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  1. Hello and welcome! I might be in your shoes soon...definitely scary yet exciting! I hope you stick around. Things seem to go in waves around here...sometimes lots of activity, sometimes not so much.
  2. Yes, enjoy it while it's fun and also be careful...I made the mistake of letting my "straight" crush know I was into her and I really wish I hadn't. Things have never been the same and I wish I would've kept loving her from afar rather than being as upfront as I was. Even though there were little signs that she might have felt the same way, I think I ultimately scared her, and I'm not sure if our friendship will recover.
  3. Jodie from Today's Special
  4. Welcome! And boy, do I know how you feel, lol.
  5. Hi sweet Shazza! Where have you been? 

  6. For me it's much easier to have casual sex with guys. With women, I always get attached. Always.
  7. Well, my latest crush is 53 (I'm 37) so yep, guess I'm still into older women
  8. A couple of years ago...a woman I met with the expectation that she would be my first kiss. It definitely solidified my bi-ness for me, lol. Next one was a girl who was much younger that I dated for awhile...she was sweet but troubled and it didn't last long. But when we touched and kissed, it was amazing... Third one is complicated... I came thisclose to going down on her, but for numerous reasons it just didn't happen. To this day I miss her and our friendship, which hasn't been the same since. The next one was interesting and difficult because she had far more experience than I did...we had a very intense physical connection, and what I thought was an emotional one as well, but alas, it was not to be. She did rock my world though...if there is anything positive to take away from our brief relationship, it is that I now know that I 100% want and need a's not a curiosity or a passing fancy, but something I NEED. I'm at least glad that I realized that with her. Right now I'm not seeing anybody, and while I have a few crushes, I'm not pursuing them. I feel like my heart still needs some time to recover...the past few hits were hard.
  9. Whoooo, I think I did it!!
  10. Thanks y'all! I'll keep trying.
  11. Not really...most people I tell seem kinda shocked. But I do tend to get kinda, um, over-affectionate when drunk, so the people I party with have probably wondered.
  12. I wish I knew. But I love the "proceed with caution" advice!!
  13. How do you guys get the videos to show up?