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  1. 16 days until I have her for 5 weeks.  Be still my heart :wub2:

  2. I just wanted to throw this in here as someone who identifies as non-binary. I've never felt completely comfortable or accepted in cis-male or cis-female spaces. I've known since I was in middle school that I am somewhere else in the spectrum (or not on it at all), and because of that, I called myself an alien. It was only in the last couple years that I discovered the proper words to describe what I am; Pansexual and Nonbinary. Having the words, I could then search for a community of people like me, and I did. I've now finally found an inner-calmness and validity in who I am and what I feel. I'm certain there are people who have malicious agendas when it comes to gender and sex, but there are also people like me who have just felt lost and incomplete for most of our lives and now have the language and communities to build and express themselves. That said, I've always felt like LGBT, LGBTQ, LGBTQIA, LGBTQ+, etc. are all really poor ways to label such a diverse community anyway, but I've no real solutions to that. "LGBT+" is my usual go to, but I've been adopting "Queer+" because it feels the most inclusive to me, it's easy to say being only 2 syllables, and I enjoy that it sounds like a premium subscription to being queer. So yea... idk if that helps any of this, but I'm open to answer any questions as long as they're kind. I've no mental energy for anything else. Just offering a perspective.
  3. SO EXCITED FOR THIS SUNDAY!!!!! OHMYGAWSH!!!!! CAN'T FRIKIN CONTAIN MYSELF!!!!!! *sitting quietly at my desk at work*

    1. Rocker83


      I remember this excitement. Have the best time :D

    2. Apsalar15


      So excited for you!!!

  4. seeing my babygirl
  5. I won't give up on us, even if the skies get rough.  I'm giving you all my love. I'm still looking up.

  6. My Babygirl, I know you won't see this. I know I've already apologized. And I know you've already forgiven me. But I haven't forgiven me, so I'm putting this here as a promise to both of us. I'll learn to forgive myself for what I've done to us in time. In the meantime, I'll fix the pieces I've broken and build us back up even stronger. Despite that it was unintentional, I'm ashamed and disappointed in myself for what I've done. I wasn't supposed to do what everyone else did to you, but I know that I will fix it like none of them ever could because what we have is real and it means so much to me. What I feel for you is real and it's never faltered. My words might only be words to you for now, until I show you with actions that you can believe in my words again. I can live with that because I know that it can be done. I will be stronger for us. It's my turn to take care of you now. I won't disappoint you. <3 Forever Yours, A. Valentine
  7. TWENTY SEVEN DAYS.  Struggling to contain my excitement...

  8. Girlfriend, you make my head start spinning around. And all I can ever hear is the sound of your heart beating in my ears. Girlfriend, this girl has found another reason to sing. You're reminding me of everything that I hold dear in my heart. <3

  9. @BiTriMama Yea! That's a great way to put it. She throws me way off and it's spectacular.
  10. That smile of hers... :wub:

  11. Does anyone else just love clever or playfully challenging significant others? Or maybe you are one? I'll explain. I'm a very independent and self-motivated person, and I always have been. No one has really ever had to tell me what to do very much when it comes to getting through school and general life things. I've been guided, but not exactly told like "You need to go do XYZ". I've also not known many people who can out-logic me (in non-sense conversations or otherwise), or mentally challenge for long periods of time, or leave me speechless in banter. I've realized that in dating in general, I'm pretty stubborn about small things in a playful way, and so many of those that have tried to tell me what to do, usually just get a giggle and a "you're cute" sort of response out of me. Not intending to be disrespectful to them, but in being playful and hoping for them to step up to the challenge. Most of my ex's have failed at that challenge. Like, I always "win". My girl now though... completely different story... like, she often tells me when it's getting late that I should probably go to bed (because if she doesn't say it, I'll likely stay up all night until I'm talking gibberish in my half-sleep, just to spend more time with her). It usually ends up in "Babygirl, you need your sleep" with a pouty face that I can't argue with (not that she wants me to go, but she does want me to take care of myself). Or sometimes we'll just be teasing each other with banter to the point where she leaves me with no comebacks and I'm just in awe of her ability to do that. I think just the fact that she can do that, makes it so... I don't know the word... satisfying?... maybe... when she tells me what to do. "Fold your laundry and then you can call me back when you're done" kind of stuff just makes me want to drown her in kisses. My brain (and probably my facial expression) is like "Did you just tell me what to do? Really?" and she has this look like "Yes, I did, so do it." I just LOVE that. And I'll do the thing as she's told me to with this sense of satisfaction even though I just "lost". Just like "Agh! You're adorable and sexy and yes ma'am!" I could lose to her for the rest of my life and be grateful for having the privilege.
  12. I feel like I choose my clothing to amplify whatever energy I'm already feeling or trying to feel, so this thread really hits home for me. Lately, I've been dressing in like 99% men's clothing because 1) POCKETS, 2) I feel more at home, 3) did i mention pockets???, 4) it's extremely obvious that I like women. With my ex (male, 6 yr relationship), I dressed quite a bit girlier than I do now and it gave off the idea that I was straight most of the time. Even though I still had my more tomboy days pretty often, I was holding back parts of me with him. I feel more at home in what I've been wearing lately. I look at myself and I feel like I'm being 100% myself. I got a binder (to flatten my chest) and feel even more myself (I don't want to be or feel like a guy or anything though. I do still love my female anatomy). I'm quite muscular as well, and I love that I can pull off looking like a young guy fairly often because of it. Though I've also chopped my hair off, which has greatly increased that masculine look (but I'm growing it back now. Curious how that's going to be haha). It's quite hit and miss I think. My mom wears a ring on her thumb and I'm certain she is 100% straight, BUT she recently gave me a ring and I've started wearing it on my thumb, and my girl wears one on her thumb as well, and we're both bi, so idunno, maybe there is a bit of something to it. Plus, it's been said on the internet (which makes it 100% true ;D ) that a lot of common trends were taken from lesbian culture, which has made it difficult for lesbians to identify each other. XD
  13. 1. I have a tattoo of a bear claw with a sunrise over California mountains in it on my shoulder. 2. I speak and understand Spanish at just above an elementary level, and I'm learning Japanese. 3. I'm rediscovering myself and finding that I'm more non-binary than anything else. Something I've always felt, but was never fully aware of what it was or how to describe it until recently. 4. I make an effort to treat everyone the way you might imagine the perfect Disney prince would, and though I'm not perfect, I found my Disney princess anyway and she's perfect for me. 5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE SUSHI