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  1. Oooh good luck! Just go for it! I've done quite a few dates with people online (dudes, but still). Make sure someone knows where you're going, if you don't know what to wear just go smart/casual (nice top showing a little cleavage and jeans was my go to). Have a plan to get away if it's going badly. Don't expect too much but if there's a vibe and you're comfortable with it, then go for it. Sounds like we have a similar type lol, enjoy!!
  2. Toddler has a cold, the man has ruined his back and it's pouring with rain just as I'm about to leave the house. Rotten luck lately :( 

    1. LeedsLass


      Sorry to hear that! Hope your day gets better. Sending you love x

    2. Apsalar15


      It's just one thing after another at the moment!! The aforementioned toddler broke my glasses nearly two weeks ago and it seemed to start a spiral of shitty luck lol. Finally getting new glasses tomorrow though! Thanks love x

  3. @ShyKitty never apologise for amazing boobs <3
  4. Black sails is so good!

    1. Apsalar15


      One of the best shows ever! <3 

  5. Great minds
  6. Hello @partofme Fellow mum of three, awesome. Hard work isn't it lol. Sorry to hear about your marriage but sounds like you're doing really well! X
  7. Well that's super hard. I've often dreamed of starting over and making way, way better decisions that would hopefully lead to having a much nicer life lol. But 10 was kind of a crappy age for me and I have a great little family right now, plus I'm already 33...so red pill for me.
  8. This is going to sound really cheesy and annoying, but - if he's the right person for you, you know. I wasn't looking for anything but when I met my fiance, I just knew in the core of my being that he was right for me. Yes there's an often nagging "if only there were some way to have a woman as well" feeling but that's literally nothing to do with my relationship, that's just me wanting to have my cake and eat it lol.
  9. Seriously @ShyKitty your profile picture is so distracting
  10. Ok that post is riddled with mistakes. I'm sleep deprived and my phone hates me. Sorry
  11. A baked woman, ahahahahaha. Stupid phone!
  12. As others have said you need to work this out before it becomes too complicated. I'm pretty lucky in that I found my forever person a few years ago. He happens to be a man but I'm with him because he's pretty wonderful. I already had a child and we've had 2 so I have all the serious stuff. However before him I flitted from person to person and like so many others here I ended it before it got too serious, with the exception of my first child's dad...but that was only due to getting pregnant and obviously that doesn't work and just makes things messier. If I wasn't with my partner now I'm sure I'd be with a woman. I fantasise more about women, I generally don't find many men attractive and I'd take a baked woman over a naked man, they're just nicer to look at! Luckily for me my guy is fine with me being bi and he's hoping it works in his favourite one day haha. You really do need to be honest with him and yourself, before it gets harder. And you're so young, you don't need to tie yourself to something you're not trust invested in.
  13. See now part of me is tempted to answer that but I'm going to have to go with my sensible side and say maybe it would be wise to get things sorted out with your marriage first. Establish whether you both want to stay or whether you've reached the end of your time together. Because if you do pursue this woman it could so easily blow up in your face, especially with her being married too. There's a few too many potential pitfalls for me to say go for it...I know that's probably not what you want to hear! Good luck
  14. To echo SioRan she DEFINITELY fancies you. Those signals are fairly loud and clear. Obviously I don't know whether either of your marriages are open to anything, so assuming that you're all totally monogamous - proceed with caution. That amount of texting, plus the flirting, is more than just friendship. Enjoy it, but be wary of enjoying it too much haha.
  15. Before Shybi I used to think... Well. To be honest I'm not sure what to put. I've known and been fine with being bi from a fairly early age. I've had some experiences which were great. So all good in that respect. I suppose before joining shys I've always felt like an outsider, not because of my sexuality but just in general, and it's never bothered me but i sort of feel like I fit in here and its quite nice. Talking to so many like minded women is great