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  1. Well screw it. I can only do so much.
  2. I wonder of I am on your mind as much as you are on mine.
  3. Some where on a massage table by the ocean.
  4. Why did I think yoga would be a good thing to do today?
  5. I'm so feeling anti social. *plasters fake smile*
  6. Thank you.
  7. My heart aches. There's a hole in my life. When you are near I feel whole. My body comes to life. Singing with energy like it has never know. My soul sings and all darkness shatters around me. Forbidden to touch. Forbidden to love. You are my Apple and I'm your Eve. I want to taste you, hold you, be yours. And you mine. Shy glances, knowing smiles. Waves crashing, lips collide. Passion. Explore. Beauty. Feeling of hope and wonder... Wonder... wonder how I have gone through life so long not knowing what true passion was. Wonder how life is so cruel to take this long to bring us together. Together. Only for a small time. Not forever. Wishes. Wishing that you could be mine, and I yours. Forever. Heartache. Longing.
  8. What the hell do I do now...
  9. @ChemFem you seem like a very pleasant and happy person.
  10. I'll end up adding more to it at some point. Thanks for the ideas ladies.
  11. I ended up getting a small dashaund. It's for my daughter. My son wants a trex lol. I may wait a while to add that just incase he changes his mind on his favorite animal. Lol
  12. Okay im still trying to figure out what "the clues" are. Lol
  13. Hi ladies. I have this tattoo that I got this past easter. It says I love you most in my mom's handwriting. I'd like to have a bottle sleeve bit am having a hard time incorporating things I love around this tattoo. Any ideas? Thanks!
  14. My first time was when I was 18. I was staying at a friend's house. Doing typical teenage girl stuff and then my friend starting talking about this one girl and how pretty she was.. She then asked me if I wondered what it be like to be with another female.. After deep pondering (on both our parts) we decided to test the waters. Needless to say it was a very nice awakening!
  15. I have tried taking advice from on here on how to explain to my husband that I miss being with a woman. But every time I try to speak my mind to him about it I shut down. Am I fearful he'll be upset? Oh you bet you I am. I feel as if I'll burst into a full blown Anxiety attack. (I have them from time to time.) I cannot find the courage to talk about my feelings... there are reasons for this. He's not an "emotional" guy. He doesn't talk about his feelings and so when I do his fight or flight sets in. We don't have the best communication in the first place. I get grunts as answers. Or if he does actually talk it's normally because he is three sheets to the wind... he's not mean or anything. Has just emotional and verbally not easy to deal with. Sorry. I guess I'm just venting. I'm beyond frustrated in life and haven't a clue what to do.