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  1. Yeah.....i don't like very long finger nails. Just trimmed nicely with some cutex is sexy for me, but these long gelled ones scares the shit out of me lol!
  2. VirgoGirl

    She likes my oral skills.

    Very funny haha you evil woman!
  3. Exactly! It is something you can't explain.....you just know. I was explaining this to my hubby last night when he pointed out that he thinks one of his friend's wives' is bi. I said no dhe is not....cause I just know. There is something different there that you can't explain. It is in the body language, the eye contact, the subtle touches.
  4. VirgoGirl

    The 12 Hours

    102 the wishful thinking ending.....i like that one!
  5. VirgoGirl

    The 12 Hours

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  6. VirgoGirl

    What Are You Looking For?

    I am looking for exactly the same thing. I have this deep need in me to find a girlfriend and please the hell out of her. There are certain things i want to give that i can't give to my husband. I do love him and my marriage is great but I crave something else that he unfortunately can't give me. He understands this and has given me the go ahead but it's easier said than done....finding a girlfriend is really difficult.
  7. VirgoGirl

    Just acting

    These actors think they can relate to us but they can not even begin to. Just because you pretend you are a certain person in a movie does not mean you fully understand what it is to be said person. Yes, i also wish they could cast real lgbt people in movies or shows like these. Also, it would be nice to have more movies and shows for the lgbt audience with good actors. 90% of the good romantic comedies / romance movies or shows are straight.
  8. Oh and good luck! I hope everything works out for you!
  9. Next time you are having sex ask him if it's ok if you guys watch some porn...all men like porn. Then choose something with a mff threesome. I am 100% sure he won't mind watching it cause men love that kind of thing and tell him it turns you on. This will break the ice...he will definately ask some questions afterwards.
  10. VirgoGirl

    Sexy, sultry songs?

    Aaah cover of The Cure! Always loved this song....she does it well but i still prefer The Cure.
  11. VirgoGirl

    Sexy, sultry songs?

    The best version....love it soooooo sexy!
  12. VirgoGirl

    Sexy, sultry songs?

    I am definately going to watch this show. Naomi is extremely sexy!