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  1. I hear you on the word getting out about a symbol! I haven’t seen anything along those lines. I have seen that some ladies have managed to meet up - think its been through PMing not a forum. But what do I know I’m still a bit of a newbie!
  2. LOL Totally! I’m always scared our son is going to heard me and wake up, and be like ‘what are you doing!?’
  3. As far as the big “O” goes I have never gotten one with my husband, but he can give me little “o”s. It’s like aftershocks vs. earthquake. I can take care of that action while he’s doing his job. So, I would have to go with oral. I need that constant stimulation on the clit.
  4. Think I’ll be more of a giver. The thought of pleasuring a women drives me crazy, and gets me all tingly down there
  5. @Margot66 love it be sure to let us know!
  6. Well there we go! Now we to really spread the word, so we can find each other. LOL
  7. I think we need a symbol or something like a bracelet. Then it would be easier to spot the bi women! It would be so easy to walk over, and start a conversation - nice bracelet! I have that one too! We should get coffee sometime ... maybe we should just hook up now (ok that’s a stretch) lol but how much easier would that be.
  8. Ladies seeking on CL please be mindful of what you’re doing, and especially what you send! Husband was hell bound to find a third, and found a seemingly nice person ... seemingly! We exchanged pics and emails .... all seemed good. Then when I asked her if she would meet with me sometime soon like coffee wise - nothing crazy. Some of pics she sent didn’t match up ... like they were from different women ... I started asking questions - I had to see her myself. ‘She’ totally disappeared!! And ‘she’ has pictures of me and my husband!! Please, please be careful and stay save!!!
  9. The way her eyes light up when she smiles. Lip biting really messes with me too!
  10. I like my space! Lol duvet foot sticking out, on my back, hands over my head, and some sort of noise like the ceiling fan. Cold love the cold!
  11. I would have to go with flats, but being that I live on farm I love my boots!
  12. I took a picture of a cabin and pricing for a weekend getaway. Sent it to my bff, and told her we needed to get out town together...soooo we could make our Christmas cards. Haha
  13. Haha ... TV movie was ‘Murder She Baked’ - no laughing I like the Hallmark Mystery Channel!
  14. I haven’t seen my hot deputy crush lately...