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  1. If "sensei" is approved, can I as well? @ChemFem drops wisdom all over the place.
  2. Foreward
  3. D'awww! Your happiness is infectious!! This makes me so giddy! Hahaha, so happy for you! <3 I hope you get to fall asleep in her arms.
  4. Definitely, I love Tituss! I just recently discovered Emily King's music. I love their style.
  5. Lol simultaneously looking at each other's profiles

  6. Oh? Neat! May I ask what you train?
  7. I usually have to ask for it so I can get the crayons Haha!
  8. Hahaha! I definitely keep my thievery and assassinating to my video games. Though I have picked up martial art training with a bo (staff). It's the most peaceful weapon choice I think.
  9. After reading through my last post again, replying to some other ladies' posts, and just thinking about some things, I figured out another something. (These things are piecing together rather quickly...) I don't think it's anything super significant in the grand scheme of my purpose here, but at the same time it might just be the most significant thing I've figured out. What is it already!? Just a little more backstory... The name NoOne comes from my favorite character in Game of Thrones, Arya Stark, at a point in her life where she is trying to redefine herself. Maybe that's why I connect with her so much. Maybe that's why I chose "NoOne" as my name. Maybe that's where all these feelings have resurfaced from. I'm at a point in life (for the billionth time) where I am redefining myself. (And it seems I always turn to blogging to figure out that redefinition.) One of the awesome things about this time is that I'm not so alone in this. Last time I only had my mom to bounce these thoughts off of, and this time I still have her if I need her, but I also have my bf, my best friends, and this amazing community right here. Each serving a different purpose, and none taking any significant burden. So, yea, someone else has probably figured that out already, that we're probably all here trying to redefine or express this thing, whatever it is, but this is my acknowledgement of it for myself. <3
  10. Ohmagawd why have I never heard this song before?! It's almost perfect. <3
  11. Maybe try to think of your blog as a journal to yourself? I used to blog 2-3 times a month for about 3 years straight. There were a few people who would read my blog (mostly my friends), but I was only writing it as a journal for myself, or like a conversation with myself. That helped me get rid of fears of judgement.
  12. Turned 27 last month. Most think I'm 17-21. A few times a year I'll get 14-16, especially if I'm around actual 14-16 yo's. lol
  13. Sometimes I feel like I’m supposed to just be in tons of noncommittal relationships. Lmao. I just love loving people. I love knowing where their buttons are and exactly how to push them. I have a bf. I know him super well. But I’m not satisfied. Maybe he is too simple? Not as in unintelligent, but not complicated. His way of thinking and all are very simple at least to me. I understand him very well. Like a book I’ve read a million times. And I think I need more. I know I’m a sapiosexual. Knew that since middle school lol. He does not satisfy that in the way that I need it to be satisfied. He satisfies me physically. He satisfies me with comfort and acceptance and company. But there is something deep in me that is unsatiafied. I learned recently that I love knowing people’s secrets. Not the deep dark ones. But the ones you tell only to the people who you are hoping will exploit them. Things like your most tender spot to be tickled or kissed. Or that you always wanted to go on a roller coaster but have always been afraid. I want to be the person who knows that you like being tickled there and saves that knowledge for a very specific moment. I want to be the person who surprises you with a ride on a roller coaster. I want to be that person, but for several people all in different moments. And I want to have the freedom to slide in and out of doors, but have the value to always stay in hearts. I don’t want to be a heartbreaker or a player. Just a lover of all people. And I can’t have that right now. I don’t know if I’ll ever have that or anything close to it. But I can pretend, on the Internet. I am no one. And I love you all.