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  1. I'm in San Antonio.
  2. Curves, smile, eyes. Love curvy women from lean curvy to thick curvy. That's what makes me turn my head when I'm out driving.
  3. Now I really want to experience it. Just need another woman who enjoys it as much as I do.
  4. I love sexting, sending naughty pics/vids, naughty video chatting. I haven't done it with a woman but would love to. I do it with my husband. It's exciting to see the responses. I would love to try with another woman.
  5. I'm in the same boat as you are.
  6. I used to love chat rooms. I use to get on Paltalk, not sure if they are still around or with mobile viewing. They had video chat rooms or your regular chat rooms. It was fun but I kinda got away from it when cell phones had data plans and you can get on the Web from your phone. But I think I would join a chat room if someone here has one
  7. Thank you for the new read. I will definitely pick the book up to read it. I have never heard of it before but looking into it looks like a good read.
  8. I always loved math and science. But In high school found a new love for history after the right teacher showed a new way of looking at history instead of just reading the text book and testing on it. Always thought we need more history teachers like him. Also that's when I got into cosmetology. Now my career.
  9. I love tattoos on both men and women. I also think they can be sexy even without. But I find myself looking at the ones who have tattoos more than the ones that don't. But I think I'm also attached to the type of tattoo. I've seen some who has tattoos all over and it's not attractive at all. They are really ghetto/bad tattoos like they didn't really think about what they were getting or cared about the quality of them. Like if someone had just bought a tattoo machine with no experience and a group of friends had a tattoo party. I have tattoos. Right arm half a sleeve left arm has two, a cheat piece that goes from shoulder to shoulder. And one on upper back. I like to think I put a lot of thought in most of them. I do have some that I wish was a little different but you live to learn.
  10. Guy: nick Jonas Girl: ashley graham