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  1. You are both right. This is exactly what I needed to hear.
  2. Ok. So I have all sons. These sones have girlfriends. Last night I found 2 of the 3 claim to be bi. Two things happened to me at once. First: mama bear doesn't want her cubs getting hurt if girlfriends decide to go with a girl at the same time. I instantly want to shield them from confusion, hurt, embarrassment or anything negative such a situation could generate. I DONT MEAN TO OFFEND ANYONE. YOU HAVE TO REMEMBER, HIGHSCHOOL IS BRUTAL. Second, I think, wow! Look at how comfortable they all are with their diverse sexuality! I wish I had been so honest! I want to tell them about me too! Whoa! Hang on there Momma! Not appropriate! So I wake up this morning and I feel so....just...weird about it and I don't know why! What am I missing??
  3. I am beholden to none. A feather in the wind. A simple flight of fancy Around the world, I've been. Until she smiled at me. Then the whole world froze. I couldn't mive, I couldnt breathe I only thought "she knows". And just like that, I fell for her Her gravity held me still My wanderlust exists no more I'll never get my fill.
  4. That is a tough place to be. My spouse cheated with my neighbor and then best friend. I busted them on email. I remember reading what he wrote to her and it cut me like a knife. It was all of the things I ever wanted to hear him say to me. We had 3 young children at the time and I had just started a new job. I really felt like I was coming in to my own and then the whole world exploded. In the end, I left. I had to. I knew that deep down I would never really trust him again. I knew that the one time he was late getting home or hiding his text or just acting weird, that I would be right back in that place again. But that's me. When I love, its absolute. When I don't, its absolute too. There is no middle ground for me. If you have decided to stay, then you must begin to forgive. That's the hardest part. It takes time. Sometimes you will think you are there, then suddenly you aren't. Everyone has a different way around it. Just know that you never have to apologize for how you feel. There is no right or wrong way. There is only what works for you. Hang in there!
  5. Follow me, she said This girl of 21 Follow me to bed And let's finish what's begun. Her hair like satin silk Her skin that burns my touch Her lips so full and begging me Ive never felt this much. In twilights gloom I cling to her As our breathing's slowing down. I know I'm never letting go To this magic love I've found. Artemis3
  6. Sounds like its a commonality we all share. It just blows my mind!
  7. So, as I am going through this....metamorphosis.... I am delving in to retrospection. Here is what I have recalled: I experienced a strong emotional desire for a girl I was "besties" with when I was 13. I experimented with another girl when I was 16. Then another in my 20's. I've had erotic dreams with women including a memorable one with Selma Hyek (sp?) right after Desperado came out (because....damn!) but chalked it up to pregnancy hormones. When I sit down and really look at it as a whole, it seems that the answer is clear. Thoughts?
  8. Side of the foot. I have several and that one was the most painful. I have both wrists, spine, neck, behind the ear, ribs.....side of the foot.....never again!
  9. I am new too. Welcome. Its awesome here!
  10. Thank you so much! Everyone has been so kind.
  11. Thanks! Hi five back! @Miller.LoveLee
  12. Thanks @mollyb its good to know there are others out there supporting me.
  13. Do you know how many times Women have told me that? That I give off "that vibe", which I assume equates to showing an interest? I mean, what does that mean, really? And how come I've never really been aware of it??
  14. I dream of being that person who travels to 5 star restaurants and resorts and spends a few days trying out their services to rate them.
  15. @gamerchic17 my husband also has a myriad of mental issues, so I understand how exhausting that can be by itself. At the end of the day, remember that this is your experience. I'm a giver and it is so easy for me to be eclipsed by his issues that I tend to forget about me. Someone reminded me that this is for me alone and no one else, so I am passing that nugget on to you. Hang in there kid!