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  1. Great question... Dec 1961 Chubby Checker : The Twist.
  2. This looks incredible. Thank you for researching. Who else is going to watch?
  3. These are incredibly hot. They appear to be shorts from a longer movie. Do you know any more?
  4. Boyshorts
  5. I have the same situation. I’ve been married for 22 years and have surpressed my feelings for women throughout the entirety of being together. Still not sure where where I should begin my search...
  6. Looks like it’s been a while since the last post... nice to see all the ladies over 50. I will be 54 next month.
  7. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that this mirrors my own feelings. It also hit on the mark when referencing the emotional void that I’ve had in my marriage and what brought the resurgence of feelings I have for women.
  8. Chocolate sauce
  9. Still love the B&W pics. They bring out something deeper about the moment. A real turn on for me.
  10. I love the couple laying in the leaves. Very sensual and makes me tingle....that could just be my feelings about black irish and red headed women.
  11. Welcome! You will find everyone here to be understanding of your desires. Enjoy!
  12. This is a really fun thread and made me think. I chose a little known female who is openly gay. female: Audrey O’Day male: Jon Bon Jovi
  13. Congratulations on finding a meaningful connection. Be careful with maintaining a stealth relationship as is could come to light and become awkward or worse...
  14. 100% agree! Hot in so many ways.