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  1. That's amazing. I like those movies too. The 90s had some great movies. I would also recommend ek ladki ko dekha to aisa laga, pink, lawman etc. They are bit more into social issues and and ek ladki is the first lesbian mainstream bollywood movie
  2. You do have great taste in movies. I like how you had umrao jaan and bride and prejudice there
  3. Rani

    Merry Meet~

    Welcome JustAura. Many of us here would be able to relate to what you're going through. wow 20 yrs thats quite an achievement. Thats great your husband know. Totally understand why you wanted to end it. You will find a lot of amazing people with different life experiences here.
  4. Rani

    Bi is beautiful!

    It is indeed beautiful and this year is two thousand and biteen The best yr to discover your sexual orientation
  5. I suspect this as well considering OP never returned and has previously stated she is a bi couple looking for a couple to marry. Could be a joint account
  6. As for movies Beneath her mouth has an engaged woman and its a good movie Elena Undone is another movie features a married woman A perfect ending. Sweet, full of surprises and features a married woman and an interracial love story I can really relate to this. It has many layers. Has a nurturing/caring feel to it.
  7. That would be great. I am not sure how clubs work but that could definitely be a way
  8. Thats a good idea. There aren't many Aussies. We would probably be ok with either timezone slot
  9. I guess just see how you go. We can have a discussion on this thread first
  10. Rani

    Did anyone knew?

    My family definitely suspects me. Ive left a lot of hints but havent come out yet
  11. Thats amazing that you do journalling. I do too. I find it very helpful. Also want to say i love your list of favourite movies
  12. Maybe you picked a busy phone sexer and she never had a moment off her phone ;)