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  1. No worries. Happy to help. I will keep an eye out for Auckland meetups. I agree. Online is way more convenient. I think bikiwi may be from north island.
  2. I agree. I think my attraction would be higher but ive never been with a guy. I dont feel like i have much emotional connection it is more physical. Im sure after if ive been with a guy i will return to a higher level with females. When it comes to females it is 90% emotional connection vs 10%for guys
  3. NZ would hopefully have some bi meetups. It is way more open minded than Australia @bikiwi is from NZ
  4. Thanks. I will keep you updated. It was great hearing the experiences others had in a non judgemental space. How if someone had come out as bi they were told "why are you telling me this" and "what does it mean." Yet the response would be different from straight or gay people had it been a gay person coming out. So it was really enlightening live in Australia. The girl who started this bi group is from Colorado in the US. I told her i am making a friend from each state in the US and she said that means i have her state covered
  5. Better than chocolate
  6. what about "But i am a cheerleader" " D.E.B.S" Saving face is a cute story with no infidelity Nina's heavenly delights chutney popcorn signature move from 2018 ^ i know the above dont have infidelity themes The rest of these movies i am not so sure about https://www.pride.com/movies/2018/2/14/10-romantic-lesbian-movies-watch-your-date-night#slide-3 Blue is the warmest colour but the ending is not what you would expect I have some german lesbian tv shows i like watching with some beautiful romantic scenes. I cant remember the exact tv show but one of the characters names was Claudia. Aimee and Jaguar is a historical movie once again there is a theme of infidelity but on both sides. I was in Munich a few months ago and there were so many cute ladies. I wanted to flirt but i only knew basic words but not any romantic words :( "I cant think straight" does have one female engaged but its more cultural and you can tell she is not into it.
  7. So i should get a few hugs at least if its where the gay village is. I will tell you the exact time I start so you can be my first Mancunian hug
  8. Agree with this. To have someone who you shares equally in tasks is an amazing feeling. I agree with you that once you go same sex partner it is hard to go back.
  9. Are there any bi meetup groups where you are? Would you feel comfortable to attend? Or maybe lgbt helplines. I think its great you are talking about your feelings and would be great if you had that outlet and support. I can relate to feeling more attraction to females than males. Not sure what to do about it. If i compare the online interactions ive had with male potential love interests to females ive noted a few common themes. on the whole i connect better with females, i communicate better with them, they are more loving, caring and tender. It is an amazing feeling to be truly loved by a female. You know she will be there for you, take care of you when you're unwell, spend hours with you and they have the same idea of tender, passionate romance as you. They dont get smothered by talking about emotions and having conversations for ages. They understand your lived experience. with guys ive come across i like their physicality and frank sometimes blunt nature. Apart from that they easily get cold, are poor at communicating promptly and have a lot of frustrating habits . They are initially happy for their partner to have a gf but then insecurity, jealousy and ego come in between. It could be because ive not come across the right guy but at what point do you realise there is no Mr right. Only ms right. Sad to say it but the homophobia of society keeps me away from openly loving who i want. I think of the people who wont attend any wedding i have because its same sex, the difficulty of having children and the stigma they would face from society. Despite this after experiencing the love of a female i am finding it hard to settle for the males i come across who dont meet that benchmark. The bi ones i meet and talk to my gf about leave in insecurity. I feel like my bisexual attractions change with decade. in my teens and majority of 20s it was 60 F and maybe 40 towards males. Now at 30 it is still more towards females but maybe slightly increased on the male side as perhaps i am influenced by society's idea that i should be married and have children this decade. I do know if i had trialled marriage and had children i would return to wanting 100% to be with females.. I dont know how much of this is my preference or because i am of south asian background and marriage/children is something heavily emphasised.
  10. Is that where the gay area is? Maybe i should hold my sign there As long as I get at least 1 hug from a Manchester shybi local i will consider my hug idea a success
  11. Bikiwi I dont know your situation but if you want to share it i will be there for you Terrible relationships can happen with males or females. there are more straight females than bi/lesbian females so its likely both good/bad relationships will happen more with them. You're definitely not alone. Many discover being bi as a result of inadequate hetero relationships because female relationships can provide something opposite sex ones cant. Maybe its the same vice versa. regardless of being bi you should be in a relationship where you are respected, your views listened to and your needs met. If you communicate this to your partner and he does not act on your feedback ask whether it is worth being in that relationship. There are many more better guys out there. Life is too short to have to put up with bad relationships. Dont have any pressure to explore. Explore when the time is right
  12. I dont disagree with you at all. I am sure you are very friendly. Ive never done this free hugs social experiment before. Ive seen it plenty of times on youtube though. I just wonder how many would hug someone with the sign i have planned.. This girl with an australian accent who looks like she is of Indian background. If i was super brave i would have this on my sign " im a bi woman from Australia who loves british accents and british ladies Can i get a free hug? " See if that changes the number of hugs i get Ive seen a few hug videos with people holding signs and blindfolded in manchester. People were open to hugs id like to think i would get as many hugs despite not being a tall handsome guy
  13. He is but i guess i should not be surprised. He is quite religious and an evangelical Christian. Weirdly enough he has a lot of tattoos which i think is against the bible. He doesnt seem to mind that. Its selective
  14. Please do. You might be the only person who hugs me haha. I will make it a social experiment. "How comfortable are the females in Manchester with hugging strangers" Depending on how bold I feel the sign might say "I am from Australia. i like british accents and hugging british females. Can i have a hug?" Im ok with hugs from guys but more into the british ladies. July 2020. Please check shybi frequently that year