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  1. "I can resist everything except temptation"

  2. @unknown...Wow! What great descriptive powers you have! I can sense the surrealism and looking forward to feeling it some form...someday!
  3. Powerful yet sensitive...passionate and visually striking...this version of one of my favourite songs...sends me to another place entirely... I love it!
  4. writing

    In a roundabout way...Charles Aznavour! "She may be the beauty or the beast May be the famine or the feast May turn each day into a Heaven or a Hell She may be the mirror of my dreams A smile reflected in a stream She may not be what she may seem Inside her shell ".... (She...whoever She is
  5. @ScarletOnIce...Beautifully written...captivating...please continue
  6. @Tellok...something like that! You mind reader you!
  7. I'm exactly where I want to be right now... in my warm cosy bed... listening to the wind howling... and the rain lashing against the window... I'd dearly love a warm body snuggling next to me... Oh well... Looks like it's you and me...Teddy!
  8. True colors
  9. @SimplyTrouble... Wow! Some of the nicest words I've heard... in one sentence!!! Thank you! Guess who's smiling too?!
  10. Thanks naturally_lovely... So I'm finding out!!!
  11. The old saying is have to kiss a lot of frogs, before you find your prince/princess! And you do learn something new, about yourself, with every connection.So look on it as research, rather than a waste of time! You are right to concentrate on YOU, in the meantime.There's nothing quite so enticing as somebody who doesn't need you but actually wants and chooses to have you in their life.Good luck with your search! She's out there!
  12. Thanks BiTriMama... Will do!
  13. Mandolin, Thank you for your kind words. Wishing the same happiness to you in return... And then some!!! Linda
  14. For many years I played the role of dedicated wife and mother. Twenty six years and five children later, I found myself at a crossroads. I could stay with a man I no longer loved, keeping the 'perfect' family unit together.Or take the tough, scary step and leave.I chose the latter and it was the right decision.That was a year ago.On reflection, the past year has been, in the main, an exciting and refreshing one.I have met some interesting(and some not so interesting!) people, enjoying good company and also enjoying my own company, my own space...when I needed to.Recently, I've made friends with a woman and she has awakened a sleeping giant within me, that I never knew existed.The feelings that she evokes are stronger than any I've ever felt towards a man.Its exciting and beautiful, if a little overwhelming.I am at the start of a new and very different journey and who knows where it will lead, where I will be or how i will feel, this time next year.For now, I am enjoying the moment and open to all life's possibilities.The next chapter will be written when its ready.When I'm ready!
  15. Thanks mcpuffin... Nice to be here