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  1. I would definitely travel the world if money and time weren't an issue. I wouldn't want to be limited to experiences of new areas, people and food. I would also see the Northern lights in Alaska on top of other destinations mentioned. Oh, the pictures I would take.
  2. I'm not sure there are any words or actions that help the hurt go away (I lost my mom last month), but know you aren't alone.
  3. shybi

    I have been following this thread since it started. As someone who only recently joined the site, I haven't felt knowledgeable enough to comment on the history or practices. However, I thought now was a good time to offer my perspective. I am not going to claim experience with website management or the financial workings required. I came to this site because it offered me a supportive like-minded community. The fact that it was free to join was an added bonus to me. I like that it was more private than social media since at the time I was only out to a few friends. For me, paying a small monthly fee would be justified to keep the site running if it means the privacy that many have sought would remain in tact. I do think that transparency should be considered if a fee is imposed. I also agree with others with the suggestion of a committee approach to site management. It would ease the burden on a single person and perhaps make a good site great. I personally don't feel I could vote for the committee since I don't have the established history. Not sure my thoughts will change anything but there it is.
  4. For me, Evan Rachel Wood was pivotal in coming to terms of my bisexuality. Her speech for the Human Rights Campaign and her personal video on YouTube spoke to me on a deeply personal level. I realized I was not alone and there was nothing wrong with me. Also watching Ruby Rose in OITNB was one of the first times I began to actively question things. Although I had always noticed women (especially strong women), that was an important moment for me.
  5. I love the black and white photos. There is something completely timeless and artistic about them.
  6. Dirty Dancing- ;). Could always be worse.
  7. A quick update, I told my best friend a couple days ago. Overall it wasn't much of surprise to her since she suspected it a couple years ago. However she was still very supportive and that made it easier. Turns out my fears were completely unfounded. I also told my mom but given her health condition at the time (end stage ALS), I'm not sure she heard me. I want to believe she did hear me though. Ultimately I know she wanted me to be happy in my life, and I feel better knowing I didn't miss an opportunity to be true to myself.
  8. I've really been enjoying the thread, such great pictures and so inspirational. I have photographed multiple weddings but a lesbian wedding is on my (photo) bucket list for sure. There seems to be a different feel compared to a man and a women wedding. Ultimately love is love though and that's what matters.
  9. Welcome, I hope you find the support you are seeking. You are definitely not alone in your experiences. Although for me, I know my crush is bi but not interested.
  10. Almost Friday
  11. People who are rude and close minded are definitely red flags. If you can't be respectful then I'm not interested. As someone who used to smoke (almost 4 years smoke free), I would prefer a non smoker because of smell and temptation. Obsessive gamers, I don't mind if you play occasionally but if you adjust your work schedule to play or choose the game over human interaction consistently then there's a problem. But probably the #1 thing is dishonesty, I hate lying. I might not like what you have to say but if it's honest then I can at least respect it.
  12. I usually find a walk at the botanical gardens or down my favorite cozy street to be relaxing. Often times, I'll bring my camera and the rest of the world disappears. Also I enjoy reading but don't always get the chance-goal for the year is to read more.
  13. I hope 2018 is everything you hope for and more. I think it's going to be a good year.
  14. I'm not a morning person at all and I don't like kissing someone before I have brushed my teeth. But for the right person, I'd be willing to make an exception.
  15. Welcome to the site. I think it's great that you want to be a more authentic version of yourself. I hope you find what you are looking for here.