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  1. Just a thought. Why, evolutionary speaking, scissoring is so good? And penetration not much? maybe in the old times, we needed to get along with other woman to survive..
  2. Definitely good! You don’t need to be naked. Both with jeans, clit on the other leg, is beautiful too.. it was the only experience that I had an orgasm with someone (men or this only woman I had).
  3. Thank you! You might be right. Besides, It’s more comfortable for me to think she is just being friendly.
  4. Need some light here, please.. I’m working in a new division of my company for a year. My “new” boss is a female of 55 yo, married, with kids. I’m 35 also married and kids. She is very respected by everyone in the office and also by our clients. She is not very friendly at first because she is very busy. Some coworkers complains about her not saying “hello” sometimes. She is always being requested in many meetings. There are some days, we not even see her around. Well..lets get in the interesting part: I admire her a lot, professionally speaking. recently, we had a happy hour for the end of the year, and I was talking with some coworkers and she came to have a wine with us and she was very open with me, giving me advices about children, talking with intimacy. she seemed very interested in getting to know me. ok, she stayed with our group for a long time, until I have to leave home. At this day, nothing gone through my mind, only that she was in fact very friendly. at the second happy hour, a bigger one with all the division, was the same. I was With some coworkers and at a given moment, she came (this time talking to other coworkers), very communicative. One week latter, she called all the team (about 20 person) together in a room to give some news. At a given moment, she focused my face and “stayed” with me until the end of her speech. I wonder my look was suportive for her. this week, at the office, I was in my cubicle, reading something and she walk in the corridor, stopped by the printer (but didn’t print anything), looked back to my direction and give a big smile when saw me. I smiled back, a smaller smile actually, as I was surprised by her. Also this week, I was talking to my direct boss (male) in my table about a report I have done and she came out of nothing, got in to my “space” , sitted in my work table very close to me and was very interested in what we were debating. My male boss was apart, he was not so close. I showed her some documents in my computer and she stayed quiet hearing my explanation. After all, she started speaking a lot, kind a teaching me a lot of things. And I was following her point. Detail: at some points of her talking, her face was blushed. After we have set all, she stayed for a minute sitted in my table looking her phone. Later that day, she was walking, arriving from a meeting and I caught she looking at me (or maybe at the window behind me). The thing is I’m thinking about her all the time. It is disturbing me. And now I’m very curious about why she is getting closer and so open with me. I have other coworkers and she doesn’t even look at them. They are very good professionals and have a lot of professional things to debate with her. But still there is a distance between them. I would like to know what is the situation around me or if there is no situation. Do you girls think I’m seing more than I should?