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  1. Thank you all for your responses ladies - I feel like the nail has been hit on the head. He finds the idea arousing and would want to know details for his sexual fulfilment. Also to have knowledge that I’m not going to leave our marriage and run off with another woman. He has said ‘I’ll be ok with it, if it makes you happy’, but that isn’t the point. He is a worrier, he dwells on things too much. I think the doubt, unease and jealousy could kick in and ruin us. Right now, it obviously isn’t for us and I really appreciate all your replies which have helped me to see that. Maybe years down the line, things might be different.
  2. Thank you for replies ladies, I really appreciate your comments and I’ve just been having a look at the ‘more than two’ website. @Athena423 it’s awful that you got hurt in that way, but thank you for sharing. That risk certainly needs to be kept in mind. @Storm9 you’re right, trust and privacy need to go hand in hand. The expectations are the next bit to work on!
  3. My husband is slowly shifting his mindset to the scenario of my having a relationship with a woman (woohoo!), as well as remaining (hopefully!) happily married to him. For those in this situation, or anyone with advice to give, how do you manage privacy, jealousy and respect to both parties? My husband is the type who would want to know what I’m saying, what pictures I’m sending and receiving and probably read messages too. This has come up before when I’ve had online conversations with women. I don’t feel it’s in a controlling way, but I can imagine hurting his feelings if I’m not open in some way. If he’s going to be reading my messages, I’m not going to feel free to say what I want. Also, from the other woman’s point of view, anything that she sends should be with the knowledge that it’s private and kept between ourselves; she wouldn’t be dating him, just me. I feel we need ground rules before the next stage - let me know your thoughts!
  4. My cousin in Canada swears by Hurraw lip balm - I’ve found them on eBay and have ordered one.
  5. Reading through intimate messages from a new friend!
  6. My experience with a woman is just a distant memory now, but I definitely remember the softness of skin and how her breasts against mine felt incredible. I knew that the taste of her was quite different to mine, can’t really describe it, but within a few seconds I was used to it and I really enjoyed bringing her pleasure in such an intimate way. With an opportunity to meet the most wonderful woman that I’ve connected with recently, this was a perfect thread to read. So many positive stories and some notes to remember. Thank you ladies!
  7. What @Apsalar15 said is spot on, but I think it’s also a chance to openly accept that being bisexual is part of who you are. Just because you’re (I assume) in a monogamous marriage with a man, doesn’t mean you’re not bisexual. I spent a long time thinking that my bisexuality didn’t matter anymore, because of my marriage, but by squashing it I caused myself a few issues many years later - mainly the frustrated part that you talk about! It’s been great to be in this online community and to accept that I am bisexual, no matter what my circumstances. It’s eased the pressure I was feeling. Hopefully being here and possibly joining in with other events would help you too.
  8. I don’t get gentle right now, so would quite like it! My husband works with cars and has big, strong, rough hands; he finds it really hard to be as gentle as I’d like. When we’ve tried ‘romance’ of candles and music, we’ve both just ended up in laughter! Sometimes we take it slow and let it heat up, but as working parents there isn’t always the time or opportunity to have a long session. My experience with a woman was definitely gentler - softer and smoother for starters! If I could wave a magic wand and be with a woman tonight, then I would definitely want it to be slow…have time to explore and get to know one another. How that would change in a long term relationship, I don’t know!
  9. Watching the dog half standing on the windowsill, being nosy out the window at the world going by whilst listening to my daughter and her friend making funny videos.
  10. It took a while to get there and I can imagine it will be tricky if I did get involved with another woman, but we’ll see. I’m not really on the lookout! It’s a shame, yet understandable, about your husband taking it personally. But with your change in sex drive his reaction might be calm if you mentioned you’d had sexual thoughts about women - nothing threatening or worrying. He might even find it a turn on?!
  11. @ZoeAnne yes, my husband knows that I am bi and about my previous (limited) experience. He’s always found it great that we can talk about attractive women together, but has also really wanted a threesome which doesn’t sit right with me. He knows that over the past year or two my feelings towards women have grown stronger and we have an agreement that I’m allowed to have ‘top half fun’ with another woman if the situation ever arose. It hasn’t! Maybe one day (fingers crossed). My worry is that if I have a little, I might want a whole lot more!
  12. I’m the same - it’s been 16 years and was just a brief encounter. Hopefully we’ll get there again…one day!