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  1. Totally your call - you didn’t tell her at the time, so perhaps your gut feeling (and the right decision for you) is to keep quiet.
  2. Welcome to the site! A great place to be in your situation, which is similar to many here. What you’ve gone through is what I worry about - scratching the itch but wanting more!
  3. Maybe she’s been thinking how you now think of her hugs, knowing she’s bisexual? The friend I told, I felt a bit like that for a while m, especially with kisses on the end of text messages! But it soon passed. Why were you careful not to let it slip about your sexuality? I don’t want that to come across as harsh, just interested!
  4. We don’t do much now, but I like that it exists - fun for relationships in early stages and good for those whose partners aren’t very vocal with their love (that would be my brother in law, Valentine’s Day gives him the nudge to do and say something nice)!
  5. I’ve tried…feel like I’m continuously saying ‘gentle’ and ‘slowly’ and it made him annoyed :o( I’ll have to try again!
  6. Giving. Sometimes I get the giggles when hubby goes down there and I can’t relax into it. I feel bad saying it, but his oral skills could be better!
  7. I told a friend a while back simply because the conversation was linked (like yours was) and because it validated my sexuality! Having been with only my husband for 13 years, no matter what I feel inside, on the outside it looks like I’m straight. It was good to share it and it’s been brilliant being open on this site too. It could be similar reasons as to why your friend shared. Does she know that you’re bi too?
  8. It’s hair dye time! 

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    2. Gemini82


      Blonde. Much lighter than usual - eek! 

    3. Gemini3


      I'm sure it would look good on you.  But it's scary to change color even just a shade.

    4. Gemini82


      Aah, thank you. Hopefully I’ll get used to it in a few days. We’re off to the sunshine next week so I thought it would be nice to go a bit lighter!

  9. Just touch on the green arrow in their comment box :o)
  10. I’ve squirted twice - once years and years ago and hubby thought I’d done a wee, before we were aware of what squirting was! Then the weekend before last I did it again. It was my second orgasm of the day, I was really turned on and my husband was stretching me with his fingers. It felt amazing. He wasn’t too sure at the time! No definite tips I’m afraid, but I think letting the pressure really build up is a must.
  11. Wearing flip flops round the house to get used to them before our holiday next week. Leaving on a jet plane in 10 days!!!
  12. Hi, welcome to the site!
  13. @shazza21 well, I prefer my husband with a beard…shaved stubble is worse!
  14. Just reading through old posts and wholeheartedly agree with this one! Hubby and I have kissed more this week, which is fab, but he’s very beardy and it’s made me yearn for a make out session with a woman even more!
  15. Age

    Legally, no it is not wrong. However, if it feels wrong to you, then it’s not right. There are young women out there who are attracted older women and vice versa. You just have to be comfortable with your decisions. Good luck!