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  1. 5'2" aka fun-size, travel-size, pocket-size It works perfectly with my girlfriend being 5'7" and the fact that we are Korrasami (because it is FACT, and if you don't know what Korrasami is and are curious, PM me freely ).
  2. -- waking up to my girlfriend still on the phone (we fell asleep on a video call. I woke up to see her opening her eyes.) -- my pup being excited to see me at lunch time -- my coworkers' jokes and silliness -- my Amazon shipment (a pocket knife and carving wood for the newest addition to my list of hobbies: whittling)
  3. excited!! She shipped her care package! It arrives while I'll be out of town, but once I get it, she'll finally get to open mine as well, which I'm even more excited for. She didn't want to open mine without me having hers to open, too. I'm so excited!!
  4. 27 Virgo Cali-born Pansexual Demisexual Sapiosexual Androgenius At your service
  5. I wanted to learn a new language, then I learned to speak from my heart directly to hers. <3

    1. JadeBleu15


      That's the best language, is it not? :wub:

    2. NoOne


      It's amazing.  I swear our hearts are having secret conversations all the time.

  6. @pinklotus Not intruding at all! Welcome and thank you!
  7. I feel like I've succeeded in fulfilling the purpose of calling myself NoOne. I'm no longer NoOne. When I found her, I started to find me again. I found the things I've always loved about myself. I'm allowed to completely be myself. I can't be NoOne if I'm Me. With that, I've updated my picture to be who I am.
  8. All the time, I just miss her so much.  Even my skin misses her, though we've never touched...

  9. My gf got me into wearing boxers and now I have a boxer shopping problem...though it is cheaper than my previous shopping problem: marital arts gear.

    1. myladylove


      Ha ha, my ex wore boxers as well and they suited her! 

  10. @ChemFem Yes! It's exactly like that. Or like when you're about to yawn and you get interrupted and now you just feel off.
  11. Rest My darling, are you hiding? Have you locked yourself away? Protected from the world outside, Are you timid or afraid? Are you shielding from the swords That have poked and prodded at your strings? Are you cowering in fear off all The dark and scary things? You've grown so strong and brave Through your many battles won. I'd hate to see you quit When you've only just begun. You give so much of yourself away And hold more than you can carry. Stay here for a moment, love. We'll continue when you're ready. Lay your hands in mine. Put your head against my chest. The road will always be there, love. For now, my heart, just rest. When the morrow comes we'll walk, And we'll take each step together, Carrying each other, darling, Into the mornings of September. This is a poem I wrote, originally as a letter to my own heart, but as I wrote it, it began to feel as though my girlfriend was writing it to me, through me. I've been having trouble crying lately, which sounds odd at first, and really is quite odd. Crying was something that always just sort of happened to me. No matter what emotion I felt, if it was strong enough, I cried. Lately, it's really taken a lot to make me cry. I'll feel like I'm going to cry, that heavy feeling in my chest builds up, but then it just fades away. It's so awkward, I began to miss the satisfying feeling of crying out my emotions. I cry if I think about how much I miss my girlfriend and how hard it will be to say goodbye when I depart after I visit her later this year (September). I cry if I imagine her hugging me because I know when she does hug me, I'm going to cry. Other than that, though, I can't get my tears to show themselves. I wanted this so much; to be able to communicate without my crying getting in the way, and now I have that, but I don't want it. So, she's helping find my tears again; helping me open up again. I find so much comfort in her and her words. I'm so thankful everyday for her.
  12. Welcome! I don't think I need to say it, but you have a great self-awareness already. I wish you luck in your journey!
  13. Walking on sunshine

  14. Welcome! I hope you find the support you're looking for here. This place has been a wonderful resource for my own journey. There are many years of experiences and advice running through its veins.
  15. I wish...I could just leave everything behind but her and my training and just figure life out from there...