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  1. I have never even thought of this before and it is amazing! New fantasy for sure, accept I'm the one that wants to be seduced!!
  2. YAYY Abbotsford! I didn't think anyone was around my area! I'm from chilliwack!
  3. Hi!! My name is Kayla, I'm 27 happily married with two littles! I live in chilliwack!!
  4. Honestly I'm new to all this and never had a girlfriend before. Shybi is definitely a good name for me lol. i know I'm very attracted to woman, I've dabbled here and there. I think I'm looking for that connection first. I don't want to do random hookups. i guess my ideal situation would be another married woman or someone who understands the business of life you know. A really good friend turned benefits. Does anyone actually have that? Does that even exist lol
  5. Yes playing with my hair is top! Haha I change my answer to that!!!
  6. I totally have my god it was insane. Never with a woman might I add (haven't had the full chance to try) but with my husband. We are super opened sexually and try a lot of fun different things!
  7. For me it's eye contact, but flirtatious touching to. Nothing extreme but touching when you talk, arm around one another even if it's playful!
  8. I have been with a girl but I was much younger. The early years haha. recently I had a night out with my husband and met the CUTEST English girl and out of no where we really hit it off. Started with dancing then she totally kissed me. It was awesome! We spent the whole night making out like teenagers with some light touching. Sometimes it's all I can think about! It was super passionate.
  9. It is hard! It's still so taboo. I mean realistically as long as our husbands are fine with it and accept us that's all we really need. But it would be so nice to talk to people about it who understand! Which is why I'm so excited I found this place!
  10. I was born and half raised in Nova Scotia! Now i live in chilliwack (around the Vancouver area!)
  11. Hi! First of all I am so excited and overwhelmed to find this site! I thought I was completely alone as my friends don't share the same "interests" as I do and it's quite looked down on. Heres my story! I am married to a wonderful man (5 years married 7 together) who loves me unconditionally. He is my best friend and totally supports me with my bisexuality. We have dabbled a couple times together meeting woman (usually on our kid free drinking nights out) that rarely happen but are SO FUN when they do! Nothing to extreme yet, just a couple kiss flings, but definitely interested to see where things go in our future! I did have a girlfriend when I was younger and it was a positive experience, and I really enjoyed that time of my life. I am excited to meet you all and hear your stories!
  12. Hey! im a newby to and my story is almost the same to yours! Married for 5 years to a wonderful man who supports me and knows about my bisexuality. I just found this site today and I'm very grateful! It's nice to not feel alone in this situation, my family and friends would not be supportive if I disclosed to them that I am bisexual. Welcome and I look forward to getting to know everyone in a comfortable setting!