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  1. It will be a lot easier in the summer since our kids will be in camp. For now we always have at least one of our kids with us all day, and we're both stay at home moms so we rarely get time on our own. Neither of us have pools, but we plan on taking our kids to the town pools in a few months since it's still too cold here. She has all of these ideas we will do on our own, so I hope it happens by the summer.
  2. So my sister is really jugdemental and insulting towards me, which I told my crush about. She told me when she meets her she's going to give her a piece of her mind and she would fight her if it came to it. Sigh. I've never had a friend defend me like this. Maybe comment that I shouldn't listen to her, but not go to those lengths.
  3. Well I don't take my marriage seriously anymore since I'm getting a divorce. I've spoken to a couple others who have been in very similar situations, and they say to take it really slow. I'm going to do that, as much as it sucks holding everything in-- but I know it's for the best. I think I would send her running for the hills if I told her.
  4. I think if you're attracted to women at a youngish age, it never goes away; you could stifle it, but it's always there. That's my view. there's definitely been progress as months go by. I only just started hanging out with her in September. By summer, we will have time to hang out alone together often since our kids will be at camp everyday. We plan on going to the gym together and doing other stuff. On march 14 I'll get to spend one on one time with her finally since we're going to the pre-k lottery together. She said she wants to hang out alone, but we're both really busy having 2 young boys. Her's go to bed a lot later than mine, and she passes out right after. It'll be easier the older they get, especially by this summer.
  5. Of course. I'm the same way. I don't text as much when my husband is around. I don't have any problem with it bc our families come first so I understand. I would leave my husband for her but I doubt she would. I would definitely have her on the side since I've never experienced a woman and want to. I'm very rarely ever attracted to women, so I would jump on this.
  6. Ok, long winded post, bear with me. I figured it's been a while since I've updated, plus I'm looking for more advice. Some background info: I told my husband I want a divorce, he refused and said we have to work things out, I figured for the benefit of the kids, I'll wait another couple years until my younger one is school age. Medical issues and such. She has been there for me through everything. And I'm the type of person who doesn't cry on someone's shoulder. At least to me it seems obvious we're both into each other at this point. She told me she opens up to me about private things she doesn't tell anyone, and some things she only tells friends who she's known for 20+ years. She's told me I'm attractive, an amazing person, very sweet, etc. we text about 100 times a day, from the time we wake to when we go to sleep. Is that normal? Every time we say bye, she gives me this extended smirk and stares at me without saying anything. Drives me crazy! Lol She wouldn't stop texting me when I was away overnight with my husband. I kept telling her I should go and she kept going and commenting on everything we were doing. also, is it normal for friends to cook food all the time for each other? lol we do this and I've never done it with another platonic friend. A few days ago, I was picking up my son from her house since she was watching him. I had my window opened and she was leaning on it close to me staring at me, and kept doing that smirk at times. It took everything in me not to kiss her! Lol, her son was almost running into a busy street and I kept telling her go get him and she just kept glancing back at him. last week I hung out with her with my husband since he was off. She was a lot more distant and wasn't touching my arm like she usually does. Wasn't her usual smiley self. i honest to god think she's a repressed lesbian. The way she lights up talking about women and what the sex is like. She said she married her husband bc she fell in love with him. But I do wonder if perhaps she was pressured to marry a ma -- she told me her step dad told her she has to marry a man who's handy. My gaydar has always been on point. I sense it like crazy with her. I suggest all these lesbian movies to her that I like, she says she's really excited to see it, I bring it up a couple times, and she ignores it. Remember a few months ago she told me how she felt-- that she's just looking for mom friends or something; basically saying she doesn't like me in that way. But doesn't it seem obvious? but yet she tells me things are great with her husband, they're happy, etc. when he's home she goes quiet and usually doesn't text much, or it's very brief/coldish. I thought it was odd that she didn't text me the other night and the next morning. Turns out he got her flowers and she was all about him. I'm not jealous-- I'm just saying it seems when he's working a lot and doesn't see him, that's when she resumes a lot of the flirting. we tell each other what we're like in relationships (I know that's a bit strange)-- I told her I'm the type to pursue and she responded with "how funny, I'm the opposite". Ok wouldn't that be something 2 people who are into each other would say? I know the producer of a tv show she really likes, so for her birthday I got her something signed by the cast. I haven't gotten it yet though, but I vaguely told her about it. She said thanks again and I conjured up the guts to say "you know I'd do anything for you" and she responded with that's very sweet. so I've been into a few guys and I want to hook up with them so bad, but today I was thinking how I think I'm using that to distract myself from her since I'm falling really hard. Basically overcompensating bc it's so hard to deal with this. I told her this morning "I think I'm overcompensating because I like someone a lot. It's complicated and bad situation." She knows basically all the guys I lust over, I tell her all that stuff, so I kinda said that so she could get the hint. She said "ok well i don't know what to tell you lol". Haven't heard back from her all day which is odd. so what are your thoughts? I feel like I'm tempted to write her a letter telling her everything going through my mind, but maybe that's too much, plus I'm afraid someone might find it. Or maybe just up the ante with the flirting? I try to get over her but it's impossible
  7. I dress girly and wear make up, but I play men's ice hockey (no one I meet ever believes that since I'm girly and small, haha).
  8. I think it wouldn't hurt to go out as friends but be open to the possibility of more- just make sure she's aware this is how you feel. Maybe if you're not totally ready, just wait for it to happen naturally with another woman.
  9. Jimmy Fallon for sure. I've had a mega crush on him for I think 12 years now? God he is hot. I've interacted with him during his shows and afterwards. He remembered me in the audience and hugged me, then said he would meet me later after the show. But his family surprised him and he couldn't come over since there was so many of them. That was a few years ago so I doubt he remembers me. He has the softest hands I've ever felt, and smells amazing.
  10. I'll check it out-- thanks so much
  11. Elena undone! I rarely cry during movies, but I basically cried the whole movie. So touching. And it's a true story.
  12. Against all odds by Phil Collins- 1984
  13. Were you asking me? Well I'll answer anyway just in case lol i don't really consider myself bi since I've never even kissed a woman, at least not until I actually have sex with a woman. More bi-curious I have a whole thread on this story if you want to read it-- it's in the married section, its title is "both of us married and I'm falling in love". You can read the whole story there.
  14. You sound like me, lol. Racking my brain finding out about my friend over the last few months (turns out she is bi). i learned it takes time-- first thing you should do (like the previous poster said), find out her orientation and look for clues. My friend was using a lot of gender neural pronouns, saying she's dated a lot of "people"- maybe start talking about your dating pasts and see if she does something like this, or if she's been with a woman, etc. if not then maybe see if she's bi-curious next. Maybe make a joke about how you're tired of men and thinking about dating women, in which she will probably voice her opinion on that. Or talk about an LGBT issue. Once you get over that hurdle, then try finding out if she's into you. Maybe you can ask her to get coffee outside of work? People are different outside of the workplace where there's less formality. Keep us updated!