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  1. Yes it went really well! We’re going to meet for a drink in the evening next week so who knows!
  2. Yes I’m going to see it like that I think. After all that’s what it is!! No intentions of anything else at all. Just feels different to meeting a mate or a school mum for a cuppa Lol x
  3. I’ve been chatting to a lady from a bicurious post on netmums and we realised we live quite close. We’ve arranged to meet for a coffee tomorrow! I’m sooooo nervous it’s ridiculous. I have my own business for goodness sake! I’m not a nervous person! This is ridiculous I’m actually thinking of making an excuse! Why am I like this. It’s only a coffee in Costa!
  4. Got it!! American Pie! Haha. That was really bugging me!
  5. I really recognise that woman but never seen that programme! Has she been in something else? (In the beige top)
  6. Me neither. Never.
  7. Friend with benefits but the friendship part is important as is chemistry and personality as well as the physical side. I could never just meet someone in a hotel for an hour then buggar off. That’s not me
  8. Hi. Welcome. I’m quite new also x
  9. Hi. Would be good to meet some people. I’m Herts. I mean for a coffee etc. A few of us x
  10. Yes I found it more intense with a woman. To be blunt the orgasms were different. Seemed to last longer and were more frequent. Could be just me though lol. It depends if you’re attracted to men I suppose. If I absolutely had to choose one or the other it would be a man x
  11. I used to live in Waltham abbey
  12. I have with hubby a couple of times. Like the one time we got away for a weekend on our own for about 5 years!! It had to be done!!!
  13. Long and blonde to my bra strap (ish) I prefer longer hair on women but it’s not essential