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  1. All stories are good for me, short, long or in between!
  2. I had a bra fitting a few weeks ago…I wish it was like this!!!
  3. Definitely! Had sex with hubby earlier, but it was just for his benefit, I wasn’t into it at all. He can’t give me what I want, so I’m often finding my own outlet alone…
  4. Woohoo! Well done! x
  5. @BellaLuna if you’re completely miserable, then to find a way to be with a woman (with your husband alongside it not) is the right thing to do. This is obviously a pretty rough time for you, maybe it will be for a while, BUT ‘this too shall pass’. I hope your resolution doesn’t take too long x
  6. *waves* I can tick those boxes, hehe!!! On a serious note, from reading and interacting in these forums, I feel like there ARE women who fit that criteria. They just are too far away to make it work…boo!
  7. Reading erotic lesbian stories on the literotica website!
  8. A lot of us feel the same! It seems there is no magic way to meet people and yet from this forum we can see that a lot of women are after the same thing! I’ve joined a dating site but I’m not getting on too well. Going to stick with it though - it’s like the lottery, you’ve got to be in it to win it!
  9. Hi @BiCuriousKitty4! Looking forward to getting to know you too x
  10. Welcome @SerenVic! This is a great place for sharing, acceptance and working out feelings.
  11. I don’t know either. I joined a dating site a couple of weeks ago, but might delete my profile. Men still message, even though I clearly stated I’m not interested in them, the women that have messaged come across as fake and are all far away from where I live and the women I’ve messaged haven’t replied!
  12. I love my own taste - I lick my fingers when I masturbate, I’ve licked my husbands fingers after he’s had them inside me and sometimes I’ll suck him in between changing positions. It’s great when he kisses me after giving me oral. Not everyone’s cup of tea, but I love it!
  13. I’ve been the same!!!
  14. This feels a safe place to me too, but there’s plenty to read if you don’t want to share x
  15. Hi @annak and welcome! I have very recently joined and am grateful to be here. Happy reading and sharing! x