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  1. I'm 23! So still young I suppose. No, it's not clear right now whether or not we're going to resume a monogamous relationship. We still consider ourselves dating but just went from living together to becoming long-distance and went from being monogamous to being open. Basically this is a time for us to figure out how we feel and could result in a lot of different things, whether that be moving back in together, having multiple partners, or maybe just breaking up. There weren't any 'problems' with the relationship except for me desiring to be with women so we decided to take some space without making any big decisions to have more room to figure out how to proceed. As of now, we consider ourselves in an open relationship and I intend to inform any women I start seeing of that beforehand. And I intend to give any women I see just as much consideration as I do my boyfriend. Honestly, though my relationship has been great with my boyfriend I've been feeling pretty disappointed with my lack of ability to feel aroused by the sex we have. And also confused about what my desires are in general. It's not that I'm "experimenting* to figure out if I'm straight or not, I know that I'm bisexual. But I'm less clear on how to have sex that satisfies and fulfills me. I've been thinking for awhile that having more experiences with women could help clarify that. I know that it's wrong to use somebody and that's definitely not what I want to do. I only want to be with someone who'se on the same page as me. I was just thinking that there's got to be other women out there who feel similarly, who want and are excited about the chance to explore their attraction to women but aren't in a place in their lives where they're looking for something serious. It can't be that uncommon can it?
  2. Hm, maybe I'm not maybe making my intentions clear enough, or else I'm not being clear enough with myself. I guess that I've been a pretty serious monogamous relationship for a couple years now and it feels really good to be on a break, be on my own, and have room to explore my desires. I have no interest in treating women as sex objects (that wouldn't feel right to me), but I'm also wary of ending up in another serious relationship right away. I guess if that happens, it happens and its life. The other night when I started this thread was the day my long-term boyfriend left town and the beginning of our separation so I think I was feeling extra liberated and wanting to make love to every woman in the world! But that feeling has leveled out over the last few days, of course it is just a fantasy and not how relationships should be in real life! I'm glad you all pointed this out and had me clarify a little more. I think what I really want is a casual relationship and to, of course, do that respectfully.
  3. I live in a city (not a big one though) so it's probably easier for me. I will try tinder and see how that goes. It doesn't help that I'm so shy!
  4. Hey everyone! My long-term boyfriend and I are taking a break from our relationship and I finally have a chance to really dive in to my attraction for women. I'm feeling hormonal and excited and like I want to sleep with every beautiful woman I meet! I don't want to get seriously involved with anyone right now but just enjoy experiencing all the sex I've been missing out on. My problem is that I can't figure out how to go about finding women I can hook up with. I feel like asking someone on a date implies I'm interested in a relationship and flat out telling someone I'd like to hook up seems rude and creepy. How can I make it clear that I'm just interested in sex without being disrespectful?
  5. Thanks for the siggestions everyone, I will try some of those websites out! I think another factor is that i am not very comfortable masturbating in general so it will take some time.
  6. Thanks for sharing, I am so sorry about your predicament! Are you at least able to talk to your husband?
  7. Sometimes the thought of being with a woman will turn me on but, because I have no sexual experience with women, I don't know what to imagine the sex to be like. I don't want to watch porn because most all of it seems to be from a male fantasy point of view. I want to figure out how to explore my authentic desire, and not images someone else has placed in my head. I guess an easy answer would be to have sex with a woman but I am in a long term relationship with a man and not interested at the moment in branching out, though my bisexual identity is important to me. Where can I start?