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  1. aww that was so sweet. congrats on everything!
  2. At 4 pm PST on Wednesday, the clock struck midnight in London on Thursday, May 31st, 2018, starting the many sweet shenanigans of my girlfriend's 24th birthday. Just before it hit 4 pm, I stepped out of the office to record myself singing happy birthday. Understand that I do not just sing for people. I will sing along to songs in the car, and i will sing in the shower, and I will sing random tunes that pop in my head throughout the day, but I never sing FOR someone. Since I've known her, I've sang for her on a couple occasions (to cheer her up, make her smile, or just because I was so happy I had to). At 4, I sent the recording, along with a bunch of dorky birthday gifs and a picture of myself with a bunch of birthday stickers on it. When I got off of work, I headed to Vons to pick up ingredients to make curry and a slice of cake. I managed to get candles that spell out "Happy Birthday" as well. We planned to have a movie + dinner date over video call (which we've done many times now). This time, we were to dress all fancy. When I got home, I started up some of the food to cook while I headed to shower. We started up the video chat while we cooked and talked about our day. I didn't have the best end of day at work, but she comforted me as she always does. Once dinner was ready, we parted to get dressed. She asked me to pick out her dress. I picked a black dress with pink and violet flowers that I could match my bow tie to. I wore my black suit with a pink bow tie. Once we were both all dressed, we stood in front of the camera. I couldn't take my eyes off of her. We dished out our dinner. I poured some cranberry juice into a wine glass (I quit drinking this year). We sat down to start our movie, which we sync up by doing a special countdown. I was to say the countdown this time, but every time I was about to start, I found myself lost in her, just swooning. She was so smiley and so happy. Gawd, I love seeing her happy. I must have said "alright" like I was going to start the countdown a dozen times before she asked if she was going to have to count how many times I said alright. I said "alright" one more time and then did the countdown, and we started our movie. We watched Lilo & Stitch, her most favorite movie (and one of my favorites). As usual, I think I watched her more than I watched the movie. I'd caught her watching me in the moments that I looked away, too. When the movie ended, I told her I'd be right back, as if I was taking a bathroom break. I rushed to the kitchen, pulled out my little slice of German chocolate cake, arranged the candles (in 3 rows of "HAPPY", "BIRTH", and "DAY"), lit the candles, and walked back into the bedroom. She was looking away from her phone when I came in, so, I said "Hey babygirl" and she looked up. She smiled so so brightly and then covered her face, blushing. I love when she smiles. Her eyes smile so much before the rest of her face does. I can't help but smile whenever she smiles. I told her she had to blow out her candles and to do it quickly because they were melting all over her cake. She said I'd have to help her and I assured her she could do it. (Some days we go for video chat walks when the sun is out for the both of us. Whenever she finds a dandelion she'll hold it up to the phone and tell me to make a wish and blow it out. Apparently, I'm very bad at blowing them out. Hehe. Eventually I get it all.) She counted to 3 and blew out her candles. She said "thank you" so many times and that it was the best birthday and that her cheeks were hurting so much. Of course, it wasn't over yet. I told her I wasn't about to help with her cheek problem, as I showed her a little ladybug shaped ring box. Ladybugs have been pretty significant in our relationship. She loved the box and commented on how cute it is. I opened it, showing her the ring inside. A hear-shaped promise ring with 2 little pink sapphires. She covered her face and said she loves me so much, tons more thank you's, and how special I made her birthday. And of course, it still wasn't over yet. I had an idea to take a bunch of pictures to photoshop together in special ways. I sent her some pictures of me on one knee, me kissing the air, and a few other poses that she could mimic or pose to fill in. I'll be working on those this weekend, but I did start one, and it was looking so great I had to show her. More smiles, more "aww's", more thank you's. And STILL it was not over. I kept joking about doing a strip show for her. We haven't gotten that far yet (waiting until we meet in person to share that sort of intimacy), but it makes her blush every time I bring it up. I love teasing her. She usually teases the crap out of me because I'm so weak when it comes to her. She's my kryptonite 100%. Finally, bed time (she mostly follows my schedule since she makes her own work hours). I had a doc apt. in the morning, but I called her afterwards, before I headed in for work. The package I had ordered to arrive on her birthday had gotten there just before we woke up this morning. She started opening it, blushing so much. Once she did, she fell over in happiness (she was sitting on her bed). A dozen roses. "There's so many!" She smiled so much. She loves roses. She really loves flowers. When we go for walks, she brings her camera (a really nice, fancy camera) to take pictures of animals and flowers and airplanes and the moon and anything else really. Whenever she's out and she see's flowers she always sends me pictures of them, too, and I do the same. So I finally sent her real flowers. And her favorite, roses. I love her so much. We may be apart, but I'll always do my best to show her my love and help her feel my presence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Wow, that was much longer than I thought it was going to be. Thank you for reading to anyone that makes it through the whole thing. Hehe. I hope you enjoyed it.
  3. I don't know what I was looking for when I found my girl. I didn't think I was looking for anything. Maybe just someone to relate to, an emotional connection? When we started talking, I was still with my ex, and I was just talking to random people, making friends, probably to escape what was going on in my life. I knew he and I were going to break up soon; I was unhappy with my job; I was worried about money. I wasn't looking to be in a new relationship so soon, but she became such a bright light in my life with very little effort. Generally, what I look for in a partner is the bestest of best friends; someone I can be completely myself around, who I feel safe around, and who feels that way around me, too. She is exactly that. We're a team. I think I tend to look for cleverness, imagination, playfulness, kindness, patience, acceptance, and honesty in all my close friends. Throw in a ton of affection and we have my girl
  4. It's my lady's birthday on Thursday.  I wish I could spend it with her.  I've ordered a dozen roses to arrive that morning.  I'm so excited for her to get them.  She usually has to plan her own birthday stuff, and I can't do much from way over here, but I've got a package to send her soon.

    1. ChemFem


      Only a dozen and not one for each year? Seriously though, that's a lovely romantic gesture you have planned.

    2. NoOne


      @ChemFem I totally wanted to, but those things are freaking expensive x_x  I have much more to send her still.  I wrote her a birthday letter for each birthday though.  That's in the package I've yet to send.

    3. ChemFem


      Yeah I'm totally kidding. A dozen is still super sweet. Hope the second package goes through without a hitch.

  5. Excited. Impatient. 95 days until I see her <3
  6. A Light Bluish Grey - Grey and Blue are my favorite colors. I feel like grey isn't as appreciated as it should be; the same way I tend to feel about myself sometimes. Even I don't appreciate myself or the things I do properly. I don't always give myself the credit I deserve. I've concluded that I ended my last relationship because I didn't feel appreciated, and I felt taken advantage of. I've left my job after feeling like I gave little value, and returned when I realized how much I was appreciated, and continue to battle with feeling under-appreciated at times. And light blue feels cool, classy, and overall relaxed. Blue tends to be thought of as a more sad color, but to me it feels more worry-free. Blue isn't stressed out, it's chill.
  7. I was told that someone very close to me commented that my relationship with my gf is just a phase. They've said that before about my past relationship with a girl. It really hurt my heart a lot that they still believe, 10 years later, that my attraction to females could be anything, but real. This person has known me my entire life, and, unless they are in complete denial of who I am, maybe they don't know me as well as I thought they did. I thought to confront them about their feelings, not specifically mentioning that someone else told me anything about it (in case they misheard or misunderstood or anything like that). I wanted their honest thoughts without potential influence. I decided, instead, that I would just thank them for loving and accepting me as I am, and hope that, in time, they'll see that this isn't a phase, that it is real, and that this is who I am. My previous relationship with a girl didn't last long and was followed by 10 years of dating guys. Here's to hoping this one lasts to the end of my days, as I always do. As far as I know, the truth is that I am thankful for this person loving and accepting me, and I don't need to confront any negativity that may or may not be true. This person hasn't shown me any negativity themselves about any of it, and if they feel some way about it, they'll tell me when they need to, or they'll learn and grow and accept the truth before it ever becomes a real, in-my-face issue. Fingers crossed... - NoOne
  8. I can't words... I need her so much...

  9. I've always gone into online dating with the intention to look for friends. I keep my settings to anything that sounds like looking for friends first, and then in my bio I'll mention if it becomes more than that, that's cool. Everyone I've ever dated started as a friend first with no direct intention of dating them at first. My ex of 6 years was from online dating. Before that I met a few different people, and dated 1. They were all pretty cool people, and I'd have stayed friends with them, but they sort of faded off into their own lives I guess. The 1 that I dated from that group was a cool person, but it just wasn't working out for me. I met my current gf online, not even on a dating site, and the friendship became more very quickly. Neither of us expected it, but I'm so happy for it.
  10. I definitely fall in love with the person, not the gender. It's been that way my whole life. All genitalia are kinda weird to me anyway, but with the right person, it's just a part of what makes them beautiful to me. My current girlfriend is gender fluid, and I'm finding myself identifying more with androgyny than anything else. She's just her. I'm just me. And we both just love souls.
  11. If I were single again, I'd mostly be doing all the same things I do now. If a relationship causes me to stop being who I am or doing what I want (which is mostly a ton of hobbies and learning stuff), then there's no point to being in it. The only difference really is that I'd also be flirting with everyone all the time if I were single. It's like a hobby. I just enjoy charming people (even if I'm not all that good at it). In a relationship, I focus all of that attention on my one person, so it's not like much really changes.
  12. My lady and I go to sleep with each other on a video call. She’s still sleep but I can see her, and I’m mega swooning. She’s so freaking adorable. It needs to be September already.

  13. I just want to run away with her...

    1. JadeBleu15


      I can relate! <hugs>

    2. NoOne


      @JadeBleu15 <hugs> It's driving me crazy!