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  1. 1:40am and this bronchitis got me up coughing up a lung again. Need sleep badly. Gotta work in 6 hours:sorry:

  2. I wish. That was over 10 years ago. My next time will be one on one. Just me and the wonderful woman that chooses me. And yes some days I do feel unicornish (yes I made that up).
  3. Oh I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up
  4. So ladies, I’ve never physically been with a woman one on one. I’ve had 2 threesomes with the same couple but had to be super drunk just to go through with it and they focused more on themselves than me. For my first few times (yes I plan on doing it more than once) I would like that be the submissive one. I’m a very controlling person in my everyday life at work and home and I would like to be told what to do and how to do it for a change. Being able to let someone else be totally in charge actually turns me on. What do you prefer to be? Dominant or Submissive?
  5. Me to @ChemFem! Me too. Thanks for all the good advice.
  6. Hahaha . You’re right I am cheap.
  7. When we first got together 8 years ago we shared each other’s sexual fantasy. His was parking in a car dealership lot on a busy street and having sex in the car while others drive by. Mine was having sex outside in the summer rain. I gave him his, he never fulfilled mine. I’ve practically given him step by step instructions (I called them suggestions lol) about what I like. Bought all the gear needed to pull off the suggestions (dildos, vibrators, lotions, blindfolds, lingerie, neckties, etc... all collecting dust. Can I use these things myself? Yes. Do I? Yes. Has he ever used this stuff? No. Do I call him out on it? Yes. He knows I won’t cheat on him with another man, but I know he would never think I would with a woman. And if we talk about it he will make the whole thing about him. I want this for me.
  8. That’s great. I did the same thing on PinkCupid, Ashley Madison, Onlywomen, Bar4Fun, Girlfriends Meet, Plenty of Fish (even though the website has been down for weeks) I’ve had a wink and a message but when I replied no answer back yet. I also haven’t jumped in with 2 feet yet because I only enjoy the “free” access to the sites so I can see very little and can’t contact them unless they contact me. hummmmmmmmm that makes me sound super desperate doesn’t it?
  9. Im right there with ya. My partner would automatically make the entire experience about him and internalize it. I’ve all but screamed out at him “I want to be with a woman but if you do one of these 1000 things I could leave it a fantasy”. Nothing!!! Other than our sex life and the fact that he is lazy as oh hell our relationship could be amazing. I just need him to step up and be the man but he’s way too passive and sensitive. I love that about him but I hate that about him
  10. Xvideo is my all time favourite porn site. Lesbian porn, girl orgies, close up of oiled wet pussies tribbing, girls telling each other exactly how to eat each other’s pussies...........oh my The only time I enjoy watching any kind of scene with a man in it is if 2 girls are 69ing and he’s fucking the one on top doggy style which means the girl on the bottom has the perfect view of the hard penis sliding in and out of the wet pussy and can use her hands to guide his penis while she’s licking her...............ummmm I’ll be right back (kidding)
  11. I wouldn’t want my long term partner to know for the first little while either but for different reasons. He had major heart surgery about 6 years ago and the meds he’s taking make it impossible for him to maintain an erection. We’ve tried Viagara and Cialis (the only 2 options that mix with his meds) and nothing works. He has no desire to have a threesome and after years of all but begging him to try different things he just won’t. So there is no sex life. Maybe once every 3 months for about 5 minutes. I think if I ventured out on my own and met someone who was married and had no desire to physically involve her husband and we tried it out to see if it was something we wanted to continue then I would sit my partner down and explain the situation to him. If he says it has to end or he’s leaving then I would end it, but he would still be leaving at my request. I stayed by his side through his need to text several women and flirt to help boost his male ego. I stayed by his side when the performance issues began 6years ago and the sex almost immediately stopped, and I stayed by his side when I spent hundreds of dollars on sex aids for both of us but he chooses not to use them. If he says he understands I have needs that have to be met, but absolutely no husbands and we have to be 100% open and honest with each other about it I would love this man for the rest of my life cause I would finally know he does care about my wants and needs cause right now he doesn’t. Right or wrong that’s my feelings.
  12. As for men, I’m pretty good at giving as long as you’re over 6” and you don’t try to choke me by thinking my mouth is a pussy and ramming your dick down my throat. Pull my hair, talk dirty, grind in and out, but gagging me is not sexy
  13. I’ve never really been with a woman (besides experimenting when I was young and the 2 threesomes I had when I was loaded drunk) but since I was in my teens my fantasy was always for me to lick the skin off a hot juicy pussy. But what would make it even hotter is if she was watching me the whole time and giving me strict instructions on how she wants her pussy ate. Hopefully ending up with her straddling my head, fucking my mouth, and cuming all over my face and lips. Yes please
  14. Getting me to have multiple orgasms by using his fingers and hitting both my clit and my g-spot is the only thing my partner has just recently learned to do right. And it was purely by accident I’m sure. Now if I could just get him to stay awake past 8:00pm maybe we could do it more than every 3 months