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  1. If finances weren't an issue, I would probably do nothing but take online classes, lol. Hopefully someday... I'm actually thinking about nursing school, which seems more practical/attainable. I think I just need to feel like I'm actually doing something worthwhile. :/
  2. So glad to know that my husband can "live without me." Will just make it that much easier when I leave him....probably for a woman. 

    1. N00Bi


      Grrrrr....I'm sorry. 

    2. shazza21


      He says that but he wont know what he's lost until it's too late

  3. Dark brown. Getting longer and longer, to the middle of my back. Want to cut it, but not sure what I'd do... Healthy hair is most important to me... sometimes long hair can be really rough & split-endy. A short cut would be WAY better, and more attractive, in that case.
  4. I'm gonna be free & I'm gonna be fine :) 

  5. Supposed to be a White Christmas. I'll hold my breath. :rolleyes: :lol:

  6. It's not your fault. Sometimes brave women fall in love with cowards. 

    1. N00Bi
    2. N00Bi


      In my case, yes, there is cowardice, but it's based on years of hurt and truly fucked up self- worth. And it still doesn't mean he'd be mine even were he to heal more.

  7. She'll know... she left me in the dark
  8. Oh goodness, well she sounds intriguing!! Was she straight before, or bi?
  9. Because you're thinking about her all the time, right?? Why is that? Or did I completely misread?
  10. Sorry, don't mind me.......but this could get verrrrrry interesting!
  11. The only thing that I can't stop thinking about is going down on a woman for the first time. And I'm beginning to think it's never going to happen.
  12. Oh god yes. And I always feel like people think I'm suicidal or something when I listen to her, so I'm glad you all like her too.
  13. You can pretend I never existed and block me until you're blue in the face, but you're going to search for me in every single woman that you're with. I promise. And I won't be there. You have no idea what you threw away.