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  1. Jittery from my coffee...nervous about my professional trajectory colliding with my personal life plans....unsure.
  2. @PinkandreadYes! It's a Meetup group I've been considering going to. I would feel much more comfortable if I had someone to go with. They have another event soon...we'll see what happens
  3. @PinkandreadI wish I had the courage that you have shown by going to events. There is a particular event near by that I have thought about attending...but I haven't worked up the nerve for a few reasons. In terms of that final step of asking a woman out? I am the wrong woman to give advice on that, but I am sure you will over come that obstacle with time and practice
  4. @princessmononokeThank you for your bravery in sharing your new diagnosis and self discovery. We all have our deficits and strengths. It is finding effective coping mechanisms and developing new skill sets that allow people to navigate learning disabilities, and other obstacles. I am a special education teacher and have worked with a wide range of individuals with varying degrees of different kinds of disabilities...at all different ages. If I can be helpful in anyway feel free to PM me PS. Art is also a love of mine! It is so healing and therapeutic for me.
  5. The thought of going to bed!
  6. I just started binge watching. ...I know, I'm late to the game (ugh, in more ways than one!). So I don't know all of the characters, but so far I identify with Bette. From what i have seen so far she is strong but sensitive, career driven, and the provider.
  7. I agree with BiTri - ask her to hang out. I am more of a direct person so I would need to know the deal and keep it moving...whether with her, or on my own.
  8. @naturally_lovelythat is the pits!! The ringing has got to be crazy making I am sorry to see that you have to deal with this sudden and dramatic change. When you write about your situation, it sounds like you are taking it in stride. It also seems that your loved ones are supportive - which can certainly help to lighten the load! I have no experience or advice on hearing loss, but wanted to send love and good vibes as you learn to navigate and experience the world in new spidy-sense ways <3
  9. @tenderloveI agree with @BiTriMama- little goals. One step at a time. One foot in front of the other. Let yourself be sad. Throw yourself into other adventures that will allow you to get to know yourself...and will provide a distraction! Really challenge yourself. Some of the things I did were: rode in a hot air balloon, learned how to blow glass, learned how to firewalk, started playing cello, etc. Looking back, it not only was one of the hardest times of my life, but it turned into one of the most beautiful times of my life.
  10. @Curious1987What you are experiencing, is what @Ranistarted another thread about. She posted an amazing article. It talks about how a women's heteronormative conditioning can essentially prevent her from connecting with another woman for reasons such as those you mentioned above - expecting the cat and mouse game as it is when men and women flirt/court. Whenever I become lucky enough to have a woman to flirt with, I know I will need to keep this, and other points from that article, in mind. The article is much more informative and eloquent! You should check it out! Here it is...
  11. Totally depends on the woman. A confident, sensual, beautiful woman is just that - regardless of her look/style - and I will take that any day of the week!
  12. I like truth telling
  13. Tired and satisfied...it was a happy and busy day.
  14. The things young humans say