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  1. Not sexual, but I regret letting myself fall for a woman who I am pretty positive is completely straight. And even if she was a little bit bendy, it would never work. Going on like three years now and I still can't get over her.
  2. What's your sign? (Western and/or Chinese Zodiac) Sagittarius Which signs do you feel most attracted to? Usually Cancers for some reason Which ones do you get along with the best platonically? Other fire signs and Libras Which ones have hurt you? Capricorns Which sign or signs would you like to date but haven't yet? Hmm, haven't thought about that before. I'm married to a Taurus and it feels like a constant power struggle. He is super traditional and I'm the opposite. I need space and he needs constant attention and affection.
  3. Cloudburst, that really sucks. :( I don't consider it ghosting though...she essentially cheated on you, and you broke things off with her. She knew why. gamerchic17, glad you are feeling better. <3
  4. I wouldn't send the letter. People who ghost are emotionally immature and you are probably better off. Be happy that she did it now rather than weeks or months into a relationship. You deserve to be treated better than that.
  5. This. Is. Amazing.
  6. We must be the same person, lol. This pretty much sums up my life right now too.
  7. Well, I've changed my mind. There is one particular woman that I would love to end up with. If that were the case it would be easy to walk away from my husband. If it weren't for my kids, I would be pursuing whatever I wanted to...they are my priority though, and why I am still married. It's my responsibility to make sure they feel secure and are taken care of. My youngest has a very strong bond with the woman I'm in love with though, and deep down I know that my kids and myself would be happier with her. That thought is what keeps me going. It's a long shot, but who knows? Maybe one day the stars will align and we all will find happiness together...
  8. I don't even know... at one point I told her I was completely over her (a lie) because I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable. I get the feeling that there might be SOME curiosity (at least) on her part, but nothing that she is willing to explore. It seemed like she wanted to for a minute or two, but then something changed. It's kind of a weird and awkward situation, and I can respect that, I guess. It's been almost three years now, and I'm still a mess over her. My unsolicited advice: stay far away from straight women!
  9. This is like my worst fear when it comes to mine...she doesn't date and as far as I know doesn't plan on it, but if she ever does it's going to be the biggest punch to the gut. :( I have conflicted feelings about it because of course I want her to find happiness...I just want it to be with me and not some dude. Ugh, I dread the day.
  10. No, you are not being overly dramatic. That is a terrible thing to do/say to someone you're being intimate with. I'm sorry that happened. :(
  11. Meat on her bones. Although if I'm in love I'm really not going to care. I've been attracted to all types of women.
  12. Pretty much this. Ugh, so much wasted time!
  13. Yep, I think you're on to something. Out of all of my online experiences, the only one that was somewhat successful was the one I had a prior friendship with. We didn't develop feelings for each other for several months into it and I think it made all the difference. We were able to part somewhat amicably and still in a respectful/loving way because we had an actual established relationship first, where we actually knew and cared about each other. The other women didn't really know me at all, so why should I even expect them to care about my feelings, you know?
  14. I've had nothing but awful experiences with online dating. Out of all the people I've met, there are only two I'm still in contact with; one was just a friend & is still a close one. The other was more than a friend but didn't work out. We still keep in sporadic touch though...FB friends, etc. All of the rest have been nightmares of various kinds. Not saying I'm perfect by any means, but most of these women had some major issues. I was treated pretty terribly by a few of them & still don't really understand why. On the surface it seems like an easy way to meet people but IMO it ends up being more trouble than it's worth. Luckily I've since been able to meet people in a more organic way and the difference is night and day. Even though it took longer and a lot of patience, it was worth it in the long run.