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  1. Lindalu

    The 12 Hours

    @ScarletOnIce...best dream ever!
  2. Lindalu

    Facial Expressions

    As children, every emotion is clearly written on our cute little faces.Be it excitement at opening a birthday present or fear at the sight of circus clowns(they still scare me!) or anger when another child grabs their favourite toy. Alas, as we get older, we become masters and mistresses at disguising our true feelings.Experts at putting on our 'game face', smiling when we'd rather scream in anger or frustration. I agree that women show their emotions more freely on their faces.We allow the mask to slip ocassionally and when it happens, it's beautiful.In fact, it makes me smile...genuinely!
  3. Lindalu

    Where Would You Like To Be Right Now?

    In the arms of the one I love
  4. Lindalu

    Favorite Quote

    'The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts' Marcus Aurelius
  5. Lindalu

    The 12 Hours

    @ScarletOnIce...you are creating a tantalising masterpiece of erotica! I love it!
  6. Lindalu

    The 12 Hours

    @Cute&Curious...I agree! @ScarletOnIce...undeniably talented weaver of words...don't stop now!
  7. Lindalu

    The 12 Hours

    @ScarletOnIce...beautifully evocative...as always
  8. Lindalu

    What Did You Dream About Last Night?

    I had the weirdest dream ever a few nights ago. Dreamt I was riding a horse through the desert.As I was galloping past, I noticed an angry crowd watching me, scowling and jeering.I called out to them 'you are all just jealous because I have a horse and you don't!' Eventually I stopped and got off the horse...only to find that it was a DOG!!! Not only a dog, but MY bulstaff! He was almost dead, legs splayed, tongue twisted, dehydrated.Very unsettling...dream analyser would have a field day with that one!
  9. Lindalu

    Valentine's Day?

    Overpriced and overrated... Mind you, I'd never say no to chocolates(whatever day it is!)
  10. Lindalu

    I Wish....?

    I wish I could teleport(she sighs dreamily)
  11. Lindalu

    What Makes Women Beautiful?

    Her shy smile...her warmth...her compassion...her charm...her wit...her integrity... All wrapped up in a pretty bow and delivered straight to my door!
  12. Lindalu

    I Wish....?

    I wish I could kiss someone new... Every week... For a year... Not only do I dream big But I'm greedy too!
  13. Lindalu

    I've Never...

    I've never seen Aurora Borealis (but it's on my bucket list!)
  14. Lindalu


    My choices too!
  15. Lindalu

    Breast Or Bum

    I need to join a gym. Feel like I'm missing out! Oh and the exercise would be good for me too! But to answer the question... Breasts!