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  1. Thank you so much for that advice. Yea I know it’s not a dating site but if ppl form a friendship and they both want to go further that should be fine.
  2. I’ve never squirted before. I wouldn’t be opposed to it but it’s just never happened for me.
  3. I would say my neck and breasts are very sensual parts. Of course back rubs always are a big help.
  4. If you want to reach out to members and not trying to hook up just getting to know others that can support you and you can show support to them. How would you do that. I know the rules are we can’t message someone first without asking so how does that work? i also don’t know how to tell how many posts I’ve got and how you are invited into the chat room where you can meet members here. Any suggestions?
  5. Welcome I’m in the same boat. Glad to be a part of an understanding community.
  6. How do you know how many posts you have and do you get an email invite to the chat room?
  7. I’ve done it only to my husband though. It was only after he had just showered. It was a great experience had no taste what so ever. But he was uncomfortable so I only did it twice. If I got to know a woman really well I’d be open to do it to her and receive as well. But as long as you know a person well and they are clean it’s fine.
  8. Never tried either of the above but someday I hope too
  9. I definitely prefer giving and receiving. It makes it that much more enjoyable for both people I believe.
  10. Going down on another woman Another woman going down on me possibly tribbing 69 with another woman Double oral pleasure from another woman and my husband Having sex with my husband while another woman licks my pussy Threesome with three women list just goes on lol sex is too much fun
  11. I’ve done rimming before but it was on my husband. It really turned me on but later I found out he was super uncomfortable. I’ve never been with a woman but if she was open to it and I find out I even like women and I knew her very well I would do it. As long as ppl have good hygiene and health. I don’t see an issue with it. It just can’t be someone random that is disgusting with either male or female.
  12. I’ve had it done to me and I’ve done it to my husband. We are both super clean so it was a huge turn on and I loved doing it to him. He later admitted it made him uncomfortable and I never did it again but he’s obsessed with doing that to me. If I met a woman and got to know her really well as a friend and knew she was super clean I’d be down for it.
  13. Any women in here from Atlanta GA or at least an hour proximity?
  14. I feel you totally. I had a pic up on pof and got so nervous I took it down
  15. Don’t you stand a chance of someone you know seeing you in that group?