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  1. Rani

    What American accent do you have?

    Good to know I'm not the only one who feels the way about American accents. Lot more common than people think.
  2. Rani

    What American accent do you have?

    @xx_lipstick_trace_xx @delightful34 does texas and alabama count as deep south accents. If they do then both of you have the sexiest American accent according to Europeans. https://www.babbel.com/en/magazine/what-is-the-sexiest-american-accent/
  3. Rani

    What American accent do you have?

    I know many here might not think their accents is sexy, attractive etc but the world disagrees with you. American accents were voted as the second sexiest in the world beating both Irish and Australian accents. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-squeaky-wheel/201512/which-accent-do-we-trust-most-and-find-sexiest According to Europeans the deep South accent followed by the NY accent is the sexiest https://www.babbel.com/en/magazine/what-is-the-sexiest-american-accent/
  4. The British accent was voted the sexiest and most trustworthy accent in the world. Now I don't which accent they looked but I know many would not be surprised by the results. https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/the-squeaky-wheel/201512/which-accent-do-we-trust-most-and-find-sexiest
  5. Wow thats really cool. I have a friend from Colorado here who started a local bi group. That's been amazing. She recently went back for a holiday. I'm meeting her tomorrow so going to ask her about bi groups in Colorado.
  6. Rani

    What American accent do you have?

    Ever since I returned from my US trip I've been craving hearing any type of American accent. I am meeting a bi friend from colorado who lives here. She is engaged to a gut but meeting up to share my trip to the US. I'm going to be like I went to the US thinking I would be addicted to bagels, NY pizza and mexican food in California. But I came back with an addiction to American accents more than I had before. I should tell her "Your accent is one of the reasons I keep attending some of the bi discussion groups you organise." Might have to search more expat American meetup groups in Australia haha
  7. Thanks. I thought the same.
  8. What do strippers prefer a female customer to wear for a lap dance? I just wonder what's more comfortable. Something like a skirt or dress where there is easier chance of skin to skin contact or pants etc Not been able to ask. I do agree with you they allow more touch than for a make customer and they are also more tender I believe.
  9. Its brave of you to mention and generous of you to share this. It could help ladies out there who want to explore but don't know what the experience is like.
  10. Rani

    What American accent do you have?

    Thanks. I definitely should. The north central areas sound great and very open minded.
  11. Rani

    I only think of women!

    Thanks for sharing that. I totally agree so many non sexual activities can be really erotic. Especially feeding the other person and accidentally licking her fingers. Or watching her erotically eat. Picnics near water where you can relax and enjoy scenery together. Lying under the stars watching a movie in an outdoor cinema while lying on a pile of hay on the back of truck. Gazing in amazement at how vast the universe is and how we are all mere specks. Holding hands while thinking of that. Shopping/dressing up for the other. And all the other activities Getting drenched in rain and rolling around on the wet ground not worrying about how wet or dirty you get but just enjoying the sensuality of the moment. Then showering/soaking each other ( wait that might be bordering on the sexual) Feeling those droplets clinging to her body transfer to yours.
  12. Rani

    I only think of women!

    Emotional is amazing I agree. That reminds me of the idea of romantic friendships. It is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all. Another product of a deep friendship.
  13. Rani

    I only think of women!

    It could be the forbidden lure of the unknown or the thoughts of passion being with a woman can inspire.. There are those non sexual elements that appeal Those gazes that melt and soft hugs and cuddles that envelope you making you lose sense of time. Her thoughts and words about you which touch you and make you lose sleep. How one smile of hers caused by you can light up your entire being. The consuming urge to be radiated by her presence. Wishing to be the lipstick on her lips, to be her eyeliner and the ring on her finger. To be the cold breeze caressing her body. If it's a really hot day how you wish to be the drop of sweat traversing her body. Or if it's a rainy day you want to be the raindrops drenching her body. Like foreplay or main play can begin when both are fully clothed. Then sexually I feel women are more open and appreciative of whole body sensuality and whole body touch in comparison. Like if someone wanted to they could spend a whole afternoon massaging, worshipping kissing/licking and nibbling a womans legs. That could be the end goal. Learning about any scars or marks the stories behind them. Showing her how perfect she is despite the "imperfections" she may think she has. Remembering and tracing those curves. Feeling her heart race with your hands and the perfume of her breathlessness fill your lungs. This whole process of anticipating and edging would lead to greater orgasms. I feel like the mind is the biggest sex organ especially when it comes to.women and learning to please one woman in different situations can be quite fulfilling. That in turn turns a same sex attracted woman to know you are capable of iliciting such reactions that maybe not everyone can. Probably straight women and some bi women feel the same with men but i dont know if guys react the same way You're definitely not the only one who masturbates and orgasms to women. I have seen a few say the same. I've never been with a male so I have that physical reaction to some heterosexual material but the reaction Its like once you've been with a woman who you truly connect and you're bisexually inclined it's hard to go back to being the same. I agree with androgynygrl about the emotions part. It can be a roller coaster so now i save deep emotions for when I know it's emotionally safe. A lot of the above sentiments can be silently felt like you silently appreciate them but don't want to tell them of a crush you may have.
  14. This site is good too. I've made some.amazing friends here. I've met 3 friends here in real life and plan to meet 2 more friends . Her, gaydargirls and ok cupid is good too. Id also recommend meetup.com I just like listening to people's stories, positively encouraging them and making local friends and seeing their town/city through them.