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  1. God, I detest everything about 50 shades of grey! It's absolutely appalling... Sorry
  2. Welcome to the site!
  3. I'm quite tactile generally anyway...but if we were friends I'd link arms while walking .. depends on the level of friendship I guess...I wouldn't hold hands with my friend who lives 4 doors down... But I'll hug and kiss etc etc
  4. Great post! You explained it way better than me
  5. I'd forgotten how much I love this one....
  6. I just don't get the whole Dom/sub thing...I'm my opinion anyway...each to their own...however I am curious to know why some find they need to be domineering over another female? Do you think deep down in your subconscious you think they are weak? And it that why you chose to be submissive with a man as he domineers just because he's male? I'm just curious is all...
  7. So true. .."expected" and "easier" don't always work the long run you could end up being so very unhappy or generally dissatisfied with what you've chosen.
  8. Swish swish bish....I could recommend this for a few ....