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  1. Gemini82

    Just ended my marriage

    Good luck @Jun1per01, from someone who ended their own marriage 4 months ago for similar reasons. The guilt is hard, but it will ease…you’re making the right decision for you.
  2. Gemini82

    South West

    Hello local people!!
  3. Gemini82


    I am a 4 on the Kinsey scale and although my divorce papers say that I’m ‘gay’, I feel more comfortable with ‘nearly lesbian’, because of my 14 year relationship with a man. I have ended that because I know that I no longer want to be with men, being with a woman feels completely right. I have considered myself bisexual since my late teens, but my feelings have changed over the last 2 years.
  4. Gemini82

    How did you meet her?

    I met a wonderful woman on this forum! I commented on her post, she messaged me to say thank you and we never stopped talking.
  5. Gemini82

    The real me

    Hi Brin, I can relate to your post a lot too! For a good 18 months my feelings towards women got stronger. Before that, through my 14 year relationship/marriage, they would come and go, but this time they didn’t. I thought it would be ok, that I would just continue to be pretty happily married and just be attracted to women, but I now see that I squashed a lot of my feelings. My husband knew and at times seemed ok with the idea of me finding a woman to have an experience with. This happened - and as you recently read, made me realise that a heterosexual marriage was not the future I wanted for myself. I completely understand the yearning - I still have that. One night wasn’t enough!!!
  6. Gemini82

    My marriage has ended

    Thank you @Brin! It’s hard at times and I must admit, I’m scared about what the future holds, but it has definitely been the right decision.
  7. Oh, I’m so pleased for you!!! I hope you have the most amazing time together x
  8. Gemini82


    Hi @Aussiemum79, I’m in a similar position - recently separated from my husband because I’ve realised I want to be with women. Sending a hug, because it’s a hard and long road out of marriage. I can imagine your heartache in the situation with your girlfriend. I do hope that she is feeling better soon and you can both get back on track. My oldest friend suffers heavily with depression, and she always goes quiet when she’s in a dark place. It’s so hard not to take it personally, but each time she comes out the other end she always says she’s glad I kept in contact, even though at the time she couldn’t bring herself to reply.
  9. Gemini82

    My marriage has ended

    I won’t lie to you - it’s horrible and it hurts and I don’t want it to happen! But neither do I want to be living a lie, so I’m just taking it one day at a time, thinking of the bigger picture. Yes, things are happening quickly, but neither of us can afford to move out and my mind has been made up, so we might as well get on with it. Nothing is going to be achieved by us living in the same house not moving forward in any way. My bravery ebbs and flows, but I have some wonderful friends who pick me back up and all the time I’m having to tell people and their reactions boost me too - you only live once, people change in different directions, you’ve got to be true to yourself, you’re so brave, everything will work out, you’re doing the right thing, etc. For me, there was a catalyst and a reaction and it all cane to a head - if that hadn’t happened, I’m still be plodding along, not listening to myself, for goodness knows how long!!!
  10. We felt it was fate too!!! We just clicked instantly, we live in the same country, and I also had a work trip planned to the city that was bang in the middle of our miles apart. It was definitely meant to be. It’s so hard to work out, but hopefully you’ll find your way forward.
  11. Gemini82

    My marriage has ended

    Thank you Ame, Your words of encouragement are really appreciated and came at the right time. I needed to hear that!
  12. Although this forum is not a dating site, I was lucky enough to meet someone from here. I’d replied to her post, she messaged me to say thank you and we’ve since met up and had the most incredible night together! As for meeting people in the real world…I don’t know! Just stay open to opportunity I guess.
  13. Gemini82

    My marriage has ended

    @barbie!girl I think I was where you are for quite some time before the catalyst of my amazing night. I pushed things to the back of my mind, but now with reflection I can see that I was slowly withdrawing from my husband in many ways. It’s not easy and only you can work out what is best for you and if you are ready to move on. Good luck with it all x
  14. Gemini82

    My marriage has ended

    Thank you for your replies ladies, it means a lot. An update: my bravery started to run out over the past few days, but I was lucky to have support in my life to help me see the bigger picture and be honest to myself and my husband. He has been desperate to make things work, clutching at straws and offering me different scenarios to try and keep our marriage. But I know that I couldn’t fulfill his wants and needs, and I can see that he felt out of control and was trying to claw some of it back. Yesterday, despite not wanting to, he filed for divorce. Today we tell our daughter and in 10 days the house will be photographed to go on the market. All these things fill me with dread, but I know in my gut that it is the right thing to do.