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  1. I am married in an open relationship. I feel really lucky as well. We are really close and sex is fantastic, I just want to be able to explore with women. It has taken an overwhelming amount of communication and thoughtfulness to make it work but things seem to be going really well. We also saw a therapist especially when we first started and that was really helpful to make sure we were being open and honest. I hope it works out well for you!
  2. Aww, but the awkward stuff is cute and fun as long as you get through it.
  3. I’m sorry :( that sucks. I really liked her...I just didn’t feel like we clicked when it came to sex, idk if that’s common.
  4. @PurplePetal ahh...that sucks! I gave it a few times thinking it was just that it was new but the feeling was totally different. Why!?!
  5. Has anyone else had someone where the makeout sessions were fantastic but the sex was mediocre?
  6. I love a good short story and second those who suggest installments.
  7. Yeah - I totally get that. I’m super shy so I have a hard time with flirting. But you can’t help when you feel things.
  8. It sounds to me like she’s into you. I would either just wait until you go over so you can read the vibe in person, or start with with something light. Maybe, just telling her that you feel a little silly saying it, but you think she’s really pretty. Or something more serious like, it’s hard now that she’s gone, sometimes you feel like there was a missed opportunity.
  9. Ohhh. This is so hard :/ do you know if she’s into women and does she know you are? It seems that if people know that someone could be interested they are more guarded to try and not give off a false impression.
  10. Sending love to you. It’s scary, but I hope it gets easier for you.
  11. It definitely seems like more than a friendship thing. The whole thing is very sweet, but I understand the complications for you in the situation.
  12. @treelover123 omg. I love her. I’m going to see her in April at Highwater music festival with Shovels and Rope and I can’t wait.
  13. Can anyone use the link to join?
  14. Oh, don’t feel badly about this. I think this is hard for lots of women. It certainly took a long time for me to figure it out. I’m having trouble thinking of a way to describe physically but I mentally it’s like I can see the pleasure at a certain level and then it escalates and plateaus through the different orgasms. Have you and your partner tried lots of different things? I orgasm most when after pretty rough sex he or I touch myself. So, I can get small orgasms while he’s in me but don’t really get to those next levels until afterwards.
  15. Love I guess you would be on the side of nature. I feel like when it gets really intense I can barely utter words let alone scream.