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  1. Thank you all for the helpful comments and lovely thoughtful way of saying things. This site has really helped me think about things in a very safe space. It’s just th first step of a journey but it feels like I have actually started... Sending love out into the universe to you all
  2. Martin Freeman / Scott Caan both of them have an attitude that I think they’d be filthy and funny Angelina Jolie again she looks like she’d be filthy but I would just love to run my hands over her curves....
  3. Thanks for the lovely welcome. I’m a little shocked still that I actually put words on the screen. Having this space and reading other people’s experiences and stories I think will be really helpful. as to the girl next to me - I really couldn’t ask for a drink because of work reasons but somehow the fact I actually thought about it and wrote about it here and also rang my bestie and admitted out loud I wanted to... has shown me I need to keep on exploring. So thank you for the welcome and understanding
  4. So... it’s time to be brave and this feels quite huge, anonymously online saying I’m bi. I’m 45 and only in the last year finally admitted to my best friends who just hugged me and said so... I’ve been single for over 12 years and it’s like everything is waking up again and I’d like to step out and try to maybe find someone. So far this is causing me enough stress just putting words online and yet yesterday I was sat with a woman who I know is bi and oh I wanted to say let’s have a drink sometime but somehow I just can’t seem to be brave enough.