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  1. I definitely feel as though my time has passed. Never had the nerve to act on it and have never been propositioned. It is very sad
  2. I’ve always had this fascination of watching women together. I won’t watch porn unless there’s girl on girl action. 30+ years later and I still haven’t had the pleasure of being able to lick a woman’s soft, wet pussy till she cums again and again and again. Just never been in the right place at the right time.
  3. I would lick the shit out of someone’s lips after they ate my pussy. Even after I finger myself I lick my own fingers and it taste so good .
  4. If they had that option here on the east coast of Canada I would definitely be all over it.
  5. I’ve never made a sexual bucket list but this should be fun: 1. My ultimate fantasy is to have sex in the woods in the rain with the headlights shining on us, but that fantasy is with a very well endowed man who is not afraid to be a little aggressive. 2. Go to a sex party where everything goes. A main area where you flirt, touch, and have some drinks & socialize. When you’re all worked up and ready there would be separate rooms with different sexual preferences going on in each one but the rooms would have glass front walls so you could see in. Private rooms would also be available. 3. A large all-girl orgy with toys and oil for tribbing. Women of all sizes and cultures licking, sucking, fingering, etc.... 4. Having a woman verbally give me step by step instructions on how to eat her pussy till she cums. I want her to pull on my hair and guide my head to exactly where she wants it while she grinds herself into my face. 5. Being on vacation and laying in the backyard of my villa when I hear moans coming from the adjoining yard. I get up to look and there’s a beautiful curvy woman pleasing herself. Then room service shows up for her and when they come outside to bring her her champagne (by the way another beautiful woman) she takes over bringing her to orgasm. The whole time I am peeking through the fence masterbating. Once the woman finally releases she looks directly at me and winks. WOW that was more fun and eye opening than I thought it would be.
  6. I am looking for a FWB emphasis on the F. Because I’m in a long term relationship with a man who loves me deeply but medical conditions and lack of imagination leaves me unsatisfied, I would love to have someone who can openly be in my life but keep the B under wraps. Although I know many people will consider that cheating and it probably is but leaving the relationship to go explore my bi-sexuality would devastate him. This way we both win. He keeps me and I get to finally fulfill my 30+ year craving
  7. The same thing happened to me and my partner. He was “sexting” with a coworker a few years back. Found out same way you did. I took screen shots of the conversation and over a day or 2 asked him random questions about work and coworkers. I threw her in the middle of the people I asked about and he said he never sees or or talked to her in years. So I pulled out my cell phone and sent him the screenshots in a message. Needless to say that conversation lasted hours. Because of medical conditions I know he hasn’t cheated physically but sometimes emotional cheating is worse. Needless to say we have trust issues. We definitely love each other very much but we’re more like best friends than a couple. My suggestion is to ask leading questions, see what he says then confront him with what you know. If you keep it inside the trust issue will get worse . I wish you luck
  8. Wow you are one strong woman to allow someone who makes you feel that way stay in your life. If she is unable to keep friends at this time she unfortunately won’t be able to keep a loving stable relationship. You deserve to be happy and your kids deserve a happy mom. Even though you made a promise to her to be there for her even if it didn’t work out relationship wise you have to think to yourself, would you accept that kind of behaviour from any other of your friends? You are in charge of your happiness and the only people you have an obligation to is your beautiful babies. I know it’s easy to say and hard to do. When you’re ready to end it you will.
  9. For me it’s not about the wetness. My panties are soaked by the time I cum. I’ve done both saddled and bare-backed (lol) loving my saddle.
  10. I’ve tried many times panty-free but the orgasm is just not as intense. I love the feeling of the fabric rubbing against me.
  11. I completely understand how childhood rape can cause self esteem issues and insecurities. I’ve been there as well. Several times. I’ve never been 100% comfortable being intimate with anyone. I always have to have a tank top on during sex and I’m always worried how I look in different positions instead of just relaxing and enjoying the moment. At 47 and after gaining so much weight after having 3 cesarean sections I don’t feel sexy at all. I’ve never been one on one with a woman and as badly as I want to experience it I too think it’s too late in life for me. I applaud your courage in telling your story.
  12. I think it was because he was so aggressive in bed and looked very intimidating. I loved that. Sex was the only issue we didn’t have in our marriage.
  13. I actually prefer to rub my clit through my panties. I do have a a few toys but the vibrator makes me cum too fast and the dildo doesn’t make me cum at all. I use that strictly for the pleasure of penetration. I’ve been masterbating through my panties for about 30 years every night to go to sleep. It’s a bit hard when the partner is home because I don’t want him to know then wake up wanting sex.
  14. My ex-husband and father to my 3 kids is Jamaican. I loved his accent and the dreadlocks flying around during sex was so hot.