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  1. Apsalar15

    Going down - on a man

    It all boils down to making him feel good, so worship him with your mouth. Run your lips up and down him, kissing and licking. Stroke him with your hand at the same time if it helps you. Run your tongue around the head where it's sensitive and when you're ready, take him in your mouth and work your way down as far as you're comfortable with. Time your breathing with the motion of going up and down, maybe get him to gently thrust into your mouth (helps the jaw ache I find lol). Take a break if you need to but use your hand whilst you catch your breath. Some guys also like their balls being played with a bit ;) If that doesn't work, he's not human xD
  2. That's awful, your poor friend and her partner :( I don't, fortunately, have any experience of this so I'm afraid I can't give any advice but I didn't want to read and run. I think the best you can do is just be there for her as a friend like you're obviously already doing. Does she have any other partners or metamours? The ideal situation would be that they'd all help each other through it but poly doesn't always work the way we'd like... Hope she's alright!
  3. I have an injured man and kids with colds. Wonderful -_-

  4. Apsalar15

    Monster Hunter World

    Yeah, same time limit. The old games were much harder though, the new one holds your hand more and they made loads of quality of life improvements. You had to find the monster then throw a paintball at the monster so it would show up on the map, and that was time limited. No scoutflies, no handler etc. Just harder in general really lol. I do prefer a lot about the new game but the SOS thing and the MMO feel to it have taken something away. You used to make a room and take turns to post quests, and if you wanted to rank up, each person had to post it so if you had four people you'd have to do the same key quest four times to get everyone leveled up. It was fun though, more sense of community coz high level players would purposely hang out just to help newbies. It was nice
  5. Apsalar15

    Monster Hunter World

    Oh wow, a reply! :"D We're on PS4. It's actually slightly easier on solo mode because the difficulty multiplier is ramped up as soon as you play with even one other player. I think we worked out that it's pretty much the same difficulty playing with 2 players as 4 so you're best off in a team of 4 if you're doing multiplayer! I've been playing properly since MH3U. I prefer it being on a proper console *but* the old games had a lot more monsters and a lot of them were much cooler. Hoping they bring a lot of them back, I might go back to playing it then.
  6. Apsalar15

    How’s online dating going for you?

    I met what seems to be the only local-ish bi and poly woman near me on OkCupid who I actually found attractive and thankfully we clicked in quite a big way. Went out with her recently and it went really well. Hang in there coz you never know!
  7. Apsalar15

    Married Bi curious Nervous Scared Update

    Exactly @softfruit, there's that period of time where it's all you can think about so it can feel as though maybe your old life was a lie, which is just so confusing. I've come to realise that I do lean more towards women, but that doesn't mean I'm gay, I'm just further along on the bi spectrum. I still love and want my fiance, even though generally I find women more attractive and interesting than men. But I can go on a date with a woman, have an amazing time and still be really happy to come home to him. It's more about the person than the gender after all is said and done.
  8. Apsalar15

    Loads of bi stuff this week!

    I'll go look for it!
  9. Apsalar15

    Loads of bi stuff this week!

    Hah no way, which one? Yeah it's a pain being in a place that's so out of the way of most events :( I don't drive yet either so I'm a bit stuck!
  10. Apsalar15

    Loads of bi stuff this week!

    Happy Bi Visibility Day @softfruit! I put a subtle-ish frame on my FB picture and I've been sharing around articles and stuff so I've done my bit as much as I can. As far as I know there's not really many groups or anything in my neck of the woods but I'd love to get involved if there was (and if I could work it around the kids).
  11. Happy Bi Visibility Day!! Go be visible, ladies! 

  12. Yikes, tomorrow is date day! First official date with a woman xD 

    1. Gemini82


      Hope you have a fabulous time! 

    2. Apsalar15


      Thanks love! 

  13. Apsalar15

    Married Bi curious Nervous Scared Update

    Don't freak out about your feelings or lack thereof for your husband. There's a common pattern with most of the ladies here in that they get super excited about their bisexuality and it consumes them to the point where they might question whether they're actually gay, they lose attraction to men etc etc. Bear with it. If you're only just embracing it now then it's new and thrilling, and confusing and awesome. The newness will eventually wear off so give it time to settle down before you let it effect your husband too. Once you're more level headed about everything, then if you can, talk to him. I know that's not the "you go girl!!" Advice that a lot of people throw out to every new member, but believe me it's important. Take time to get to know yourself, talk things through with people in the same position and try to keep a rational head on whilst also enjoying yourself. Good luck!
  14. Godddddd this week is going to drag...

  15. Smirking, lip biting, one eyebrow raised, little physical touches. When a girl plays with her own hair a lot I know something's happening - either she's getting nervous or flirting, either is good really ;)