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  1. I'm pretty open with my guy but I think I've found a compromise. I'll read bits and bobs out but not everything. There hasn't been any raunchy pictures sent but if there were I wouldn't tell him without asking her first. She's married (they're polyam too) so her husband knows, I assume pretty much everything. I have no issue with her sharing whatever she wants with him as I know a lot of polyam couples have a huge amount of honesty and we're very similar. But my fiance would never *expect* me to tell him everything, nor would he demand it. He certainly wouldn't be sitting there reading through messages... Tbh that seems insecure and disrespectful. So I think you will need to set some boundaries. Like you say, she'd be dating you, not him. You need to establish what you're comfortable with and work out a compromise between that and what the other parties are comfortable with. I will say that dating someone who also has a (consenting and aware) partner is definitely the best way forward.
  2. Yikes, tomorrow is date day! First official date with a woman xD 

    1. Gemini82


      Hope you have a fabulous time! 

    2. Apsalar15
  3. Don't freak out about your feelings or lack thereof for your husband. There's a common pattern with most of the ladies here in that they get super excited about their bisexuality and it consumes them to the point where they might question whether they're actually gay, they lose attraction to men etc etc. Bear with it. If you're only just embracing it now then it's new and thrilling, and confusing and awesome. The newness will eventually wear off so give it time to settle down before you let it effect your husband too. Once you're more level headed about everything, then if you can, talk to him. I know that's not the "you go girl!!" Advice that a lot of people throw out to every new member, but believe me it's important. Take time to get to know yourself, talk things through with people in the same position and try to keep a rational head on whilst also enjoying yourself. Good luck!
  4. Godddddd this week is going to drag...

  5. Smirking, lip biting, one eyebrow raised, little physical touches. When a girl plays with her own hair a lot I know something's happening - either she's getting nervous or flirting, either is good really ;)
  6. Binding could work for you, but please don't use just anything, buy a special binding vest or you could end up doing damage. There is a great website that do gender neutral clothing (got my eye on a couple of shirts on there) and they do the vests as well as underwear - it's called genderfreeworld.com You could very well be non binary, but only you can know that and make that call. Do some research, maybe look into counselling if it's really bothering you, but just know that you're not alone and there's plenty of help out there. Good luck
  7. I woke up to a frisky man and the knowledge that I have a lady date soon. Lucky lucky meeee <3
  8. Aah, she's so pretty and intelligent and sweet. And I managed to bag a date with her *puffs out chest*

  9. I recommended it to my fiance and he can't get on it at all, he's gutted because basically all other online resources for bi guys are rubbish or really seedy. It's weird though because I seem to be able to get on it!
  10. Hi ladies, I don't suppose anyone knows if there's a site similar to this one for men? My fiance would like to explore but I've urged him to join a community before a dating app because it's so important to lay the groundwork. I'm pretty sure he doesn't really know much about bi male culture etc. Most of the stuff he knows comes from me and I can only give him a female perspective. We have so much love and respect for the LGBT community that I'd hate for him to get overwhelmed, come across as ignorant or targeted by people who would abuse the fact that he's new to it all. I suggested Reddit so in hoping he looks on there but a specific forum could be really helpful. TIA x
  11. Most people aren't truly straight down the line in their sexuality, we all have some fluidity even if we don't admit it. I find I feel "more gay" when I'm interested in a woman. As far as sex goes I think my perfect person would be the passion and attention of a woman, with the firmness and fire of a man. I have to say my fiance is an amazing lover and person, and I wouldn't change him for the world but I still need a lady too.
  12. If it helps at all, my situation is like that but not at all in a weird, toxic, one penis way. I simply don't want another man and I'm generally more drawn to women so it's my decision to only date women, and I know quite a few people in the same boat. I don't know how to phrase it without making it sound like it's all his idea and I'm the little woman going along with it - and it's maddening!!
  13. Hmmm Let's just say the fantasy is less likely to give me a panic attack than the reality.
  14. Aaaah it's stressful in it's own way :/
  15. Glad to be of help @ConfusedWifey!