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    Ex troubles

    I made the mistake of dating my best guy friend who I used to have a crush on some years ago, despite this crush had long since worn off and we were in the friendzone, he was there for me after I had a difficult break up so I thought I'd give it a go with him when he asked me out. Unfortunately after some months of dating it never felt like more than friends with benefits. I had no romantic feels for him,the sex was always awkward and neither one of us declared our love for each other so it seemed best to end it there. I asked if we could step back to just being friends, at the time he agreed, I gave him some space. But now he wants us to try and get back together and I don't have any desire for a man in my life at this point in time. . .Especially since I've moved on and quite possibly have the woman of my dreams in sight. Any advice on how to break this to him (not sure that I'm ready to be out of the closet to him just yet, I don't want it to sound like an excuse even if it is a valid reason) that I'm not interested in re-starting a relationship with him?
  2. Tellok

    Ex troubles

    Thanks shazza21, I'll try say it simply. Mainly worried I'll start overtalking and not be 100% clear
  3. Don't talk to my family about children, since I came out to my dad and his gf I hear far too often turkey basters being mentioned XD
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    One year on

    Wow, super happy for you and congrats on learning from the experience and finding a suitable balance! *I tip my hat to you*
  5. Anything to be in her arms right now *sighs dreamily*
  6. I don't mind stage so long as it looks like they're enjoying each other, slightly hooked on Sinn Sage vids atm *drools whilst wearing my happy face*
  7. I had a hard time falling for guys, I had an emotional connection with one when I was 18 but didn't get it again until dating my first woman at 25. All the other guys I was with in that time I basically settled for relationships where I didn't think love was important. The thing I've learned now is that it's a great feeling to have and if it doesn't happen in the first couple of months for me it doesn't happen at all. Sex can be good without it, but it's so much better with it ^_^
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    Updates. . .sort of. So we've been dating since October, it's still long distance and I go to her every chance I get, unfortunately those chances aren't as often as I would like. (Only once a month and it's driving me crazy) When I'm with her we're on fire, I can picture sharing every part of my life with her and she says the same for me. And then when we aren't together communication drops and it's like she's a ghost. I really want this to progress to at least more regular visits and better phone communication, it's been such a long time since I've cared about someone like this. I just hope it's only because she's busy with work and time will bring us closer . . . . . . . .
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    Hello all I'm new to the site. I've been in relationships with guys for years but haven't been able to fall for one since I was 18 (turning 25 in a few weeks), I was beginning to think I was mentally broken being that in just can't seem to connect with anyone. Despite this I nearly settled for a dull relationship, thinking that the gooey feelings would eventually happen (#spoilers it didn't). After it ended I got asked out by several guys, I wound up getting with a guy whom I'd been friends with for years and had a crush on in college, still the gooey feels aren't happening and I feel somewhat a knob for going out with him. A couple of months ago I became familiar with a woman (very cute btw) who was a regular at my place of work. She's a mutual friend of my colleague and expressed a romantic interest in me. I totally chickened out and failed to get her number when my colleague offered it but haven't been able to stop thinking about her since. I've had a growing attraction toward women over the last 2 years but having been in relationships over most of that time I'd been pretty close minded about trying to see if a female connection would be better for me. Now I've moved to another area, some 250 miles away, the guy I'm dating doesn't know what he wants and I see this going nowhere, I feel more attracted to women than ever and have no idea how to deal with it. Anyone here had a similar situation or advice on how to sort out this mess I have made my life??
  10. Tellok

    How To Turn On Your Gaydar

    Hope this helps or at least gets some laughs. I may love Ally Hills a bit and the song is only going on stereotypes so you can't tell with Everyone but it seems to have improved my own gaydar a little at least. Good luck ladies =)
  11. Tellok

    Northwest UK?

    I've recently moved between Preston and Blackpool (moved from the Surrey) anyone know of any good hang outs in the surrounding areas that are good for making a few friends??
  12. Confidence is sexy as hell in any partner, regardless of age or sex. Maybe taking some time to get to know yourself will help with working out what you like or what your next adventure will be, theres a beautiful world to explore :-)
  13. Tellok


    A slight update, last week there was a convention near where I used to live so I took a week off work to visit. After the weekend of activities was over I had a couple of days left before I had to go back to work and went out for drinks with that old workmate of mine. What he didn't tell me until I was there fully decked in a my little pony hoodie and chillin' after half a dozen glasses of whiskey that he had also invited my crush to meet us there later that night. She turned up and we hit it off straight away, we visited some cocktail bars and I finally got her number, ending the night with the sweetest kiss. Next day we have a date in the afternoon this time sober. . . I felt like I might melt in her arms forever. Unfortunately the next day I have to head home to be ready for work, she's the first person I get a message from when I wake and the voice that calls me before sleep takes over. I'm walking on sunshine, something no one has done to me for years and it feels amazing!
  14. Tellok

    How Bi Are You Quiz

    77% lesbian 15% bi-curious 8% bi-sexual 0% straight
  15. Love the taste of myself on someone's mouth but so often I've had guys wanting me to give them head after sex at which point I can't stand the mix of cock and myself at the same time. Giving head as foreplay is a big turn on but not so much after half an hour of thrusting!
  16. Tellok

    Geeky Tattoos?

    I'm getting a Dungeons and Dragons tattoo soon, should look something like this ........
  17. Tellok


    Thanks so much for sharing your experience and advice @BiTriMama,I'm glad it's working well for you at this point, think I'm going to take a little breather first and then see if I can click with a lady in the future.