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    I love the small things. Playing piano, nature hikes, lounging at the beach, writing erotica, swimming, spoiling my dog....these are all my own treasures. Currently obsessed with minimal living and alternative lifestyles. I also have an interest in spooky and mysterious events as well as paranormal activity. Yea i'm sorta weird.
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  1. I've been the second for almost 6 years and I still get jealous of her primary boyfriend. She is the girl i'm in love with and it's difficult at times to share her attention since it is so limited by work, school and daily stresses.. I feel jealous that she recently moved in with her boyfriend and our sex life is non-existent. I spend a lot of time by myself, at work and with my friends and my dog to combat that jealous feeling and i tend to journal about whats happening and share with her at a later time. How do you cope with jealousy?
  2. I love my girl to grab and slap my ass. I also like when she comes behind me and her breasts caress my back. Totally turned on at that.
  3. I'm 22 y/o and willing to date anyone over 21.
  4. I'm a cancer woman. (Cancer sun, Taurus Moon, Capricorn Rising) I can be overbearing in my relationships and insecure at times but I am loyal, dependable, and generous to my lovers. I value depth in another person and depth in any relationship I'm in so the romance can be too much for some. I can be moody sometimes too but I retreat in those moments and wont talk much. I will not date Gemini's- I have family that are Gemini's and one ex who's also a Gemini and though they are fun to be around, they oscillate quicker than I do. I don't know if I'll have a cool Gemini or a psycho that moment. I also find "going deep" with a Gemini is hard to do as they generally don't like to talk about their feelings. I may date Libra as they are loyal and romantic but too indecisive. In my experience, my insecurities maximize by the indecisiveness of Libra who cannot decide if they want to date or be single. Cancer signs should match with other water signs and Taurus. I'm not opposed to dating outside of my "compatible" signs. In general, I match well with romantic signs and people who can express their emotions well without attacking me as I am a sensitive person.
  5. My girl-crush is more than just a moment of fleshly desire. Of course that's there, but I'm also considering how well we would work as a couple. We spend so much time together our schedules are nearly identical, we love the same music, you're vulnerable with me and I feel safe to reveal my secrets when I'm with you. I want to bring you gifts and flowers. I want to take you out and bask in your presence. My crush is more than lust. I'm falling in love with you a little more each time you talk. I don't assume that any girl who's bisexual could possibly fall in love with another woman and that's why I identify as bi-romantic to clarify that I'm looking for a meaningful partnership no matter the length. Do you identify yourself as bi-romantic?
  6. @ChemFem I agree! I love long beach and have learned so much about queer culture by living here. Not to mention the club goers know how to get down here. (; @BiTriMama Thank you for the warm welcome. I've learned that some women can be difficult especially in the arena of loving another woman. I've had two experiences with different ladies who lusted for women but wouldn't date her romantically. That is always difficult. Anyway, I'm open to women who come into my life and turns out to be a good fit. @Fearless Yea I plan to write more on the forums. It really is some fun. (:
  7. Im in Long Beach
  8. I'm definitely the prey or hunted. In some situations I may be the hunter if my lust guides me.
  9. I'm a bi-romantic single woman living in Long Beach CA. After my breakup with an ex boyfriend, I'm learning to define my life on my own terms. I enjoy writing, playing piano and connecting with women in my community. I'm still learning the forums and site navigation but I'm already so eager to post and talk to other women. I've learned so much about my preferences this last year and now feel comfortable to claim my queerdom and gayness. Sometimes I fantasize about holding my girlfriend's hand and kissing her softly while we walk along the beach (you can tell this is all imagination by the amount of cheese in that sentence) and I think to myself "I'm so gay". Not sure if this what I should put in a greeting post... but that's a hint about me. I'm working on my profile now so please stop by and say hello (:
  10. A lion stalks through the brush crouching low and watching her prey intently. Across the field a horned beast grazes fearlessly, Slowly at first the huntress approaches. A twig snaps under paw. The clueless beast jerks its head in paranoia listening closely. The two lock eyes and the chase begins. Quickly now the huntress pounces clawing down the horned beast's back. As her jaw breaks the flesh the wild beast bleeds dry. The lust of the hunt elates the huntress as the fearful creature slips into a dead cold husk of what she once was. Some of us are hunters and others are the hunted. In life, you'll be constantly reminded of your nature. Though it can be painful, I can't help but try to build again. No matter how many men and women come into my life to bring me treasures and bombs, and how many of those tiny loves are a death by papercut, I persist perhaps foolishly believing love will heal. So even though my heart was broken and my confidence dashed, I know I'll be revived.