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  1. Thats amazing you were in Australia. Hope you had a great time. Where did you visit? I went to west coast before in California so thought id check out how east coast was like. West coast reminds me of Sydney so i always feel like visiting but might be too ambitious at this point. I have this wedding in SF but might or might not go. Might head direct to east coast.
  2. I am planning my first solo trip to the US and this is also my first time travelling internationally. I plan to come from 25/26th June to 14th July and plan to visit Boston/NY/Florida and surrounding areas. Usually i travel with family and friends but no one can make it with me this time. I am coming during the time of Pride parades so would like to experience some bi/gay meetups and also be part of that atmosphere as well as travel to local tourist sites. Do you personally know of any meetups in these cities? Does anyone have any advice, or recommendations regarding tours especially for Boston, NY and Florida. Or know of any good bi friendly places or meetups. I have had some friends give some good suggestions for some of the cities but thought i would put this out there for any of the ladies here.
  3. Hi Ladies I am travelling to the US from Australia for a few weeks from June to mid July and hoping to visit Florida, Boston, NY. I have some friends in NY but have not been to the east coast before. I have about 4-5 days in each place. Any suggestions for what I should do and what bi/gay places are good to visit?
  4. Rani

    New York!

    I have a friend @Veronica from NY as well. I might be coming in July. When is a good time to meet?
  5. Rani

    New York!

    I am visiting NY from Australia. Im coming in June/July in time for world pride. It would be great to have a meetup and to find out how i can make the most of my trip to enjoy the lovely city of NY
  6. Rani

    Cyber Sex And Sexting...

    They are and vocal is definitely better. Its great when a woman knows how to express what she wants and can give feedback. The attentive lover should be able to pick it up whether text or voice call
  7. I just want to say as someone identifying as bisexual i am against biphobia and dont generalise all bisexuals. I have faced unicorn hunting because i am bisexual and faced biphobia as well. I just wanted to refer to some of the posts i had seen where they exclusively said they were looking for something sexual and in the cases above a caucasian woman to join this bisexual woman/couple. I know its not representative of everyone but it just made me wonder why specific race when unicorns are already in short supply. They might not be bisexual but maybe heteroflexible or bi but towards the spectrum of more opposite sex attractions. I have noticed homophobia/biphobia in the racial community i am from. I liked a bi south asian guy in the past but he was not open to me being interested in lgbti activism, which is close to my heart, because we had to appear like a "normal" couple. I have also met a straight south asian guy who is supportive. I think you genuinely can love both genders or beyond gender when it comes to pansexuality but ive found its something many monosexuals dont understand. Other people who may be gay/lesbian and have internalised homophobia may wonder why one would "choose" to be in a same sex relationship when they could be in a heterosexual relationship. we dont choose love anymore than an interracial couple choosing to be together when they could choose to be with the same race. Minorities are no better when it comes to not oppressing others. It helps them feel like they have some power. Racial and religious minorities have significant homophobia despite knowing what discrimination is like. Ive experienced this. There is also some racism in the lgbt community ive heard more from white gay guys. I know biphobia is a big issue and i dont know if its because of ignorance, lack of wanting to understand, bad experiences with maybe people who were experimenting rather than sure in their sexual orientation. I know my gf is lesbian but she supports me and even attended a bi meetup with me. When we were attacked our sexual orientation didnt come into play. Only difference being she ended up with a finger fracture which has not healed till now and its been nearly 3 months. I wrote the above in the context of a gay bashing and racist incident where me and my gf got attacked for holding hands, were called "fags" and then asked to leave the country and go to back where we came from. Writing positive reasons for being in a relationship with a woman helped with my own personal situation and the lack of acceptance from some parts of the community. I do have good friends and a chosen family who support me and thats a positive for me
  8. Thanks for all your words. I appreciate your comment and you making me see the positives around me. You have been an amazing and supportive influence in my life. I am really grateful to have you and to have you be part of my family of choice. You are right i cannot let it get to me. Thanks for your kind words about me as well.
  9. I appreciate her words and your words. I was not in a good place mentally then. It is tough and it was a homophobic and racist attack both as we were also both asked to go back to our own country though we both grew up in the west. she is from the Uk and im from Australia. Her finger got fractured and up till now she cant move it. The perpetrator may never be found. Its hard to have to face both in the country i live in and its an ongoing experience because of the political climate we are in. I try to keep a positive attitude but sometimes its hard.
  10. I appreciate your words. I was going through a tough phase and not in a good place when i initially posted
  11. I agree he doesnt really know much or has much background in it but for some reason he is invited on talk shows including Ellen and sells books. Not sure if he has had much success with his advice and I am sure you would do a better job. The way he makes guys sound so simple it makes me appreciate the depth and complexity of women. Not sure if thats true but how i felt looking at his work on this topic
  12. Rani

    hot & heavy messages

    @naruto@RachaelLissa @Songbird16@QueenCeCe All of you have great ideas. What would be great is if we had a free for all fantasy thread where someone begins a story and another person continues on from there.
  13. Rani

    Travelling to Toronto

    Thats good to know
  14. Rani

    Travelling to Toronto

    Ive heard Western Canada is a wonderful place as well. I am sure i can find some lgbtq+ groups there as well but like you said Toronto has a more developed scene. Ive heard Niagara falls is great as well.
  15. Rani

    Travelling to Toronto

    Ive heard Whistler is lot of fun and apparently a lot of Australians go there.