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  1. I don't know yet but Sunday might be the night... She keeps mentioning us drinking together at our work event... While riding together the other day we both said they we like each other but not like like... I said " well good I'm glad we got that out of the way" hahaha she laughed of course! Her friend called while we were together. A friendthat I have never met and she told her that she was with me like she had talked about me to her before. The friend said " what are you doing? Riding around like lesbians?" Hahaha I haven't had so much fun flirting with anyone else before!
  2. Hahahaha... Well if it hadn't got super awkward tonight maybe I would... We were talking about dressing sexy and she said this is as sexy as I get meaning her uniform and I froze... I fucking froze and didn't know what to say.. Then she said sometimes the shirts get tighter and I said well tighter is good I like tighter... OMG I just can't even. Now I'm a serious over thinker but I feel like I blew it. I'm hoping I can recover tomorrow and maybe Sunday when she gives my son and I a ride home from a work event but damnit!
  3. So tonight I am on call for emergencies only. I get a call and it's bad, so I call her to make sure things are going how they're supposed to you know cause she's my supervisor not just because I wanted to talk to her! Hahaha anyways she says teasing " I'm just relaxing at home with my wine, spaghetti and witches fingers( green crescent rolls shaped like fingers) You want to come over and have some?" Hell yeah I do but I'm working! :( step in the right direction even if it was just a tease! She said she would save me some for tomorrow!! Then she said make sure you text me when you are done and out of there to know you're safe! OMG you guys Im like a little high school girl with a crush! ;D
  4. Oh... Well that makes way more sense then I want it to... And the ball is back in my court. From all of what in describing it sounds like she is into me, yes?? People just don't go hitting people they don't like right? I'd like to be as sure as possible before I make a fool of myself! Damn the stress!!
  5. I don't think I would or could put it off forever... God I'm so into her!! Anyways today I said something funny as usual cause I'm a regular comedian and she slapped my arm so hard( I can still hear it)and laughed! I loved every minute of it. If only she would just say something first... Since she's the boss and all!!
  6. I am so nervous to ask her out or tell her with words how I feel. Flirting just comes so much more natural to me. She told me once when I mentioned that something was awkward, that she makes everything awkward. I just think she isn't going to be the aggressor and I'm going to have to suck it up and do it but maybe I'll give it a bit more time.
  7. She hasn't mentioned she is or isn't into feminine girls and I am pretty tough but still like my hair done, eye brows done and make up on. We have run a couple work errands together and she has asked me if I'm into a couple masquline women we have seen out, jokingly I think... Is that flirting when you're asked if you're into another girl while you're out with the one you want!?? I've always said no I like a feminine girl. She doesn't wear make up to work but always has her hair and eyebrows done. I'm an ass girl and love a woman in uniform! She's just got it all! Haha
  8. Eye contact is super hot and I'm pretty good at it! Hahaha I'm going to continue to take it slow but it is so nice to have this forum and people to help confirm what I was unsure of! I'm also much hotter than her ex so that makes me feel like I have a chance! Hahaha Unless she isn't into feminine girls which could be a game ender. I am so used to just full force going for what I want and I'm not wanting to ruin this one so impulses controlled for now! You ladies are awesome! Thank you so much for all your advice!!!
  9. Thank you Hungry! I have not been in the dating game for some time now. I am a huge flirt but not confident in realizing when I'm being flirted with. I know so confusing. She teases me a lot and I give it right back. She has also hit me when joking about something and we were in the same room. I've never seen her do that to anyone else. The eye contact is serious. We were having a conversation and stopped talking and locked eyes for a good 15 seconds then continued talking about the subject. She has shared so much personal information with me. This is all flirtatious behavior yes? I once told her she was my Idol... I don't know if this was a bad idea but I'm so impatient. I want her to know how I feel but I don't want to screw anything up. That's what I came up with. It is true because she is amazing at what she does and this job is what I want to retire doing. Why does she have to be my boss!?! Haha
  10. Thank you both so much! We have hung out outside of work twice. Once at an event for the animal shelter we work for and once she invited me to dinner with a few other people. I've only really known her since June. I've known of her and saw her occasionally for 2 years prior through my old job. We have gone on ride alongs and will be spending next week together. She has made it a point to tell me she's single a few times and that she was always a lesbian that wanted kids. I have a 4 year old son, she tells me how awesome he is and how much she likes him often and on my Facebook posts. The night we went out to dinner she paid for me and shared her wine with me. I was on call over night and shouldn't have been drinking but she let me have some of hers. We have another event coming up next weekend, I can't wait to see her at. Whatever it is, I have never been so excited to go to work everyday! Hahaha! I'm going to guess I should just let whatever happen develop over time? She is not the type to rush into anything!
  11. I'm an Animal Control Officer in love with my lesbian supervisor but I can't possibly tell her... I'm pretty sure there has been flirting back and forth and would like opinions as if that is true. We group text all day long to stay connected during the work day and Friday she was instantly responding to everything I texted. A sick sense of humor is necessary in our line of work. She laughed and responded to almost every text. I wonder if coworkers will start to notice. Last Wednesday night I was attacked by a vicious dog due to an incompetent Deputy. She responded to help me out immediately and told me I had to be seen by a doctor right away. I told her I just wanted to take a shower first and then I would go. She said " well then I'm going to have to come watch you shower and make sure you go".... That has got to be a sign she likes me right? I wish it wasn't so complicated!