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  1. @kairi Sorry you’re sad - hope all is ok or will be soon.
  2. Myself. I strive to be the best I can be, even if I fall short sometimes. Q - if the stars aligned who would be your first forever kiss?
  3. I have reached that point where I’m closer to 40 then 30 haha .... 36!
  4. Thanks @Ona for sharing! I have always labeled myself as bi, but sexual fluidity describes me better. What’s on the inside matters more to me then what’s in the outside. Great watch thanks again for sharing!
  5. Here it is Sunday afternoon...let’s do this for fun. I just made brownies, and I’m licking the mix off of the spatula. It got me thinking...I’m enjoying this way to much! What are things you do that are harmless, but truns dirty within few seconds? Sorry if this isn’t under the right forum - still learn ...
  6. @ChemFem lol love it ... leeches tryin’ to third wheel. That would definitely ruin a special moment. But then again you’d have to make sure you got them all off, so I can see where that would lead down a path of it own. ;)
  7. Anal is amazing! I do beads or just slight pressure.
  8. A female deputy sheriff that works in the same building as me ... damn uniforms! They get me every time.
  9. Whenever I’m stressed out! It’s a great de-stresser. Normally in mornings thou ... start your day with a smile.
  10. Husband’s dodge with a close gf heavy make-out session in the front seat! I parked behind some industrial buildings at night, cars would drive by and we’d stop ‘like nothing going here’ lol. Husband used track my iPhone, and was like why’s my truck behind the industrial park? Oh nothing hun - got lost haha.
  11. I’m a very logical person, and logic would stat that you (husband) don’t have parts I’m looking for, or better yet needing at this point. Husband is a very emotional person, his emotions play a role on everything. Which reeks havoc on my logical brain. I’ll go behind his back to fulfill what I need, and yes I’ll feel guilty - but logic always wins. Mind over matter. But in the end you’ll have to sleep in the bed you made ... a lot plays on ones mental psyche.
  12. I think it was a choice for me ... I have always been attracted to both men and women. I look at it like this ... I don’t see what’s on the outside, I see what’s on the inside. If like what I see then I’ll lean that way. But I will say I’m a sucker for blue eyes!
  13. 5’4” people are very surprised by that. As couple other ladies have posted; I don’t carry myself to my height. I’m pretty dominant and carry myself so ... think I should add that I’m not overpowering thou.
  14. What anyone thinks of my choices ... like ‘I can’t believe you came out ... what if ...’ Really ... the world’s to full of ... ‘what if’s’
  15. Katheryn Winnick from Vikings ... strong, sexy, and smart.