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  1. Pearl is a great choice! Here a list of 4 drumsets under $500. I double checked to make sure they come with everything so it really comes down to which one looks better to you, price and reviews. Since Black Friday is coming up, alot of these are on sale at Guitar Center. Musicians friend also has good deals but it's only online. You can also check out local music shops (which tend to be more pricy). 1) Pearl roadshow 5 piece $480 2) Pdp centerstage 5 piece drumset $400 3) Sound percussion labs unity birch series 5 piece complete drumset-$400 4) Pdp by dw encore 5 piece $400 If they don't come with drumsticks, any "5A" drumstick should do the trick. And don't spend more than $10 on sticks unless you're buying a pack of sticks or really have a preference. I hope this all helps and let me know if you any other questions!
  2. That's great. Spending $800 on a drumset is a bit much. In that range you'd start getting more into the professional kits. I would say spend no more than $400 for a beginner kit. Spl, pdp, and ddrum make very decent sounding kits. You could eveb get something good for a beginner between $200-$300 The best tip I can give is try to avoid getting drumsets from Target, Wal-Mart and any places that aren't music stores. Buying music equipment at a non-music store is like buying meat at a dollar store. Cheap but with horrible quality. On occasion, you can find really great second hand drumsets if you know what to look for.. If you'd like me to recommend specific kits, let me know I'm happy to help!
  3. Suffering from some unexpected insomnia
  4. Hey everyone! I was wondering if anyone knew of any good gender neutral/unisex fragrances. I've always tended to like both men and women fragrances but I would usually mix them. Like a men's soap and a woman's lotion. Does anyone know any good happy mediums? I'm trying to find my signature scent. Any tips for getting the fragrance to last longer? Also comment your signature go to fragrance. Even if that's a specific soap, lotion to a perfume or cologne. Thanks!
  5. Burts bees ultra conditioning It's the only one that leaves it really nice and smooth without leaving a weird residue or film.
  6. A nice smile Goofy or good sense of humor Well dressed and nice bodies Lips Confidence Passionate about something
  7. That hair thing! Ugh. Where they're sort of playing in it and flip some of it to one side (dreads, curls, straight hair, wavy, whatever that THING ugh drives me wild!) Lip bite, eye contact and devious shy look up look down smile/smirk Shared sense of humor, positive energy and laughter Confidence, their own style Women that smell amazing (Cue weak by swv)
  8. I'd want to know. The selfish reason would be for the simple fact of flattery and this lowkey confidence boost. Like hey people DO like me! Lol. I'm extremely oblivious when people are flirting with me..ok when women are flirting with me. Guys usually are very obvious. If I also had feelings for them It would take the pressure off of me to always wonder and then I could make a move with confidence. If I had no attraction to them, it would be better to set the record straight and not lead them on accidentally. Most women in my experience are naturally sensual and flirtatious without really meaning to be. I don't know if that's how I am but being led on sucks. I'd probably want them to feel free to talk openly about it and hopefully become closer as friends.
  9. Reality tv shows
  10. Kristina. 12 years old, 6th grade and the first time I realized and got true butterflies for someone. The first girl that was an amazing person, cool friend and easy to talk to. Every guy at the school liked her and because I hung out with all the guys I was torn. I felt protective but also shared their feelings. I didn't make any type of move because I thought she was the straightest girl alive and I wasn't too confident. Turns out later she's bi. Lol please slap me.
  11. I really do feel like everything I've been through has made me into who I am. Still, it's kind of hard to pick one thing. I'd say take more risks; come out earlier, join that bball or wrestling team, tell that girl or guy I like them, get out of my comfort zone, speak up for myself, and trust my instincts not second guess them. That and get a private music instructor sooner in life. In that same regard, if Doc and Marty Mcfly showed up to your doorstep with a Deloreon time machine, to what time would you go to, why and what would you do? #BacktotheFuture
  12. Naive
  13. The entire Marianne Williamson poem that is usually quoted as Nelson Mandela. Here's a piece of it. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? "