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  1. That's definitely my plan, hopefully next year, and I agree family is everything....especially the little ones
  2. That's fantastic
  3. Lol my head was all over the place in a make or break broke....always vowed I'd revisit Greece esp now I have a son, I loved the family atmosphere.....will have to explain the evil eye to him in case he randomly starts spitting :-/
  4. Snap! If only it could happen.....maybe one day!
  5. Ah yes I've heard of that!! I went to santorini a few years ago....apparently not the real greece, however everyone was lovely and the food was delicious
  6. I'm Welsh I'm surprised they don't have it there, the men are very 'manly' ha ha!!
  7. Wow what a powerful post, it's amazing that you have managed to open up and feel your emotions keep going it'll get easier with time
  8. I've not heard of that one.....I'd have obviously stepped first...!!
  9. We're all one of a kind
  10. Where can I buy some?!!
  11. I worry about the mirror thing.....
  12. Lol the more I think about it the more things I think of!!!
  13. If I drop salt I do tend to fling some over my shoulder....but I'm not at all superstitious :-/
  14. It's funny isn't it that our own lives go on the back you I've been through all the options.....I'm noy actually sure what would change my situation, sometimes I wish he'd have an affair so I could just end it...... :-0 did I just say that out loud?!
  15. Very true