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  1. Thank you x I'll try not to x
  2. Hi welcome... great site!! Glad you found it? I know I am xx
  3. Hey! I must be on the wrong one as there was only single, separated or widowed ... crikey! I don't feel I can tell him right now :( xx
  4. Thank you ... such wise words...I'm beginning to feel a little better about things... you're right I'm going to have to ride it out...xx
  5. Hi and welcome! It's really great your husband knows... it's not that way for me... however I've just checked out the dating site you mentioned ... if you and your hubby are still together what did you put as your marital status? I'm intrigued is all ... as I've attempted to try out the dating sites but no luck so far regarding friendships etc xx
  6. Thank you @shazza21 I think telling him is going to take an extremely long time on my part ...thank you for your kind words though ... I really do appreciate it and from everyone else too xx @BiTriMama he has no idea and I don't know if I'm bisexual or gay ... In my mind it's never mattered who I was attracted to or in love with etc ... making that public is hard for me to do.. god I'm complicated haha xx
  7. I have experienced a woman though, I had a 2 year relationship with her years before I met my husband and dated a couple of women in between...
  8. I'm a massive Star Wars lover ... ready for The Last Jedi ... also hoping for a bit more of Rey's past...
  9. I've played Star Wars Knights of the old republic on PC ... Battlefront on PS haha not that I'm a Star Wars fan or anything hehe ... i also play Warcraft on PC .. but have played Assassins Creed a d various driving games .. tend to use the PlayStation console more though for those sorts of games xx
  10. Hi everyone, I wasn't going to return to this forum, not that I think it's bad (it's awesome) but I found myself in thought regarding my feelings and began to think .. ah what's the point! I'm a coward, I should have been honest years ago and I wouldn't be in the predicament. I started to feel bad, guilty, all the crappy feelings I could possibly have, I don't want this to sound like I'm playing the worlds smallest violin but I was pretty down on myself. I thought I may as well suppress it all because where is it going to get me anyway? But then I find myself at places and events, looking at women, like I'm a single lady!! It's just crap.. I tried to join a dating site but I felt too ashamed of myself so I scrapped that too.... I just don't know what I'm doing... how dare I have these feelings anyway, I made vows, I have a family. I know a few people suggest I should tell my husband but honestly I can't see that ever happening, lives would be ruined. Oh god of any of you can make sense of this post ? I can't make sense of my head ... xx thanks for listening xx
  11. Welcome x
  12. Hi & welcome..I am also in the same boat ... I joined a while back and didn't even know this site existed.... Everyone has been extremely welcoming x
  13. I think you're so brave... right now, there's absolutely no way I can. I can't even imagine telling him...
  14. @ChemFem I don't know... I guess part of me was more worried I'd get caught...anyway I ended up removing myself...