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  1. Anyone else work in an industry or office where you have to be really careful about anyone finding out that you are bi? I'm really struggling with this the past couple days. I didn't get a job last summer because they found my profile on a bi dating site. After nearly two years of looking, I recently got a job with a company that apparently didn't do a full background check and dig up all my dating profiles and forum memberships. Dream job on so many levels!!! Except....I don't know how to read the vibe and know what I can and can't do without crossing a line. The industry as a whole is very conservative (Aviation Law and Compliance), having a tattoo will get you fired on the spot. Social Media accounts can get you fired. Anyone else worked somewhere uber conservative and how did you handle the company Christmas party? (hence my current anxiety)
  2. Haha! Been there! But I wasn't in contact with the other person, so I couldn't tell them to stop. Now I've gotten pretty good at telepathically sayin that now isn't a good time, and we pick up later. But it is amazing. I've only had it happen with the one person....and I've kind of leaned towards this person *may* be my twin flame. Except that I had a psychic reading 23 years ago and they described this person who has the other half of my soul in their body and gave me initials and a birthdate and all sorts of information about this person....but not the same as the one I keep interacting with. Are you able to interact with more than one girl? Just one at a time? Someone I met, an Empath actually, said she can interact with both her husband and her girlfriend at the same time. She'd be in Salt Lake City, he'd be in New York at their house, and her girlfriend would be in New York at one was on the phone with one another or anything....they just connected mentally. It was awesome to hear her talk about her experiences.
  3. this is cool. I have met a handful of people who can say they have had a similar experience. Most people just ask when was the last time I saw my therapist (funny therapist was sitting next to me at the funeral. She kept asking what in the H*ll was wrong with me. Haha...even she didn't get it)
  4. I did a lot of research...because I thought I was going crazy when it first happened in 2014. I feel like what I am experiencing is a kundalini orgasm. This is what wiki defines kundalini as: I have seen videos on youtube of people who have an energetic orgasm during reiki sessions. I have been told I am an empath, except that I don't seem to pick up on others emotions at random. Like, I don't walk through the market and am overcome with what strangers are feeling. I do, however, connect with this one person very, very strongly. It is an interesting concept. I research it as much as I can. Have you been able to experience someone else's orgasm when not on the phone or in contact with them?
  5. So what do you think is the cause? I am a little out there in some of my beliefs. I have visited a psychic numerous times. I also have full-on conversations telepathically with another person. I believe in violet flames and (since February) twin Flames. From a thousand miles away, I can tell you what this other person is wearing and who they are talking to. Even after a year of no communication. It took me a long time to get up the courage when I had my first energy orgasm to ask this person if they had been masturbating and thinking about me. (I was literally sitting in a funeral feeling someone penetrate me and bite my neck and trace up my spine. I was sure I had gone mad or there were ghosts in the funeral home). They responded by telling me their fantasy, and it was EXACTLY what I had felt. I regularly feel them now, and will find a quiet space to meditate and let them connect energetically. Amazing orgasms. But since this has happened when we were apart....the orgasm when we physically connected was the most intense experience I have ever had. The energy was still there....but with physical pleasure too. I described it later as I thought I had been abducted by aliens LOL
  6. I'm crediting meditation with the kundalini and chakra orgasms I have had recently. There is nothing like having an energy orgasm with no one touching you...and then to follow it with a sexual orgasm with a partner (man or woman) is something few people I know have experienced.
  7. I went to boarding school which was very open in teaching. My favorite teacher of all time was my 11th grade English teacher who had us read Siddhartha. She was also the Cultural Connections teacher, which we all had to take, because boarding school is full of so many different cultures and personalities. We studied every religion of the world, and I got hooked on meditation and taking things to a new level mentally. By the time I got to college, I was all about learning from a Tantric perspective....was into Yoni massage before Cosmo told us it was cool
  8. I'm in Aviation Law dealing with compliance between US/foreign government agencies and major repair stations.
  9. New here Not sure what to say as an introduction LOL. Made my way here hoping to find others who understand. I live in an area where very few people are accepting of anything bi or's like having leprosy. Also in a career field that has zero tolerance, and you will not get a job, not get a promotion, or even be fired for being "unconventional." (seriously. Just having a tattoo will end your career). I am somewhat ADHD in my preferences. Have bounced back and forth from kink to tantra and everything in between. Probably the Scorpio in me.
  10. Oh..I'm not here like it's a dating site. I just noticed that there aren't many women from Michigan here. I wish we had a larger population in Michigan. It might bring more understanding. Unfortunately, I'm in an area that is VERY against any non-traditional relationships. You can (and will) be not considered for a job if it is known you are bi or lesbian in my neighborhood. Not here to argue if that is wrong or right. I was just looking at it from a perspective that it would be cool to interact with others who have faced the same social situations and learn how they handle it. But I get it.
  11. I'm in Michigan too! New here, been on several other sites, just reading and learning so far. It doesn't seem like we have a large group of Michigan girls :(