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  1. Yeah I guess at the very least I've said it and now whenever I can get either the courage or just the time away from him to explore it then I will but for right now I just am relieved I don't have to hide from my trusted friends and now on here I don't........
  2. I more so meant that so far I've never felt happier not that I could never be happier......u know? I'm used to freaking out and being stressed.......worrying....but now I'm so much more relaxed and less stressed knowing that I at the very least have ppl to talk to on here and now in my own personal life.......makes me relieved that what I thought all these years wasn't true........that there's ppl who will accept me.....even if I don't know the true me yet......I was always bullied and teased as a child so I never thought I would be accepted and bullied for non sexual preference related obviously since I kept that a secret lol
  3. Sadly I won't be able to get any time away to find myself anytime soon........ok so lemme reword that far as my life has gone so far this is the happiest I've been being married to him lmao I haven't felt this relaxed in so long BC I don't feel like I have to hide it so much anymore BC the ppl that I trust know and I'm less stressed out BC I have ppl I can talk to on here and in my own personal life......maybe the better term was I'm the most relaxed that I've been........I'm sure there's more happiness and joy I could feel but for right now there's nothing more I can do......
  4. I've never been happier since coming out to the choice friends that I have came out to......just confused about what my next step is........guess its just me really needing to find myself and I'm sure I'm not alone on that......
  5. Yeah I hear that.....dreaming is sufficing me for now.....
  6. Its like my mind is a hamster on a running wheel and that sucker has some energizer batteries or some crap like damn mind......but yeah day dreaming and dreaming is amazing though....u have that right lol
  7. Thank you.......I hope so too one day :-) being in the area of FL that I'm in its like there's not much to do so it allows me to think which isn't always a good thing
  8. Yeah and thank you......he knows it was stupid though BC he apologized afterwards....also I'm 27 and he's 47 (hubby and don't ask how that even happened) so its like rough.......I'm so glad I found this while searching BC I'm happier but at the same time I'm still confused and he's pushing me away even more so and it makes me wanna just explore and be able to be happy even if its for a few hours with someone.......idk I just get skiddish.....
  9. You're so lucky he's so understanding......I'm out with a guy friend and hubby flipped on me before I even got out the door BC of the top I had on (covered my body so idk what his problem was) and he always allowed me to go hang out with this friend so u see why I can't even mention it to him period.......I just can't.......I'm on my last nerve but I wanna get college going soon its just a mess.......I'm a mess :'(
  10. A bit is like a handful and a smidgen is like a teaspoon I guess lmao
  11. I know how he is so sorry no matter how many ppl put things certain ways I can't talk to him.......and I've never really had a celebrity crush male or the last couple of days have gone by I've realized there's a giant chance I'll never get to explore anything......I could barely verbally tell my best friend so......idk.....there's times where I wished I had just hid it back down again......I may just keep it to the ppl that do know.......just easier to keep going the way I am BC of him.......less stressful.....granted less happy but I'm used to that by now
  12. Mine is BC I am married and a smidgen confused lol ok a bit confused
  13. Being out and about feels different but I try to act the same idk......hubby (and I do too) we throw darts like at bars and such and its like I haven't said a word to anyone here so.......I'm happier from just talking about it with my close supportive friends and u mind just has wandered more tonight......
  14. Definitely and helping others......I believe everyone deserves to be healthy and I love making ppl feel better.....kills me when I see a nurse treating a patient like crap (like when I've been in the ER)
  15. BC it involves change and he isn't too fond of that......but he knows I need this.....we haven't had kids yet (been together for over 8 years) so its like I need to feel purpose in my life.......and it surprised me that he actually agreed is all lol