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    Gaming, binge watching shows. Reading (total fantasy geek), listening to music when I get chance. Seems my new hobby is making friends with other bi chicks :D
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  1. Does in my head count?! :')
  2. Well my fiance and I have every intention of finding a woman to join us so in that respect, absolutely Night out or night in?
  3. Nothing ruins a diet quite like a hangover. Who's got cake? :')

    1. Gemini82


      No cake. Cheese and ham toasties are on the go here!

    2. Apsalar15


      Aaah that sounds good. The man went to the shop so we had tea and cake. Feeling slightly more human now!!

  4. Morning ladies. Slightly hungover, tired and sore lol. But I'm here! Hmmm I've crossed the line with a few friends in various ways but I don't think it ever ruined the friendship immediately. Probably the only example was my first love in school and that was all quite innocent but he broke my heart when he totally ghosted me. Had a friend turn into a fuck buddy and we're still friends now. I've probably been quite lucky! Have you ever knowingly slept with someone who was in a relationship?
  5. I'm off to bed now but I'm sure I'll be happy to continue whilst sober
  6. Just for fun really. Unwinding with my fiance lots of talk of getting another lady involved...fun but frustrating!
  7. Ah nice, I used to drink that. Should do it again at some point!
  8. @Wisleia what's your go to drink?
  9. Amaretto <3
  10. I'm slightly tipsy and I should be asleep, but let's play a game. Ask me, or anyone who comments before you, anything you like! Answers must be honest!
  11. Aaah there's always that one who makes you go "Yep...I'm definitely bi" I was quite lucky that mine was when I was 16.
  12. Oh @Bifrog, I know it's painful but reading that makes me miss having a crush. I'm still mad in love with my fiance even after 6 years but I want a crusssssh lol
  13. Gotta be honest here and agree with what's been said. You're putting too much expectation and pressure on both of you. It's great that you have ideas but please don't go in expecting everything to be perfect and go to plan. First times can be awkward and weird, but it's good because then you build up experience. By all means be romantic and stuff but don't be disappointed if it doesn't go to plan. Hell I've been having sex since I was 16, I'm 33 now and it still goes wrong sometimes!
  14. You know what I meant @ChemFem!
  15. Same here, my man loves going down on me. And he's really good at it ;3 I want more lengthy kissing sessions. I'd love to get our kink on again but having young children it's not really doable. I want a threesome with my man and another woman, definitely. Tribbing. Yes please. I want to make a woman orgasm. And just a little thing I suppose but I'd be really happy to have a long, hot kissing session with a woman. Whether my fiance is there or not. Inspired by other comments, the massage idea sounds awesome.