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  1. I have my B.S. in Art ed, MA in Special ed, and 4 certifications....I have to say I am disenchanted with the amount of debt it caused me. No amount of schooling I have had prepared me more effectively than on the job experience. At the end of the day, For me, it is all about $. If the return on the investment doesn't allow me to quickly pay off the debt, than I don't think it's worth it.
  2. I would love to experience a woman who squirts. I imagine that would be a lot of fun!
  3. Hmm...a whisper of breath on my innermost thighs or from behind me at base of neck where it slopes to meet my shoulder.....right before something is about to happen ;)
  4. I have only been with men, so I can't speak from experience. I do know that at first I only saw myself having a FWB situation outside of my open marriage. I guess that indicated a relationship beyond sex, but not quite romantic. Recently I have been playing with the word "girlfriend" in my mind. I think I am open to having a girlfriend if the situation is right. So, theoretically not bisexual for sex.
  5. I don't know how I am perceived! I never really thought about femme vs. butch pertaining to myself. .. which, it now seems strange that I haven't. And I don't know that I want to label myself. Well! Definitely something I will be thinking about now!
  6. Gosh, in middle school I loved the show Ally McBeal and I definately loved Portia de Rossi ;) I don't remember if she came out around that time or if I just found out around that time...either way, I remember being shocked that a girl that liked girls, could look like Portia. I am pretty sure thats when I cognitively started to digest that I like girls and the implications of that. Prior to that my attractions were there but much more juvenile and visceral. Damn, good question! I never really thought about any of that!
  7. @N00Bi and @Mandolin you ladies are too much! I have never been to Lake Champlain but I have only heard wonderful things. Kayaking is crazy fun...I dont even know why I love it so much...the first time I did it was in the salt marshes of Charleston, SC ...and out into the Atlantic - against the tide no less!! Crazy adventure. *Please note: do not kayak against the tide!
  8. Hey @Mandolin ! How's it going? Welcome So what is everyone's favorite spot in the NE? Mine is along the coast of CT...a little marshy beach, where there isn't sand, but tiny spiral shells. The water is shallow and barely laps at the shore. Hermit crabs and sea snails wiggle out of the way as I walk in the water. Thick mud oozes between my toes while wading and sea grass grows so tall that I am hidden from view. It is my little slice of heaven.
  9. Summer
  10. I have more of a *sigh, oh to be young again* moment when I see an attractive teenager. I teach teenagers so I am completely turned off by the typically inherent, self absorbed, and naive nature of young people (if I am being real, I think this often lasts into a human's twenties, myself included...) Bless their hearts, I love them, but the immaturity factor is just a No. I like it when a woman has lived a little. Has confidence grown from learning she can do it all on her own and loves the skin she is in because it represents her journey. With that said- and now veering slightly off topic - I feel that I have more leeway than a man to check out a woman and not look like a creeper, simply because society assumes I am straight.
  11. Hitachi I prefer a vibrator with a cord because there is nothing I hate more than being on the verge of an explosive orgasm and the batteries dying!
  12. The Great British Bake Off...PBS cut me off, but by god, I found it on Netflix! Muahahaha! Time to catch up via binge watching
  13. Staring at my closet trying to figure out a cute outfit for tmr.....
  14. Hey hey! Welcome!