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  1. I wouldnt choose to be straight. I feel like being a sexual minority has made me more empathetic and sensitive to the needs of others. I love being involved and being part of lgbt groups though i havent come out as bi that much. Still figuring it out. I like how i can admire and see the beauty in both males and females. How i can have enriching experiences with both.
  2. My ideal situatiob I feel like needs fluctuate during different decades in our lives. Like in my early 20s i was more willing to explore. Now when your late 20s and early 30s begin u have that biological urge and it shifts more towards males. Then post procreation you want to be nurtured and cared for then u swing back. I have an amazing relationship with my gf. She is caring, considerate and loving.. Only issue is that it is long distance and she is originally from the UK. We are determined to make it work and she plans to move to australia. Due to my work i have been assigned a few yrs in a rural area. My ideal situation is that she lives with me and supports me while she pursues her own career path. I have a legal marriage with her with lgbt guests and allies. I am from a homoph9bic culture so i want to have a social cover.as in a husband i can take to events where str8 people are or people who only think in terms of heterosexuality. Someone who is there so i dont have to answer questions about relationships or marriage. There are many gay guys where i am from who are happy to do that but if i am going to have a religious ceremony with a guy he might as well be bi so procreation is possible. One child with my gf and another with the guy. He would contribute to the children. Ideally he will know about my gf from before and they will get along. Maybe he would be bi or polyamorous. As long as safe sex is involved he can have one other partner. With my sane sex partner i elope abd have a legal marriage With the opposite sex partner i have a non legal religious ceremony. More for the community, my parents and future children..
  3. Ive had mostly long distance relationships so there has always been a lot of sexting. Always find it a turn on
  4. Bit of both. Just depends. After watching 5p shades i think about blindfolding and handcuffing my gf. Then eating whipped strawberries off her and feeding her among other things. I guess i am more kinky than i thought i was
  5. Hmm what lgbt events have you been to? We have mardi gras, fair day, lgbt film festivals, walking and reading clubs. See what things youre interested in.
  6. Ame Youre always full of great advice. I want to know how to find the indecent ones and how do you find someone to practice on
  7. I agree. On the whole women are better with a few exceptions. We have the equipment and we know how to use it. Men need to be more interested in what women like and what turns them on rather than what turns them on. They need more education about female orgasms.
  8. I agree with you. I think you expressed it well. Most of the time it seems thats true from what ive read. Sex with guys is easier but with women its more fulfilling. I am not good at attracting males in rral life. Online maybe. Maybe i ping their gaydar. What if a woman were to pit a hand to the shoulder, cheek or undo a top button? Would that be a sign? I find the non sexual aspect with womem can be drama if they are unsure or uncertain of what they want. Or if they fear societys reaction. It does take time to find a woman who has what it takes to be there for the long term. The non sexual aspect with men ive found sadly can be full of miscommunication, emotional sensitivity and an emotional barren land. Not all but many.
  9. I completely agree. Its so much more intense and fulfilling to have a relationship with a woman
  10. True. Its about the physical and emotional connection you have with someone. Guess it cant be generalised though from personal experience a good quality girl is better than a guy
  11. Especially if the touch is that of a british girl as i found with my gf
  12. I think their reactions might have an element of internalised homophobia. An element of denial and a fear of how society will react. They may be 100% straight but if a straight person overexaggerates and is homophobic it could be a sign of internalised homophobia.
  13. I agree. More than 500 million people in the world live in countries where ssm is legal. No doubt it has increased acceptance and tolerance
  14. I agree and i think it has to do with females giving themselves permission to explore their sexuality and not settle. Having poorer sample of men compared to quality women. I went through a few guys online who were nkt committed enough till i found my gf. My gf took the effort to travel many thousands of miles to be with me and our emotional connection is amazing. She genuinely listens and cares for me. Another thing which helps is growing acceptance of same sex female attraction at least
  15. People just dont like to think hard. They want to believe in black and white even when its not accurate Hope bi acceptance increased.