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  1. To all the ladies in serious relationships with men but who are lucky enough to be able to see women on the side, how's it going? Any luck? My guy is ok with it, or least coming to terms with being ok with it. I did have a sort of date arranged but something felt off about it and I think it was too soon for him, so I cancelled. It's also difficult in general because we have kids! It didn't help that an old friend has resurfaced and it's brought up some old feelings as well. I'm going to see her soon...eek! Let's hear your stories
  2. I agree with you about crushes. I'm a glutton for punishment! Hopefully someone will catch your eye soon and give you that fizz in your tummy! I'm seeing my friend/potential crush soon and I'm really excited but also because I've not seen her in so long I'm wondering if it's just in my head. We'll see
  3. Only takes once eh @moonbynight! :")
  4. It's really unlikely just from that particular act so don't freak out. But if you want to be certain you can't get an accurate test result until around the time your period is due. To put your mind at ease for the future I recommend you do lots of research, educate yourself as much as possible. Don't let anyone pressure you into anything, no matter how much he says he loves you. And use condoms. If he won't use a condom it proves he doesn't care about you, only his own pleasure. Use this experience to protect yourself in the future.
  5. No it's all good, just wanted to impart my personal experience coz shit can happen lol. I personally don't think it was pre-cum in my case, more like my man didn't up hold his end of the bargain lol! But we were a little drunk. And we wouldn't be without our boy now. But he's booked for a vasectomy three kids is more than enough!!
  6. Oh and you're not a virgin...
  7. Wow that was graphic for first thing in the morning And yes, you can. It's obviously not as likely, statistically. But possible. Literally any unprotected vaginal sex has a possibility, at any time of the month. The only way to be (almost) 100% safe is condoms. Also the only way to protect against STIs. And before it sounds like I'm just trying to scare you, I'm currently looking at my son who wouldn't be here if it weren't for pre cum/withdrawal... (Not entirely sure which but we thought we were being careful LOL) :"D so I've lived it!
  8. Whoa something has got messed up here, I never commented on this thread, my comment was about tribbing... literally nothing to do with Playboy coz I've never looked at it! What is going on with this place lately!?
  9. I'm not too bothered to be honest. The girl I was in love with was quite thin but with a good little bum. I had bruises from her hip bones lol. I like willowy, what I call "ethereal" looking girls but I also love big boobs, a tummy, hips and a good bum...so yeah I guess I'm pretty easy to please! If you have nice eyes and a great sense of humour then I'm happy!
  10. I'm wearing plaid again today xD
  11. Ah it's not just being here, it's money and 3 young kids lol. One day, one day...
  12. That's similar to me I'm 33, we've been together 6.5 years. And I was open from the start that I liked girls too, told him about the sort of gf I had when I was younger etc. But yeah we've reached the point where he's ok with the idea of me exploring, so that's a relief. We're pretty lucky aren't we!! Xx
  13. Ah I think a lot of us can relate to that!! I've found myself in the position where my man said I can date a woman without him being directly involved (though obviously it would be fun if he was) so I'm just figuring that out! Xx
  14. Don't mind at all. It's a bit dead on shys recently but I usually check in a couple of times a day x
  15. Aaaw man that sounds fab. Shame I'm stuck in Devon!
  16. Technically I saved someone from suicide. Helped quite a lot at least. One of my cats I got from an old neighbour, she was only 6 weeks old and her son had thrown the kitten across a room so I demanded she give it to me. She was also only fed biscuits, no meat. Shes now a five year old, beautiful fluffy jet black ball of love. I think she probably would've been either hurt, killed or abandoned if I hadn't intervened. I've saved many insects in my time. Gotta help the little guys.
  17. It's certainly more "active" lol. Although time zones are a bit of a pain!
  18. As of last night... several members :"D
  19. No alcohol?! I'm living in a different country to you then haha
  20. I think you probably need to let it all go and move on. Sometimes people are in our lives for a while and then vanish but they usually teach us some kind of lesson. He obviously has a different life now and for whatever reason he may not want to be reminded of his old life.
  21. Hmmm Gonna be a bit controversial and say no religion.
  22. God he would wouldn't he
  23. I've not done any kinky stuff with a girl beyond getting a bit rough but I do like some BDSM. Just don't get chance with having young children now! I'm pretty submissive and like being tied up, teased, some pain play and spanking - I particularly like my riding crop. I like a hand around my throat, hair pulling etc. But BDSM is only really hot with someone you truly trust and respect, I wouldn't do it with someone I didn't know really well. If I could get over the awkwardness I'd probably enjoy role play as well.
  24. That moment when your man gives you his blessing to look for a lady, without him being involved :O But where to start?!

    1. Punk Maneuverability

      Punk Maneuverability

      Start in Australia :hyper: 

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      Would if I could doll ;) xx

  25. Devon here. Lived in Wales a few years ago! X