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  1. I've had a fascination with this hot chick for a few months. A bi girlfriend is pretty certain she is bi. She flirts with me when she sings (she's a muso) and myself, my husband and gf have all noticed her gazing at me on several occasions. She also makes a point of saying hello each time she sees me. Last week, we went to a gig promoting her band. She was very excited to see me. After a few mins of chatting, she grabbed me by the hand and said to come meet her partner (male). It was just me. Not my gf and not my husband. My gf says it is her way of saying she's interested. Am I reading too much into this? What's your take on it as I'm am new to the whole bi thing. TIA
  2. Welcome
  3. Welcome You will find quite a few of us who share the confusion. Look forward to hearing more of your story.
  4. Thank you for responding. It's exciting and scary at the time! I seriously can't get this woman out of my head. It is so much more than a physical attraction. I feel it on a spiritual level too. It feels like we are totally meant to be together. I think I sound like a crazy woman!Lol Xx
  5. Hello and welcome.
  6. My husband would also be happy for a threesome but me, not so much. If I'm going to explore my sexuality with a female, I definitely want no onlookers. Totally understand where you're coming from
  7. Hello and welcome Seems to be a few of us that are new to all this. All the best on your journey.
  8. Hi everyone I am completely new to all this and very confused about my sexuality. I am 47yo, married and only ever been with men apart from one drunken night with a gf and her husband. That instance was curiosity more than anything. I have often been attracted to a woman in admiration rather than a sexual nature. ( I hope that makes sense) I have never thought about being with another female until a few months ago. I have crossed paths with the most attractive woman I have ever seen. I feel a strong connection with her and I know she feels it too. We have eyed each other off at a distance and now we say hello to each other. I would never have contemplated anything at all but prior to this, my husband told me he had no issues if I slept with a female. In a way, this has encouraged me to move forward. The way I feel around her is similar to the connection I felt when I met my husband. I can't really explain it. It just is. As much as it scares me, I'd love to be alone in a room with her. Thank you for listening. I am so glad I found this space. It feels safe here. Xx