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  1. West Coast here. : )
  2. @myladylove i am so sorry for your loss, I had no idea. i am grieving a very personal loss myself, different from yours but can empathize and understand when you say the pain stays with you for a long time. i hope you find your partner when the time and place is right. Seems like you're in no rush and you'll embrace it when it happens.
  3. Just turned 41. Been told I look in my 30s ....which is kinda vague. Could be 31 or 39...which one is it damnit?!!
  4. Gendered monogamy!, I had never heard of it before and I LOVE it!, widh you all the best Noobs!
  5. Yup! You get it alright. I just don't know how much of a risk I'll be taking if I do in fact, end up telling him. He isn't against it, he's just scared (and rightfully so!). I'm open to going for it! good luck to you.
  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. I suspect in my case, it'll be more than resentment. He may not want to stay in relationship with me at all as he cant see himself sharing me with someone else. going back to you, do you think you will seek another girlfriend in the future?
  7. I can't imagine being in that position. Having a gf and partner knowing but not entirely approving. How do you navigate that? Of course I hope he comes around and you guys come to some kind of an understanding.
  8. @ChemFem that’s super impressive! Were there any ladies hitting on you? I mean how do women at gay bars approach each other? From what I remember from my clubbing days (there weren’t many!), men were quite aggressive and quite slimy.
  9. Agreed Kairi. However, I have read numerous posts on here about women having their cake and eating it too. Partners are aware and accepting, women are spending time with their girlfriends. I can’t help but wonder and wish for such possibilities.
  10. Yah I can see that. Wish there was some way to vet folks but internet trolls are getting so sophisticated.
  11. I am wondering if women from shybi community ever meet up? Not for an orgy or anything sexual but more for support and hang out. If anything comes out of it, great but that is not the expectation. I can understand the hesitation because of loss of anonymity but could be helpful for some.
  12. Thanks! I would like to think he will come around but man, is it ever hard to bring it up! Last time, he was so hurt he didn't talk to me for a couple of days. He wasn't mad or anything but just that heaviness that lingers in your space is intense! I agree that not telling him everything can be a blessing but the guilt that I am anticipating is kind of preventing me from going all in.
  13. Ha!! Did you go alone? How do you read in a bar?!
  14. That's an interesting observation. I am not sure if I am experiencing the same though. In fact, ever since I have joined this group and have started thinking more and more about my curiosity I feel like I am always looking for signals or sparks but it's not happening. Or maybe it's happening and I am not picking up on them. I have always been pretty open about how women are way sexier than men and don't shy away from commenting on hot female celebrities to my friends but then they are pretty open about it too. I don't find those conversation helpful in finding out people's orientation. I guess I am looking for a big ol neon sign in front of my face that says, "yeah me too!!"
  15. It's nice that you can talk to your partner about your frustrations. I have often wondered about a gay bar as well but you're right ...what do you do once you get there? I imagine you just get a drink and look around and hopefully someone will strike a conversation and you take it from there. However, it still feels daunting