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  1. So, no news for now, I asked her if she wanted to come here for a jam session, but somehow I felt we lost our connection and finally, we haven't met yet, I should have done it earlier, probably...so, whatever, I'll keep you updated if something new happens ;)
  2. Yare

    Any Science/physics Nerds Out There?

    I'm in the brain/mind nerdy field neurosciences, neuropsycholgy, comparative psychology...our brain is a fucking wonderful mistery! And astronomy too, I've just read a couple of books on the basics, but I always feel I'm an enthousiastic child again when I discovered something new about the universe <3
  3. Yare

    Star Wars Fans

    Love SW, even though I'm not really appreciating the new movies, ep.7 in particular... anyways, when I was a kid I had two big dreams: receiving my Hogwarts letter, or being called among the jedi! And I wanted to become an astronaute basically because of all the scific movies I've been watching (my idea of astronaute was more similar to a Space Indiana Jones, though, Ahahahah)
  4. I just love when the hands are slowly going under the clothes, caressing the skin, exploring the body. It turns me on, loooot more than taking my clothes off immediately. But then, I like having my skin on the other's skin, and watching their body... so for me, sex with clothes off. No doubt.
  5. @BenedettaC it is interesting indeed! Also, as I'm quite new to all this I'm craving for other's experiences and opinions, I would have never though it could be that variated before I ended up here
  6. Ok, it will maybe sound weird, but here it is: although I can recognise feminine beauty, and there are some women I could look at for hours, I've never felt for them sexual attraction (for now). It's something like watching at a beautiful painting or statue, you can't help staring at it but there's no sexual pulse. At the same time, I lately started to think about being intimate with another woman and it turns me on most of the time. I firstly thought it was just a random thing, but since then the idea is stuck in my mind, and that's why I joined the forum... So, I'd say I'm just curious, wondering how is it like to have sex with a girl then, I'll maybe discover I'd actually enjoy more than occasional intimacy, but for now I just don't feel it, more than sincere curiosity. Who knows, I guess I'll only know when I'll try it... Going back to what I previously said, I would never get to that point if I'm not 100% sure the other one is on the same page, I'd feel uncomfortable and a total bitch. Hope I answered your question
  7. @Yare - No, I'm not saying that having a strictly sexual relationship with another person is definitely objectification, but that viewing someone strictly as a sex object (i.e. as a 'sex toy') and nothing more is. I'm coming from the perspective of gay (and human) rights, specifically the right of people in same-sex relationships to be considered as equal to those in heterosexual relationships, which is something I have fought for all of my life. So, when I read statements by women here (married and otherwise) who say that they desire sex with a woman or are in a sexual relationship with a woman, but would NEVER consider being in a 'romantic' relationship with her, it comes across to me as treating that woman as a second-class citizen and sex object, and frankly, as homophobic. She's good (i.e. attractive) enough to have sex with (putting it more crudely, to f**k), but not good enough to be taken seriously as a human being with feelings, and emotional needs. So, even if both parties agree to having a strictly sexual relationship, that general perspective itself has ethical implications that render it problematic. Do you see what I mean? Yap, it's slightly different from what I understood in the first place, I get it now
  8. @BenedettaC I can understand your point of view, but is it necessarily an objectification, to just have a sex relationship with another person? I mean, as I said, I need to also be emotionally involved, but this does not mean I want to commit to the other. Of course, I would just do it if the other feels the same way, I could never ever use someone's feelings to have a "sex toy". Is it objectification when there's more than pure physics l attraction, but not enough to build something stable? And, most importantly, if both parties are in the same boat and agree on which kind of relationship it is? In my opinion, it becomes an objectification if the other wants more, but I keep him/her just for fun and personal enjoyment... Also, it's possible that bisexuals not wanting a romantic relationship with a woman are just afraid, but I woulnd't say that's always the case. (I personally define myself as bi-curious, rather than bisexual, though, for this precise reason)
  9. Well, I've just experienced sex with men, for now, and even though I'm likely to try it with a woman as soon as I find the right one, I'm not sure I could have a romantic relationship with a woman. But hey, I'm just saying that 'cause I've never felt emotionally and physically connected to one (of course I'm quite connected emotionally to my friends, but there's absolutely not physical attraction), so who knows... I also find it hard to have occasional sex. I've had a friend with benefits, with whom I didn't have any romantic relationship, we simply felt good when being together without feeling any need to take the relationship a step forward. I guess it could be the same with a woman, to me.
  10. Totally love tattoos! Of course not every tattoo, but tattoos (on both men and women) and ear rings (on men) are so fu**ing sexy. I have 3 myself, all of them b&w, but the 4th is waiting, full of water colours!
  11. Yare


    Welcome! And yeap, I'm in the same situation, never had any experience with women, but it's been a while I'm feeling curious...let's see where this road will take us
  12. Yare

    Annoying Things Your Pet Does

    One of my cats steals socks. She literally hunt them. Once, when her kittens were just few months old, se brought a sock to them as a hunt trophy, she was so proud of it... She also stole some socks from our neighbours.
  13. I loved it ahahah you're all right, girls! I'll take a breath and do it, I'll keep you updated
  14. I've never had experiences with women, and I'm actually not feeling physical attraction to any women I know, right now. Anyways, I'm really curious to try this experience, it mentally turns me on, even though in the real world nothing has ever happened. For this reason, a couple of months ago I created an account on an app (although I don't really like online dating), and started to talk to this super nice girl, who's staying in a nearby city. We just talked, never ever approached the topic of the possibility to hang out, though. We talked about playing together, with my flatmates too, 'cause we're all musicians, but that's all. It's been a while since the last time we chatted, but I was thinking about inviting her over, to finally join us for a jam session. I don't think I'm ready to ask anyone for a date, but I'd like to know her better, so I guess this could be a nice way to finally meet each other, without any other purpose. But I'm procrastinating all the time, I'm afraid I could feel uncomfortable >.< Advices? Or similar experiences I could learn from?
  15. Yare

    Are You Ok With Being Single?

    I'm usually ok with it, I'm scared of feeling trapped when in a relationship (that's not always the case, but it's hard for me to ignore the urge to run away), but at the same time, I miss having someone right now. Someone to share moments and memories with, someone with whom I can lay my weapons down. And mostly, someone to love, I'd say what I miss the most now is feeling something...