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  1. She's going to be staying over tomorrow night...no big deal.

    *Loses mind*

  2. Another one here who loves the word and the feeling of compersion If you find polyamory interesting, try reading The Ethical Slut. A fun and informative read!
  3. So many ladies in your situation on here, chances are you'll find someone to chat to who totally gets it. Welcome from a fellow UK girl
  4. Thank you for this thread, I loved the moomins as a kid and absolutely adore Freida kahlos art <3
  5. Welcome always nice to see another Brit in the ranks!
  6. I'm in that bored and frustrated slump again. Humpf.

    1. Nidalaeh


      I hate that slump!

    2. Apsalar15


      Days just blur into each other in one big blob of nothingness sometimes don't they :/

    3. Nidalaeh


      Yes they do

  7. Love you Punky <3
  8. I don't mind being an emotional fluffer but there has to be give and take, I'm not just here to boost egos `\_0_/`

  9. Done
  10. I love a bit of the excitement but only if underneath it lies a unicorn. I have to say my man definitely fits your unicorn description We will see which category she falls into but I suspect somewhere in the middle O_0
  11. There's a pride event on in august in a nearby city so I'm really hoping to go this year, I've never been to a pride before. I just need to find someone to go with!
  12. You need to weigh up whether your curiosity or your marriage is more important if it's a deal breaker for him. I'm lucky to have a very open minded and understanding partner but if it was a non negotiable issue I'd have to forget it. Hopefully more talking about it will help but you need to try to see it from his point of view and vica versa. It's a shitty situation :(
  13. Green or purple. Green is my favourite colour, purple is another favourite and is also the bi colour. I also love black...I'm pretty indecisive lol. Any of those will do > <
  14. I went with Socialist, partly because the party I vote for IRL have a socialist leaning leader who is pretty awesome, and partly because I believe a female socialist party would work more effectively than a male one.
  15. I just have to point out that Wentworth doesn't have that much sex in it. It's more of a proper drama rather than a lesbian show.