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  1. I'm not a lover of it. Had an ex that was obsessed with attempting it... so me being very curious what on earth it was did a quick review of the medical literature (as I was pretty certain that women didn't have the physiological capacity to produce and store large quantities of any such sexual fluid) and all of the scientific research carried out on it at that point and since has found that although women do produce small amounts of what might be called ejaculate, when they "gush" it's actually just mostly urine, from the bladder, with minimal skene gland secretions found in a handful of cases. So I've just found that way too off putting. So yeah, being *too* curious about it kinda killed that one off for me. I totally get that some people are into watersports, but not me. If anyone's interested, here's a recent paper : Salmana, S. et al. (2015) 'Nature and origin of “squirting” in female sexuality'. J Sex Med 2015;12:661–666.
  2. Hey and welcome
  3. Hello and welcome
  4. Ooooh, I'd best summarise my sexuality in this respect as "a total f*****g mess", however I can say I'm definitely not just in it for the sex. I'd love it to be that bloody simple! haha I've dated far more many women than men, and started doing so from a young age (about 14 for my first girlfriend). Whilst I've been in love with, and had long term relationships with, a couple of women (even living together with one) which just didn't work out in the end, in terms of men the only one I've ever actually fell in love with is my husband. But... I find I enjoy good sex with a man more enjoyable than good sex with a woman (can't stress enough the word 'good' here, I'm definitely not talking about all sex with men/women lol). Desire for that was what largely killed off my relationship with the ex GFs in all honesty. Maybe I haven't really had a "good" woman though, and maybe in the past I just met really shitty guys.... you never know! So yeah, that's been my curse I guess, when with a guy I do miss the closeness and softness emotionally of a woman (and I'll be honest, the sex too - the good sex anyway), but it's never worked in the end with a woman for me because I always miss the physicality of men more. Missing men is a relationship killer for me, but missing women is a relatively minor frustration.
  5. I tend to use WhatsApp to have more 'flowing' and natural conversations with a few I've met on here after a few PM back and forths but chat rooms for me tend not to work due to time differences or just me not being able to sit at the computer for ages. I find mobile means much easier and more intuitive now
  6. I do like the quote, however as a lifelong Star Wars fan (as you may be able to tell lol) , who also loved Ep VII and thinks Rogue One is one of the greatest war movies ever... I was just terribly, terribly disappointed in Ep VIII. It was watchable don't get me wrong, but it just felt lazy and the corny elements were just flat out corny and without that charm that the other movies had (minus the prequels, but we don't mention those!)
  7. Ahhhh man, KitH, especially Brain Candy! That takes me back! Yes, very black humour, but bloody fantastic!
  8. My advice - get more than one... sometimes you'll just want a quick 'get me there' like a pocket rocket type and sometimes you'll want a 'take my sweet time with this', full works type Every woman deserves a decent, varied toy box! ;)
  9. I'd like to see the full research design and data sets for this. That is of course if it was even a robust and proper study. Always be wary of how statistics from even well conducted studies can be used for an agenda too - especially for media purposes. Reminds me of some words of wisdom from one of my old uni lecturers... "Journalists use statistics like a drunk uses a streetlamp - for support rather than illumination" lol
  10. I'm an INTP, "the architect". Apparently a rather rare type for women, but ive done a lot of research into it as it fascinated me and explains me to a T, scarily! One test put me at a borderline INTJ/INTP, which I can see some of the traits of, but for the most part I do indeed seem to be a pretty textbook INTP Maybe why I've never found anyone who truly 'gets' me?
  11. Hey, welcome! Id echo what others have said - this is a great site and the ladies on here are awesome
  12. Fingers crossed! I'm equal parts terrified, and hugely excited
  13. Yep, induction day is just over 1 day away now... nerves really kicking in now!
  14. Hey all, I'm 31, live in Manchester, married for 6 years but no kids yet (I'm sure my mother's 'spidey sense' is tingling as I write that - no doubt overdue another "I think you really need to start being concerned about your ovaries" talk!!). 2 cats are enough for now. Always been "out" (never really was "in")! Working on a PhD at Manchester University school of Biology, Medicine and Health, whilst working in healthcare. Really into my RPG gaming (PC, XB1) - also tabletop and actual 'RPG' (D&D, CoC etc) when I can. Love sci fi and fantasy literature, tv and film, and very, very dark comedy. Run a Manchester based sci-fi social club, run a little side business designing and building props, and adore my sci-fi conventions. Bit of a nerd really!