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  1. Thanks both of you. It's weird like I got home, kinda started crying because of fear, anxiety, and feeling overwhelmed by everything I probably have to do to make sure I don't get pregnant. Also not having anyone to talk about it to out of fear of being judged. How long do I need to wait to do a pregnancy test? I feel like I'm over thinking it, it's just I'm new to this.
  2. Thank you. Is it normal to feel sad, overwhelmed, anxiety? It felt good and everything but I just feel terrible emotionally and idk why...idk Definitely gonna take this down after you respond.
  3. Soooo I was just with my boyfriend and we were in the car and he gave me anal unprotected. It being my first time, it took a few tries and I was really wet. His dick kept slipping into my vagina in the process while aiming for my butt. It went in like 2 or 3 times. So now I'm kinda like having a bit of anxiety because I was wondering if you could get pregnant from that. It's random but I was wondering what should I do and if I should even worry about it at all.
  4. What song or songs get you in the mood? Write your go to songs and lets make a playlist below. Also, what would be the name of your playlist For me off the top of my head. Name of playlist: side eye music 1. Special Affair The Internet 2. Rocket Beyonce 3. Planez J cole 4. Quickie Miguel 5. Pussy is mine Miguel Literally most of the songs from Miguel lol
  5. Thank you so much! I really loved fremont street. I went ziplining for the first time! It was awesome Also a lot of eye candy there
  6. I'm in Vegas for my birthday this weekend and leave Monday at noon? Anyone got any tips, advice, must sees, must dos?
  7. Hey everyone Sooo...I'm in a band and have a crush on my bandmate. Not sure if maybe my hormones are just raging and I'm reading into stuff, but I'm totally in the closet and live at home with my religious mom. I'm also a Christian but also bisexual. Anyways, how do I date while being in the closet? I'm just ready to have a girlfriend like mentally, emotionally. I'm in a good place and just want a good thing with someone. Even if my bandmate was bi or gay, I know it wouldn't be smart to get into. It's just hard out here. I don't really go out to clubs or anything. Just work, and music stuff. It's funny because the more I repress my feelings the more intense they get and the more I want to be with someone. Not just to be intimate but to have a friend that I can love on, talk with, hang out with, laugh, argue, tease, all that. Plus I've never been in a relationship. I guess I have 3 questions. How do you know someone is gay/bi without asking (is there a way to really know?) How do you know if someone is interested? How do I find a girlfriend when in the closet?
  8. A lot of people like myself like to say that we don't have a type. Honestly, I've been pleasantly surprised by unexpected crushes and like to keep an open mind because of that. As a pretty inexperienced baby bi who is freshly getting into this dating game, mostly online dating I've noticed that although I have an open mind, there are some big Deal Breakers for me. -racist or prefers not to date certain races -smokers. No shade but I've had some really rough experiences being asthmatic, so smoking would really suck -rude or arrogant -no ambition, dreams or goals for their ljfe I feel like there might be more but those are the ones that would get a hard no from me Let's start a conversation, what are your deal breakers/turn offs?
  9. Soooo... I watch a good amount of youtube and love it because so many youtubers share their stories, give advice and really make you feel like you're a part of this community. I have a few who are either hilarious, inspirational, educational, or simply intriguing...or all of the above! I'll name a few of my favorites below. Let me know who's your favorite and if you ever gotten (or almost) a chance to meet them. Ari Fitz, Ambers Closet, Jade aka foxyhotmess, hartbeat, pinchofbrownsugar, Gaby Dunn, Ashly Perez, Stevie, Ash Hardell Earlier this year I went to my first Pride ever and solo. The first time I really came to terms with who I was. Anywho, I found out that Ambers Closet and Ari Fitz would be there. I was so nervous and excited and looked everywhere for them. I got a little anxious and ended up leaving. I checked their instagram later and found out that If I had kept looking I would have found them because they were really close to where I was. So close yet sooo far.
  10. Lol the struggle is real. I feel your pain! Haha I get carded for everything and it's so annoying. Maybe we'll appreciate it one day?
  11. So I've been following one of my favorite queer youtubers Ari Fitz for a while and she posed a very good question. How do you prefer to be approached? Often we're used to feeling uncomfortable when being apprached, so a lot of the time we try to make sure that when we're approaching someone to avoid making it weird, creepy or uncomfortable. With that in mind, sometimes we might meet someone who we think is just being nice but they're actually trying to send signals. So is there an opportunity for us to be more assertive? In what way? I'm really curious about your experiences of some really good and bad times a woman has approached you, your preference on how you like being approached and some do's and don'ts. Alright and go! Happy Holidays
  12. Pearl is a great choice! Here a list of 4 drumsets under $500. I double checked to make sure they come with everything so it really comes down to which one looks better to you, price and reviews. Since Black Friday is coming up, alot of these are on sale at Guitar Center. Musicians friend also has good deals but it's only online. You can also check out local music shops (which tend to be more pricy). 1) Pearl roadshow 5 piece $480 2) Pdp centerstage 5 piece drumset $400 3) Sound percussion labs unity birch series 5 piece complete drumset-$400 4) Pdp by dw encore 5 piece $400 If they don't come with drumsticks, any "5A" drumstick should do the trick. And don't spend more than $10 on sticks unless you're buying a pack of sticks or really have a preference. I hope this all helps and let me know if you any other questions!
  13. That's great. Spending $800 on a drumset is a bit much. In that range you'd start getting more into the professional kits. I would say spend no more than $400 for a beginner kit. Spl, pdp, and ddrum make very decent sounding kits. You could eveb get something good for a beginner between $200-$300 The best tip I can give is try to avoid getting drumsets from Target, Wal-Mart and any places that aren't music stores. Buying music equipment at a non-music store is like buying meat at a dollar store. Cheap but with horrible quality. On occasion, you can find really great second hand drumsets if you know what to look for.. If you'd like me to recommend specific kits, let me know I'm happy to help!