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  1. I'm slightly tipsy and I should be asleep, but let's play a game. Ask me, or anyone who comments before you, anything you like! Answers must be honest!
  2. Hello ladies @ChemFem my favourite colour is green too! Lip balm Are you a neat freak or more on the messy side?
  3. I'm 33 and approve this thread I think I would sleep with a younger woman but probably couldn't make a deeper connection... That might sound awful but tough haha
  4. You'd be best off posting in the relationship forum, this is just the welcome bit so people don't tend to create or read massive threads here. The traffic is in other areas - you just need to actually look around
  5. BiCupid is absolutely rubbish, you're not missing anything. You have to pay a ridiculous fee to send a message, and the one person who caught my eye had uploaded their pics five years ago and not posted anything for almost as long, so they don't even keep their user activity or profiles up to date. Awful place. POF is better but it's mostly couples looking for random threesomes, from what I saw. I've taken myself off of all of them coz I don't see it working for me in my situation.
  6. shybi

    Yeah I use my phone but I prefer using apps for stuff like this these days. Maybe if everything works out it'll be something to look at doing later down the line
  7. shybi

    Is there any way we could have an app instead of a site? Apps tend to have an easy UI and generate money via simple ads. Just seems that apps have taken the place of sites these days so if shys wants to move with the times it would be a good idea - I'm just checking it out there, I wouldn't know how to do it myself lol, it's just an idea. It also would increase privacy re husbands and family coz you wouldn't have to keep deleting your browser history, for the ladies that find themselves in that situation! No clue how practical that is but thought it was worth suggesting.
  8. I think the only sensible suggestion is to be honest. And the whole denying it stuff is actually pretty cruel - it's practically gaslighting. I know you want your cake and to eat it but something has to give here. You all deserve better and I think you already know that this situation can't go on the way it is.
  9. We celebrated our first one but our anniversary is in January and we don't even celebrate that because it's so close to Christmas! And our daughters birthday is 20th Feb so Valentine's day doesn't get a look in. We're very affectionate both physically and verbally all year and buy each other random gifts here and there. Valentine's day just seems like a money making thing these days. We don't need it, we know how much we mean to each other.
  10. @NooBi My dad's been gone just over six years, it still hurts sometimes but that feeling does fade away eventually.
  11. Hello I happened to stumble across your post about your husband the other day - first of all I just want to say I'm so sorry you had to go through all of that and so sorry for your loss xxx As for the grief and libido thing, obviously it's a bit different but about a month after losing my dad my sex drive went wild. And funny enough I hooked up with a male friend. We'd already slept together a couple of times but not for a long time. I think I ended up sleeping with three different guys in that month which isn't something I'd normally do! Everyone's experience of grief is different but I think for me personally, obviously I was horny but I was also desperate to feel anything other than the numbing emptiness and raw pain that had been consuming me. Sex was therapy, an ego boost and a way to shut out the constant grief if only for a few hours. If it works, it works right? So yeah... More power to you, no not everyone will understand and it's none of their business anyway so you can tell or not tell anyone. But i definitely get it coz I've been in a similar situation and I think it's awesome that you have someone that you have that kind of friendship with. Hope you're doing alright x
  12. I've started playing Skyrim four times now, first on the PC, then the PS3, then PS4 and now the Nintendo Switch. So weird playing it on a handheld but it's really cool!
  13. Listening to Korn and watching my toddler dance to it :')
  14. Good choice! Picasso. I saw the Weeping Woman in real life as a teenager and I'll never forget it. Chocolate spread or peanut butter?
  15. Might be easier to use a photo compressing app, that's what I did.
  16. Sunset Dragons or unicorns? (And I mean actual unicorns, not the bisexual unicorn lol)
  17. Depends on my mood. If I'm horny I'm not interested in cuddles >:)
  18. Oooh I couldn't possibly tell! Right now my biggest fantasy is a threesome with my man and another woman. Favourite hobby?
  19. Alright girls, Anyone playing Monster Hunter World? I've been hyped about it for ages coz I've been playing MH games for a few years so I'm LOVING it so good to have it back on PlayStation. Be great to find some fellow hunters on here...
  20. Yep!
  21. Blue or green eyes. Cheeky, knowing smiles. Good sense of humour. Intelligence. Kind but won't take any shit. Sexually open minded.
  22. Whilst I remember it, I just wanted to tell you I had a random shybi dream - I got banned for trying to use HTML! Then I tried to argue with a moderator but they were having none of it lol :'D hilarious but I woke up like "omg I can't believe I can't go on shys any more!" But then I realised it wasn't real and was really relieved haha Anyone else have weird dreams lately?
  23. I like the way you think ;)
  24. Don't worry that happens to me too *cries*
  25. I'm officially in the clan, huh? Ah saucy dreams are the best. Could do with more of them.