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  1. Thank you all for the comments! She has been coming to my office every day and we talk about a number of things she is always asking when we will hang out again as lately I’ve been so busy. These last couple of months I haven’t been able to scheduled another girls night out... I told her I would next month once I’m done with some projects I have due.. I will see if there is another opportunity, If there is any physical contact I’ll reciprocate see what happens (so nervous!!) so let’s see what happens! I’ll keep you all posted!!
  2. Thank you ladies for all the comments. This am she sent me a message saying she was glad I got home ok ( she had asked me to text her when I got home last night so I did and said thank you for inviting me and that I had fun) she also apologized about being so drunk last night. She told me she was Bi but liked men more than women. She said she didn’t want to cross the line with her friend as she was just having fun and did not want to hurt anyones feelings, that it was just fun. She asked me to keep it a secret, I told her ofcourse not to worry that she can trust me and that I as well am open to both men and woman and that my husband did not know (she said that not everything is meant to be shared with them and sent a wink). I told her that as long as she is honest with the friend and that they both agree that this is just fun that there shouldn’t be a problem. She said next time she wants us to go dancing so I said absolutely I will plan the next outing she want us to plan it as soon as possible so maybe next weekend we will go out again. Wthen just talked about other things non related to the the event. Looks like you guys are right! She is definitely Bi but not interested in me lol... I’m glad I didn’t make a fool of myself by making a move! The good thing is I’ll have someone with an open mind to talk to about my feelings. I’ll keep you guys posted on our next outing!!
  3. Ok so I need to run this by someone and since none of my friends know I’m “bicurious” I will have to rely on you lovely ladies to tell me if I missed an opportunity. It all started when my coworker ( beautiful recently divorced) invited me to meet her and a mutual friend to her house for drinks and then a night out. Obviously I don’t think anything about it and say ok sure I can use some drinks. I get there and everything pretty normal we have some drinks smoke a little and decide it’s time to hit the bars. We take a cab so we all sit in the back seat of the cab. On our way there I feel my coworkers hand on my leg but I don’t think anything of it, I mean we are just girls hanging out. We go bar hopping, all three just talking laughing nothing unusual... but then I notice that the friend is quite friendly with her, getting close to her, playing with her hair and so on...then these guys come to talk to us and one of them says to the other “dude let’s leave don’t you see she is grabbing her ass they are not into guys” referring to my coworker and friend. I felt awkward but choose to pretend I didn’t hear anything. My coworker already tipsy says let’s go home and continue the party there. When we took the cab back to her house her hand was on my leg again but this time she turned and kissed her friend! I didn’t know what to do! Ugh so I did nothing. I must admit I felt a bit envious that she didn’t turn to kiss me but again I don’t know if she likes me or I was imagining things. Anyhow we get to her house.. her friend goes directly into her bedroom ( she is really drunk) I was in the kitchen, my coworker served me another drink, which I drank while making small talk... then I just felt like a third wheel or something so I said I had to go and said by told her to have some fun winked and left..She did ask me if to stay a bit longer but not sure if it was just to be polite or if she really wanted me to stay . Anyhow, after I left I felt like I may have missed my chance of something exciting from happening . What do you guys think I should have done??
  4. Hi I was on the same boat, my sex drive plummeted after our son was born last year and after the insertion of IUD (mirena). But lately ever since I started exploring this side of me and the attraction I feel for women my sex drive has significantly increased. My boyfriend has been enjoying this phase. Good luck to you!
  5. Welcome Katly, i know how you feel I also have kids one is 2 years old as well, and I am also married, my husband doesn't know about my new found feelings and I have no idea how to talk to him about it, plus not sure how he would react as he has a lot of trust issues and always says he would not want to share me with anyone so I doubt he would be ok with me fulfilling this fantasy. Consider yourself lucky to have a supportive husband, in reference to your son, I think he is too young to understand any of this so no need to worry about him just yet, this is your personal preference and only you and your husband should talk about it and discuss (something for the two of you) good luck hope you find what your looking for here.
  6. Hi Alynna, Welcome to the site I am also from Central FL, I am married and bi curious as well and have no idea where to start lol. I know we have a great LGBT community in Orlando. We have night clubs that have "Lesbian" nights, if that's too intimidating you can go during regular nights where the majority are gay men, we also host many other events here like Gay Disney week (I have a coworker friend who is gay and has taken me to several events, but doesn't know I am bi curious) good luck let me know if you have any questions and I'll try my best to help a fellow Floridian.
  7. I'm on the same boat! 38 years old, married two kids. I only watch lesbian porn and the thought of being with a woman turns me on so much!! But I'm not sure if I have the guts to persuade it or how to find the opportunity. I'm glad I found this forum as it helps feel that I'm not alone in this journey.
  8. What a wonderful way of sharing your story! Thank you!
  9. Welcome ! I am new as well. Also married but my husband doesn't know I am in this site, He won't be open to me exploring this side and as it is he has trust issues. Consider yourself lucky to have husbands support.
  10. Thank you! It's a bit weird for me to be here, this is the closest I've ever been to making a fantasie possibly becoming a reality... still don't know how or if it will happen but glad to see I'm not alone.
  11. Hi everyone I just signed in very new to all of this and trying learn more about bicuriosity