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  1. Ladies! Our lady is staying with us for 2 weeks and I thought it might be fun to ask a group of like-minded women what kind of thing they might like another woman to do to/with them... Bear in mind there's a man in the mix so any mff tips are appreciated as well but I'm thinking more specifically about what I can do for her to make her think I'm a sex goddess :"D So... Thinking caps on and let your imagination run wild girls. I'll be waiting
  2. Hey girls, been a while since I posted anything on here, but... ...it seems I have achieved the impossible A couple of weeks ago, myself and my fiance confessed to one of my oldest and best friends that we had feelings for her. Especially from my side - there had always been a little something between us but I never really knew what it was or what to do with it. There's been lots of confusion, a couple of freak outs and loooooads of communication but it would seem that she's officially our girlfriend <3 I still can't quite believe it! I'm totally smitten with her and it's been amazing getting to know her in this whole new way, it was a challenge to go from friends to more but I'm so glad it's happening. Sadly we live 220 miles apart at the moment so now I'm missing her like hell, but it'll be worth it to see her again. The vibe between the three of us is amazing and we seem compatible in so many ways ;) Can't believe my luck!! So ladies, you never know what could happen
  3. Oh don't worry ladies I'm not forcing a single thing. Was mostly just curious as to whether anything particular got you going that was recommended to try!
  4. Only a few hours until she walks through my door again <3

    1. Ice


      Tell her I say hello! Enjoy love! <3

  5. What I wouldn't give to be a straight dude sometimes. FML 

  6. Today was good. Got out of the house with the kids, the man sent me a picture of him looking particularly hot, enjoyed chatting lots to a friend and had a good flirt with my girl. Then a big ol' gay double rainbow appeared, which I'm taking as a sign :D

  7. Thanks ladies!! <3 @tnmom yes it's couple but with a "th" sound. The other word is triad, which is cool and all but does make us sound like a gang haha! We're taking it one day at a time but she seems just as invested in it as we are so I'm feeling optimistic.
  8. Thank you so much @Sithandra I guess I just mean I feel super lucky that the risk we took paid off. I was terrified. But I put so much thought into the entire thing before telling her and since then it's been a lot of talking and working through things. It will take work and dedication but she's worth it
  9. Haha @Amethyst753 thank you it does feel a bit like winning a jackpot! We're all feeling very lucky I think.
  10. I miss her :(

    1. Ice


      Hugs. She'll be back before you know it :)

    2. Apsalar15


      Yeah it's not long. Just can't believe how much I miss her already. Ridiculous really lol

  11. Get out of it yooooou
  12. I'm bored, so - 1) I've had pretty much everything pierced 2) I've never broken a bone 3) I was born in South Africa 4) I'm dipping my toes into polyamory 5) I should've done well at college and gone to University. I didn't and will probably always regret it.
  13. I am haunting your dreams,
    conducting these fevers
    from a distance,
    a distance that leaves me weeping,
    and storming,
    and bereft.

    1. HerbanOrla


      This is really very beautiful! 

    2. Apsalar15


      I can't take credit I'm afraid. It's from a poem called Yearn On by Katie Donovan, brilliant poet :)

  14. I've recently had to suck it up and be really honest with one of my oldest and best friends about my feelings for her. One of the scariest things I've ever done! But she's still here, still loves me. And although nothing's officially happened, it appears to be moving in the right direction, just very slowly. I think particularly with women, honesty really is the best policy. Good luck!
  15. It would be a red flag for me. Sounds like she's fishing for compliments because she's really insecure. I haven't got time for that. She obviously got defensive when you called her out as well. Red flags!
  16. Both dreading and looking forward to tonight :O

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    2. Maggie51


      How did it go? xx

    3. starcrossed


      Hey! Big night for me? Nope, I wish :D I only meant 'same' in the sense of agreeing with Maggie51 that I hoped it went well... which I hope it did :) x

    4. Apsalar15


      Ohhhh lol

      Yeah there's been quite a lot happen, in a way. I won't go into it here coz it'll be an essay!

  17. She's going to be staying over tomorrow night...no big deal.

    *Loses mind*

  18. Another one here who loves the word and the feeling of compersion If you find polyamory interesting, try reading The Ethical Slut. A fun and informative read!
  19. So many ladies in your situation on here, chances are you'll find someone to chat to who totally gets it. Welcome from a fellow UK girl
  20. Thank you for this thread, I loved the moomins as a kid and absolutely adore Freida kahlos art <3
  21. Welcome always nice to see another Brit in the ranks!
  22. I'm in that bored and frustrated slump again. Humpf.

    1. Nidalaeh


      I hate that slump!

    2. Apsalar15


      Days just blur into each other in one big blob of nothingness sometimes don't they :/

    3. Nidalaeh


      Yes they do

  23. Love you Punky <3
  24. I don't mind being an emotional fluffer but there has to be give and take, I'm not just here to boost egos `\_0_/`

  25. Done