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  1. Well done Veronica!! ; ) Wish you all the best! Please keep me posted. I’m rooting for you!
  2. wait a minute! you talk to her about your attraction to other women and she tells you about her attraction to other women as well? as in, she is also bicurious/bisexual?
  3. I can imagine ... and I am afraid that will be happening to me sooner or later. I am hoping this infatuation will fade but at the moment, that doesn't seem to be a possibility ! What a shitty position for us to be in huh? The one person you'd want to share this info with is the one person you can't unless you want to risk ruining your friendship. *sigh*
  4. Wow! It hasn't even been 2 months for me and I am already struggling and you have been feeling like this for 20 years! How do you do it man?
  5. Thank you all for such great comments and feedback! I have decided to just take it easy. I just can't risk losing my friendship over this. I have had crushes in the past and I got over them and I am hoping that might be the case now.
  6. oh bless you ChemFem! wouldn't that be sweet! hehe Hope you're well.
  7. Thanks for sharing your experience. I am most of the time, mindful of the mess it can create but your comment is a great reminder. I have noticed lots of women have shared that when their friends became lovers, things got ugly/complicated. Maybe, friends should be off limits? But then again, you know them best and they you. And that can be the cause of attraction. I am so ready to explore it but also need to feel safe and I feel safe with her. Having said that, there is no telling what the future holds. Thanks again Flagrl
  8. I hear you Isroses! Thanks for taking out the time to respond. I think after we took that trip where a lot was shared, we just became closer and spent more time with each other and so physical closeness could be part of it. I can't quite tell at the moment. She has never been with a woman and has a male partner. And yes, I can't take the risk of losing her so I'll go with option #2, which is to just enjoy the friendship and see if she wants to lead it to something more. thanks again!
  9. @Veronica Gosh! you are so right about fantasies becoming all consuming. How do you control your emotions and not get distracted when you're with her? I am trying to just stay in the moment and be there for her and enjoy her being there for me.
  10. A quick little background: I am a happily married mother of two. But like many here, I am bi-curious. I've felt this way for years but now in my early 40s, these feelings seem to be so much more intense. Husband knows and has said that I can do whatever I want, he just doesn't want to know about it because he may not be able to handle it. That's a whole other discussion. : ) Anyway, I met a girl a few months ago and we became best buddies almost immediately. We went through some similar life experiences that brought us together in the first place and that bond is still very strong. We both are very similar in terms of personality, humour, wit, values etc etc. I was over the moon when we first started getting closer because I hadn't had a friend like her in a a very long time. We are very open with each other and have shared some very private and intimate details of our lives with intrigue and support and never judgement. It comes so easy for us to be ourselves with each other. We constantly text each other all day long and still feel like we can't get enough of each other. We try to see each other as much as we can, sometimes daily. And we are also very physical, as in lots of hugs and cuddles and kisses on the cheek when we say hello or goodbye. We have been there for each other in terrible times as well as really fun times and so cuddles come in handy in such situations. It has never gone any further than that. We do make sexual innuendos about how hot each other looks or make comments on body parts and always complimenting each other on our looks. She thinks I am hot and I think she's hot! : ) We went away on a girls weekend not too long ago and had the most incredible time! There, I told her I was bicurious and she was super accepting and loving about it. She made some comment that she wishes she swung that way! And I blew it off by saying something like, you're not my type (not exactly those words but something along those lines - we were under the influence of various substances!). Things have been same since then in terms of our relationship and comfort with each other. In fact, we have become a little more physical. Now, my question is, is that normal in platonic friendships? I have never been this close to another woman before. In the last week or so, I have been fantasizing about her which is so freaking weird for me because she is my best friend but it also feels so right! I think about her all the time. She has told me a couple of times that she is pretty straight so I don't know what to make of all her extra physical contact with me. Obviously, I have had a million friends but it has never been like this. She text me as soon as she wakes up, I am her last text and a million texts and meet ups in between. We tell each other we love and miss each other all the time, and how grateful we are for each other. She loves my kids and they her. She is always complimenting me on ...pretty much everything from my legs to my humour and I reciprocate because she is just the best human girl I have ever met in my life. There is no way I will do anything to jeopardize my relationship with her but I also have some very strong non platonic feelings for her. I can't believe I am typing/thinking/feeling this but I might be falling in love with her. Any feedback or suggestions or similar experiences will be greatly appreciated.
  11. the link doesn't work for me. not functional anymore?
  12. I haven't read all the other replies so maybe this has been said already, my apologies if it has. I would just take a chance and go with it. I say that because as a married bi curious woman, I find it pretty much impossible to find someone like you described here. So I am rooting for you! As for the fear of losing her as a friend, I would question how are you going to survive this friendship anyway if you are in love with her? : ( Good luck and keep us posted.
  13. Yeah we have had many intense conversations over the years now but they all end up in the same way. Even though he respects and acknowledges my needs, it is very hard for him to give me an all access pass.
  14. That’s so interesting! Where would I find more info on that? Thanks!
  15. Hi Ali, the part about him being your best friend and fulfilling all your hetro needs but you still wanting something more that he can’t give you, sounds like something I wrote not too long ago!! My husband has known about my being bicurious for some time now but just last year I brought it up again in a way that conveyed to him that I was serious and that I still think about it. His response left me even more stressed and frustrated! He said he wouldn’t be able to handle it but knows that I’m my own person so I should be able to do whatever I want to do. Therefore, if I found a woman that I was attracted to, I’d have to keep it to myself and not share with him. So in a way I have his blessing but I’d have to lie to enjoy this new experience. Needless to say, I still haven’t been with a woman. Partly because I haven’t found anyone and partly because of his half ass openness to it Not sure if my sharing helps you but as you can see, there are so many of us out here with such similar situations!