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  1. This was not today but last friday - I was at a business event listening to a seminar when I turned around in my seat and noticed my hot boss staring dreamily at me with her head slightly tilted. It was kind of obvious she was not looking at the speaker and her expression looked slightly longing and a bit in awe...I would really like to know what she was thinking That look on her face not only turned me on but gave me a feeling of warmth for her. Aww..
  2. I get turned on by things everyday...today it was a red hot collegue/crush who acted really dominant and firm. It in equal parts aroused and annoyed me, ahh...tomorrow I’ll be spending some hours in the same meeting as her and I’m thinking about what to wear...sexy skirt or slim ass hugging black pants? ;)
  3. I like athletic thin women, love tall ones but they don’t have to be. I’m not really into curves and I like their body language to be femme-y, relaxed and confident
  4. About not flirting hard when you're truly interested in someone...I'm not sure this is true for everyone. Maybe it's different depending of your age (I'm 35), but for me flirting is something I can do if I feel I'm falling for someone too fast and too much. To protect myself I resort to kind of semi-sexual flirting, it feels better than to let my true feelings be shown and it sets focus on the fun part of attraction that can arise between people. If I feel myself get self-conscious and toungue tied in the presence of my crush I often start some kind of banter with her, I find something to tease her for maybe. But it can happen that we both get that stunned feeling at the same time and I don't care to say that much, we just kind of look at each other. Those times I think it's noticeable from a mile away. So maybe, if someone never looses their cool and flirting, maybe there's no genuine feelings...
  5. Sorry, missed the suggestions part...I would say look for signs of interest in those you find attractive. For me it has always been like with me being unaware, talking about something when I’ve noticed those females giving me the bottom to top look, ending with them biting their lip. Or the hair flick, that’s the most common sign I think, combined with a certain look in the eyes. I don’t look for those kind of signs but I would if I was actively searching for someone, and take it from there. Good luck!
  6. No, I can’t say I have. I’ve met only feminine females that were interested in me at various places, like at work, the gym, bars. I have given some thought to this and I think that those alpha femme females are the ones with enough guts to go after something like this out in the real world. I am femme but they always spot me regardless...;)
  7. This! Some years back when I got divorced from my husband I started noticing women in a way I really hadn't before. Now it's almost too obvious for example at work, that has led to some interesting situations...:)