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  1. Yes I'm definitely going to agree with you on that...oh and you're so welcome xx
  2. I do as it goes haha XX how did you guess
  3. I've added on to this as the thought of running keeps popping into my brain...I started couch to 5k 2 years ago, took a holiday half way through with every intention of training whilst there (yeah right) haha...anyway...I can't afford new running shoes just now but there's a huge debate in our household regarding shin splints...I get the pain so bad I can barely walk nevermind run for at least 2 husband reckons it's laziness and lack of muscle build up around that area...I of course don't ...I really want to start the running again but I'm actually too scared of the pain...I know I'm a wuss...any thoughts on the shin splints? X
  4. Right this second? The Amazing World of Gumball ... but have just finished Season 2 of The Handmaid's Tale
  5. I wish they would stop slamming that god damn door!!!
  6. Welcome, enjoy the site...there are some great people here, but be careful and don't rush anything X thanks for sharing your story X
  7. Yeah I really enjoyed it... colony? Netflix? I must have missed that one...watched Lost In Space, that was great!
  8. Oh absolutely!!!
  9. Great post!! I'm a horror lover my scream queen would have to be Jamie Lee! I loved John Carpenter back in the day, especially the creepy music he'd create!! Anyway, the ones that freak me out the most are the paranormal...things like Freddy Krueger just don't ... I watched The Possession of Michael King and I really enjoyed it...The Babadook was very enjoyable but I just can't choose a favourite...I still go back to The Thing which was one of the first ones I watched when I was 8 ...bad I know....
  10. Just finished watching The Rain ...
  11. It's good to be back !

  12. I think I must also give off a 'straight' vibe too....I've heard of friends being openly flirted with by women and that's just never happened to me when I've been outside of my actual house...