was only fun...don't complicate things. It hurt, this was 5 years ago and it still sometimes hurt at times when I think of her or see a photo of her posted on facebook. But I just decided one day to give up cause it was not worth it anymore. Am I still bet I am, cause I never got any closure. But I assure you, it gets better with time. 5 years later I have met someone new and eventhough we have not done anything yet, she treats me like ine of the most important people in her life. I would love for something to happen between us but even if nothing happens she is still and always will be an amazing friend! My point is, eventhough it's really hard, don't waste any more of your time on this woman. The right one will come your way eventually. Good luck and sorry that you have to endure this, I know how awefull it is. Big hug from me to you xxx
  13. The girl just astounds me more every single day. I like writing poetry, so taday she phones me on her way back from the mall very excited saying she is 5 minutes away and that i should meet her outside cause she's got something for me. She got me a very awesome binded poetry journal to write in. I mean....really, it just blew me away. What did I do to deserve someone like her?