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  1. With my husband, def a sub. With a woman, I could be (and have been) both but prefer to be the dominant one. Do you think people tend to want to be the opposite of what they are in everyday life? Im pretty shy and polite irl but the thought of taking control with another woman has always really turned me on.
  2. That sounds very similar to me. For a long time I thought of being Bi as something optional that I could take or leave rather than being part of my identity. I think I have only recently properly accepted my sexuality. I’m also trying to figure out what I need to be happy. Do you think you would ever leave your husband?
  3. With my work crush we flirted a lot in the beginning and were very touchy with each other. Obviously I’m married and she has a serious gf. As I got to know her I really fell for her but nothing has ever happened. I think she loves her gf and just enjoyed the attention from me. Now we are friends although still sometimes flirty/touchy in a way that I think oversteps boundaries but I can’t seem to stop myself doing it! I came out to her about a year ago and she was really supportive. Although I was really physically attracted to her and I felt she was also attracted to me I’m glad nothing ever happened as I think it would have just really hurt me. We work in a pretty small office so it could have become very awkward and ruined it for everybody.
  4. Hi Storm. Sorry you had to go through this and that this woman treated you so poorly. I don’t think she can be 100% straight but she had taken advantage of both the situation and you. Perhaps she does have feelings for you and is in some denial/struggling with her sexuality but that doesn’t give her the right to act like an asshole. Does your husband know about her? Did you ever get back in touch with her? I had a crush on a girl at work but this has made me glad nothing ever happened!
  5. I've identified as Bi since I was a teenager and have previously had a girlfriend. However I've now been with my husband for 10 years now and we have a small child. A crush on a coworker made me realise how much I miss being with a woman and also that there is maybe something emotional missing in my relationship. Looking to meet women in a similar situation