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  1. I have chronic fatigue syndrome, irritable bowel syndrome, gastroesophageal reflux disease, hypermobility syndrome, depression and anxiety, borderline personality disorder and non epileptic seizure disorder.. Personally my partner and I were friends before we got together so he already knew about my health issues and the NESD is something that has developed in the last 2 years.. If I was in your shoes I wouldn't tell people straight away. if they ask if tou work id say not at the moment, if they ask why id say for personal reasons I'm not quite ready to discuss.. if they are the right kind of person they will understand and when they do find out it won't change their view of you.
  2. Congratulations on coming out to your mom, and for getting a pretty great reaction ❤
  3. Thanks everyone.. @Vampire it's fluctuates but I'm ok xx
  4. I found out today that, even though I didn't complete my business management degree due to being really poorly last year, I am still getting a qualification.. I completed enough units to get a Higher National Certificate (basically a partial degree) so I haven't just got a complete fail.. I'm so happy lol x
  5. Hi @Clarabelle I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression at 11 years old but i have recently been diagnosed with BPD. I'm still on antidepressants which I find do keep me more level than I am when i don't take them.. but they don' make the symptoms or the thoughts go away.. I find keeping an art journal (where I express my thoughts or feelings in whatever way I feel like) helps me clear my head sometimes.. I'm going to be reading the books that @BiTriMama suggested and my fiance is learning with me so we both know better ways to handle my symptoms. It is important to have a support system that you can rely on so I have to remember to ask for help if i need it. It's been a while since you posted this so I hope you are doing ok.
  6. Well done for fighting through it.. I know how hard it can be x
  7. Thank you, I'm glad I'm not alone but also it sucks that you have to go through this too. I will look for the books you recommended. I try and tell him when things trigger me but sometimes it's hard to communicate when it happens so i have to wait until I'm calmer.. I've seen a therapist once which is when I got diagnosed but in the uk there's a LONG waiting list to be seen so im waiting for my next appointment. For now I'm just carrying on with my art journal which is what I use to document my emotions and triggers and things, and me and my fiance are slowly trying to learn more about bpd so that we can learn how to help each other cope with it.. Posting really helped me get it off my chest and relax enough to sleep.. thankully today was a better day.. it's 12:24am and I need to go to sleep but I feel positive.. Thank you again for your comments
  8. Thank you I did look to see if there was any posts already about bpd but I didn' see any.. I'll look again.. yeah I told him and he apologised. This is very new for both of us so we're working together to learn how to handle it better
  9. I' not sure if this is allowed or is even the right place but I need to get this off my chest.... I am newly diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (otherwise known as emotionally unstable personality disorder).. yay go me.. not.. my fiance is aware of this and we are both still learning what it means and how to deal with it.. Well earlier today I text him while he was out making it clear I was in the mood for sex.. his response was that he was going to make me wait (in a joking way).. well it turns out he really is making me wait as he has gone straight to sleep without even a kiss goodnight as he is tired.. ok fair enough... Trouble is my brain has turned it into this big horrible thing that is messing with me, making me think he doesn't love me, I'm not sexy, I'm just here to do the house work, he's not attracted to me etc. All of which I know he would say isn't true and he would feel horrible about it. But you see my brain doesn't function like a normal person. One little thing can send me spiralling into a depression and then minutes or hours later I can just randomly be hyper and happy.. it's like an emotional rollercoaster I can't control and I hate it. I'm on medication for the depression but it doesn't stop my brain from torturing me. I just want to be loved and love back like a normal person instead of a crazy person. See now I'm thinking everyone here is going to want to steer clear of me because I'm the weird crazy girl. I'm not like this all the time I promise..
  10. Yes
  11. Yeah I think they're really sexy
  12. They say the bottom of the foot is 100% the worst place ever.. the foot hurts bad because there's so many nerve endings there.. my feet tattoos weren't pleasant either lol
  13. My ankle bone wasn't too pleasant but not bad enough for me to say stop lol
  14. I really like the effect of it when it heals but for me it's too close to what I used to do to myself for not so good reasons so I don't think I could ever have it done myself