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  1. Which one is better? As in more sexually satisfying
  2. Thanks. I hope the fantasy matched reality. I could be like a supportive and reassuring presence for their coming out. How would I seek them out
  3. Agree with that. There can be a lot of complications
  4. Thanks blueberry. Glad to know there are married women who feel the same and may have similar dreams. I wonder if there are many such women in sydney. Having a genuine gf or reliable sex buddy is probay better for a married woman
  5. Sounda like fun stress though ;)
  6. I had thought it might belong in the fantazy zone as the real world has a few complications. I agree. Feelings are sure to be involved and people will likely feel guilt. Its a hars situation. If partners are ok with it the feeling of being caught can be recreated Hmm Btw im landing in the UK in 3 days for the first time in my life. So when readong all these comments im imagining them being said in a hot british accent
  7. Good to know slow and sensual can still be a turn on. I recommend a full body massage to be part of the experience leading up to the sensual love making
  8. I guess its one of those fantasies better in the mind than in real life. Also we can never completely tell when feelings will get more than physical.
  9. Thanks for the confidence. My first story will be about a woman from the US
  10. True. Its probably just romantic amd seductive in my mind. Polyamory and being in a throuple sounds interesting. Less stress as well
  11. And if the girl is british then thats just icing on the cake
  12. Thanks. I am thinking of fleshing out this fantasy into the form of a story in the fantasy section
  13. I like how eloquently you express ypiself and the analogies you use. It's beautiful and easy for anyone to drown in the deeper meaning of what you have to say.
  14. I think thats a great idea. Maybe suggest watching some lesbian/bi movies starting with non threatening ones. Or maybe tv shows which show a couple and a woman as part of a relationship. I think there is a show called you, me and her.