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  1. Thanks for the siggestions everyone, I will try some of those websites out! I think another factor is that i am not very comfortable masturbating in general so it will take some time.
  2. Thanks for sharing, I am so sorry about your predicament! Are you at least able to talk to your husband?
  3. Sometimes the thought of being with a woman will turn me on but, because I have no sexual experience with women, I don't know what to imagine the sex to be like. I don't want to watch porn because most all of it seems to be from a male fantasy point of view. I want to figure out how to explore my authentic desire, and not images someone else has placed in my head. I guess an easy answer would be to have sex with a woman but I am in a long term relationship with a man and not interested at the moment in branching out, though my bisexual identity is important to me. Where can I start?