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  1. I'd say he's super excited about it! It feels like he would be supportive but I have struggled with it internally...i.e. am I really attracted to women or just boobs...
  2. thanks so much. This helps a lot. As you can tell I'm still not totally comfortable admitting to myself that I'm bisexual or bi-curious. I think I've justified it so far by telling myself I just have a boob fetish and that's worked well but obviously now these feelings are coming to the surface now and I'm opening up more. Hubby knows I like boobs and have fantasies about women but does that mean I've come out to him? Do I have to say the words "I'm bisexual"???
  3. Whether or not you’ll want to actually fool around with a woman is something only you can know. What about a threesome or a free pass from your husband? It's complicated for me...I fantasize about being on top of a woman while getting fucked by a guy from behind. So I guess that answers the question of wanting to fool around with a woman but I want a guy to be there too? So turned on by the image of a FFM threesome. As far as asking my husband for a free pass or threesome, something is keeping me from having that conversation with him. I guess I'm still not sure if it's real or what??? Kinda confused still.
  4. I'm married (16 years) and have always identified as straight but I'm starting to come to grips with a few things that have always been deeply tucked away in my mind. I've always fantasized while masturbating about women's breasts. Makes me cum pretty much every time. Love sex with my husband and I know I'm attracted to men but I'm opening up to my sexual attraction to boobs. It's undeniable. I'm not really attracted to other parts but I think breasts are like the gateway for me? I've started watching female masturbation porn and it really gets me wet, total surprise to me! Does this make me bi-curious or what????