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  1. This new link shouldn't expire ever:
  2. Man, that sounds painful. I've had very short term version of this, like talking for a few weeks and then vanishing (and things are actually going pretty well with no signs or red flags for ending), but never over years. I'd be bothered, too.
  3. ready to be done :wacko:

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    2. Hungry


      Ha, you don't even know what I look like, that'd be kinda creepy if I just showed up wouldn't it? Works for me though, I'll PM you when I've landed and stalked your house :lol: Hope your day was ok!

    3. NoOne


      lmao well if i was travelling, i'd probably be all "hey girls i'm going to XYZ in a week" and then you'd pm me like "hey that's where i am. wanna meet up?" and then tada! star tour!

    4. Hungry


      Ha honestly I will hold you to that now. I love how there's a narrative of possibility in your head, pretty adorable. :D I wouldn't tell anyone else, you don't wanna start rumors, kidding...

  4. @Hungry I've definitely had to work on undoing a lot of the not so accurate stuff that I grew up on. This is just another one of those things maybe? *shrug* Haha. I definitely take it as a compliment. I'm sure if I met someone that I really enjoyed, I'd get over an age gap in a snap. I've done so with lots of other things that I used to think would be boundaries, why not this one. ^_^
  5. @Hungry I definitely get what you're saying there. I guess my reasoning in discussing this topic at all was from a 19 yo being attracted to me and I felt really weird about it. It definitely comes down to overall attraction: mentally, physically, etc. when I meet a person in person, but on the internet, where age is practically part of every profile or name tag, then age can be a deterrent before there is even a chance for other things to make up for it.
  6. Yea, definitely that part as well. And I'd agree with what you've been told; you share a lot of wisdom on here. I'm 27, with what I think is an average amount of life experience, but also, I tend to fall among a much younger crowd with my interests. I think I've said it before in a previous post, but I pull off being a 14 yo tomboy pretty well, skateboard and lego set included.
  7. How many years older/younger than yourself would you consider dating someone? It's always been +/- 3 years for me, but as I get older, I don't think I'd mind dating people more than 3 years older than me. I think the perception of a year changes as you get older. The younger range is difficult to set though. Definitely couldn't go under 21, but idk if even that might be too young. Guess I won't have to figure that out any time soon anyway.
  8. Frustrated. Mentally, financially, physically. All the frustrations! Like a stabled horse.
  9. Mostly sub. You can tease me for hours, but be sure to keep my hands well bound because I'm also a bit mischievous and tend to challenge my dom.
  10. I love kisses of my own flavor and smell. I would spread it on toast lol...I'm pretty cran-apple juice.
  11. Absolutely love this one. It's too adorable for my life.
  12. Just wanna get this all over with already x_x How am I still in limbo? 2017 is the year of limbo.

    1. Hungry


      While our limbo isn't shared I feel you on that one. May things be clearer ahead!

  13. Thank you all ^_^ I love writing because the words never feel like they've been filtered through the brain or mouth. It feels like they go straight from the heart and out the fingertips.