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  1. So we hung out today with our kids as originally planned. Nothing was awkward. But the flirting... i've taken a step back and my feelings aren't that strong, but definitely physically attracted to her. She kept at it with the touching and saying my name a lot. At one point I was telling her a story about my mom and mentioned how she was drop dead gorgeous when she was younger. She says something like "it's no wonder" but then stopped herself.
  2. Yeah. She's dated and hooked up with them.
  3. Well, some sad news. I'm still shocked. I decided to open up about it in text, but said it in a way that would be generic enough for me to save face, lol. I asked her if she's able to sense/know how I feel (we've talked about how we have ESP together, so it's not like this was a bizarre thing to mention). She said something like, "I think I do. I don't want to sound hurtful, but I don't feel that way. I like meeting as many mom friends as I can. And our kids are really close." Like whaaaaat? Everything I've said was no exaggeration. Why would someone be that suggestive/flirty with no intentions? And the thing about mom friends-- she has a shit ton of them. So that's a weird thing to say. So I told her that's not what I meant, and then clarified a bogus question lol. She apologized over and over and said it was her fault for misinterpreting. Then I said "well if we're being honest, you are cute, but that's all" (ok, I fibbed to an extent). No response in the last 3 hours. I just really really hope things aren't going to be awkward bc I would really hate to have this affect our sons. They're so so close.
  4. I'm obsessed with Jimmy Fallon. Sigh... it got even worse after he gave me his cue cards live on air and said I was cute. There's no turning back now. Lol
  5. Basically in that text I was saying how sex with my husband has always been bad and that I need good sex, also that I'm tempted all the time since I have guys who hit on me often.
  6. I've been a stay at home mom for 4 years now... I live in a pretty expensive area and want to stay here, so I need to have a job I know I will make enough money to keep our house. I'm a former teacher but can't go back to classroom teaching with my expired license. I don't have any interest in doing so anyway. I'm going to open a tutoring franchise, but not going to start the process for 2 years since I need to devote the time to my kids. They're very young and need me. It's just a personal choice of mine. Anyway, she does some things and says things that have me wondering. Maybe I could be reading too much into it, but I don't know. One time she said her friend cheated on her husband more than once and they ended up divorced, but when she said it, she was giggling and blushing. Thought it was odd-- like maybe she actually slept with her? And when I'm over her house before dinner time, she tells me she can talk to me all day, but her husband is coming home any minute so I need to leave, and rushes me and my son out. He knows about me and she's told me she talks about me to him, but it seems like she doesn't want me meeting him. She's coming over my house next week. Wondering what I should do since we'll be alone...
  7. I'm so afraid. Even with guys in the past, I've been very shy about it. She tends to go hot and cold. We will text nonstop for days, then I won't hear from her for 2-3 days. Can't explain it. Then when we meet she will be back to flirting and the usual stuff.
  8. So essentially she's putting the ball in my court? She does the majority of flirting, so maybe that's why...
  9. Yeah, no intentions on telling my husband. He would definitely not be ok with her. He doesn't seem as open about this stuff as other husbands are on this board. Do you mind if I message you to talk more about this?
  10. What do you all think of what she said in that text?
  11. Yes, I will message you! Thank you
  12. Thanks for the replies. I'd love to hear more! Lol. It helped tremendously getting it off my chest. And I feel like this is a safe space for it, so thank you. i feel like there's so much pent up tension between both of us. I'm trying SO hard not to say anything or make a move. I've never been through anything this hard with holding back. I do flirt with some guy friends because I'm the type who speaks my mind. So that also makes this situation difficult! i actually did text her last night about my birthday idea (although it's 5 months away). Never got a response-- but that happens sometimes when I text since she's busy putting her kids to bed and says she falls asleep with them sometimes. So who knows. To the response above-- yes, I'm also trying to figure out her intentions with all this. That's the most frustrating thing. If I found out it was just out of fun, then I'd be prettt upset. I could see myself being with her and it makes this all so hard. I've never clicked with someone like this. My biggest obstacle is holding back.
  13. Hi everyone, I'm new here. I have a situation that's burning deep inside of me that I need advice and/or just to find some people who have been through something similar. Maybe opinions on this whole situation. Bear with me, this will be long. I really just need to get this off my chest! So I'm married, but going to definitely divorce in a few years. My husband is emotionally abusive and I haven't been happy for most of the marriage. I'm a stay at home mom, so I have a plan, but it won't be for a few years once I get on my own two feet again. She's also a stay at home mom. We met last year when our sons were in preschool I felt drawn to her but wasn't attracted right off the bat. She used to ask me often to get together, but my younger son was an infant so planning it all was too hard. Fast forward to last summer... her son and my son slowly became very close and are inseparable now. We just started getting together the beginning of September. First couple times I was thinking how hot she was (only time I ever remotely crushed on a girl was my female boss from about 4 years ago. This is all very new to me). I SWEAR, from the moment I saw her last year, I thought she was a repressed lesbian. My gaydar is pretty good since my older sister has been out since a late teenager, so I have been around many lesbians. She's talked about LGBT stuff randomly and about how lesbians are a ton of drama and "take it from me." We were texting one day when she was mentioning this again, and I asked her "have you?" and she told me "lol that's a conversation for another day with lots of drinking." I'm yet to meet her husband after all this time. I feel like she's avoiding me meeting him, which is weird... I did hear her talk to him on the phone, and she talked to him like he was a bro. It was strange... But she told me they're happy. anyway... We started seeing each other often since our sons always ask about each other. Very early on she started asking about my marriage, what my family is like, digging deep to get to know me, asking about my sister and how my family feels about her being gay; just stuff that most friends have never asked me. Each time I saw her my attraction was getting stronger. I was starting to really wonder about her (I'm clueless when people like me, but I really started to wonder). In early October she told me my son is cute because he gets it from me, which a little smile and look in her eye. I almost died. She started touching me on the arm/hand often while talking, smiling with her eyes, standing shoulder to shoulder with me. She stares and smiles at me and says I'm amazing, a genius, so smart... When she started to find out what my marriage is really like, she told me twice recently that my husband doesn't deserve me. BUT then a couple days ago, she sent me this text: "See, you need to be physically and emotionally connected to someone you are committed to and in a relationship with, and if those two things are lacking, it's very normal to seek it from outside source. It's not surprising that another man wants you, many men do, and it's very easy to get that. I can't believe you sold yourself short with who you married. Listen, you have to be loyal to yourself first and foremost. So be loyal to yourself and get what you want." Okkkk... so she's basically saying she thinks I should cheat? I damn well would with her, but I'm SO afraid of risking everything. I can't even flirt with her because i'm way shier than she is. I'm so afraid of making things awkward because our sons are best friends. Sometimes I do wonder if our sons are kind of bringing us closer for a reason (obviously they don't consciously know this, lol. I just mean a deeper meaning to it). I feel like i'm falling in love with her and it's eating away at me. And I don't want anyone to think it's because i'm filling a void in a loveless marriage-- I really truly wish I wasn't experiencing this because I feel like it's putting a block on my progress on what I need to focus on to divorce. Any advice? Nothing like this has ever affected me like this has. I want SO badly to tell her all this, but I feel it's way too early anyway (we have conversations about what we're like in relationships, what types we like, etc. We both said we like to take things slow). I don't know in what kind of situation to tell her, when, etc. One obstacle is that she usually doesn't hang out with friends away from kids that much. I don't drink and never really have, but she's trying to convince me to have some wine with her to "let loose and relax." I don't really want to around kids. I want to stay in a hotel with her for a night, drink for real the first time, and possibly tell her then and/or get her to open up more (especially that background story she's reluctant to discuss sober). I just don't know how to approach this. Help!!