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  1. Party animal
  2. This is very similar to my own story. Initially my husband seemed indifferent to my desires but as I continued to talk more about it, he said he can’t support me. I feel worse now than when I was in the closet. best of luck to you!
  3. Starving
  4. You have done it again! I really like the essence of these B&W photos. the one biting at the stockings is incredibly sexy!
  5. I hadn’t thought of that...great idea and big step.
  6. Willing
  7. Champagne
  8. Present
  9. What a beautiful day that would be !
  10. While I’ve never thought I’d never be into a biker chick, after seeing these ladies I would be happy to ride either one.
  11. Great question... Dec 1961 Chubby Checker : The Twist.
  12. This looks incredible. Thank you for researching. Who else is going to watch?
  13. These are incredibly hot. They appear to be shorts from a longer movie. Do you know any more?