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  1. Has this experience helped you move on from your teacher crush? Have you forgotten about her? I guess you have no choice because you don't see her anymore. Just curious, did you tell your husband about your feelings towards that teacher?
  2. She was in my dreams last night and not the first time. It was nothing romantic this time, we were just friendly. And then I see her at work. Haven't looked at her (beautiful) face in months. When, oh when will I be indifferent towards her, when she's near me? When will this crush completely fade away? It think it would be about time.

  3. Unrequited love sucks. Hope I never get through that again. She still occupies my mind now and then. I fell for her hard. Harder than for anyone else in my life. My first real crush. She'll always be that. But it'a better for me not thinking about her. Move on completely.

  4. Not working with her but she's around. I'm determined not to even look at her and stay away but she had to say something to me yesterday when she didn't have to. <_< And then I saw her looking at me from afar. Now she occupied my mind again. Damn her. I really need this shit to be over now. I'm glad we're not working together, I'm so done with it. I hope I handle crushing on another person better next time. At least I'll be prepared after this bad experience. If it ever happens again, I always fall for unavailable people.

  5. I'll be alone forever. I'll probably be working with my former crush again next week but that shit is over forever. Time to let go. What are the chances I meet another bi or les person in this town and we like each other? Zero.

    1. JESV


      I guess you can move to Canada.  I will hang out with you lol.

    2. Bifrog


      Oh I would love to. At least visit Canada some day. It's like my dream country. I recently ordered online a T-shirt with a Canadian flag on it. :wub:

    3. JESV


      If u ever do Alberta is cool haha!!

  6. I think today has been my last shift with my crush at work. For a long time anyway. I'm glad. I think I need the distance. Working with her makes me sad and miserable. When she's nice and normal to me then she's perfect and it's torture that I can't be with her and when she's bitchy for no reason, ignores me and mostly talks to my co-worker who I can't stand then it's unpleasant and makes me sad as well. It's a no-win situation. I'm glad it's over for now. I think I'll be more at ease at work now. Hope so anyway. :) :clapping:

  7. I felt quite okay after finishing working with my crush, my feelings didn't get out of control this time. Not completely crushed at home this time. I did have these physical sensations when she was around me but I was just observing them, I didn't get overwhelmed by them. It's amazing how a certain person being near you can influence your whole being, physically and emotionally. That's rare. Too bad nothing can ever come off this.

  8. What a dream a had today. I was sitting somewhere, probably at work. She sat close to me and started slowly kissing my cheek and then near my mouth and then I started kissing her back as well. We weren't even alone. She took a few days off lately and this happened in my dream when she returned. I see her tomorrow. Wow. If only in reality....

  9. Yesterday was hell, was working with my crush and I lose it at home whenever we're around each other a lot, standing close and say things to each other. Feelings are always back full force if we're together a lot. Her proximity to me is torture. It's so stressful also because I'm trying to be professional and hide my feelings, trying not to think that she's near me when it's all I can think about. Don't want others to notice and don't want her to notice as well.

    1. Bifrog


      I don't know how to handle this anymore. Try to relax, enjoy it might be good if I can manage that when she's got such a hold on me. She just does it for me. I love the way she smells, her voice, her authority, her beautiful long blond hair, cute nose, her entire appearance. Wish I could get to know her better but she never discusses anything privately with any of her co-workers. I have decided that if we ever stop working together I'll tell her everything I feel and want to say to her via fb message. It'll be easier to write it down and she won't have to have an immediate response/reaction to it.

    2. NoOne


      That's tough.  I wish you all the luck and strength to get through it.

    3. Bifrog
  10. My absolute favorites are Shane & Carmen and Dylan & Helena. I feel like no girl Shane hooked up with had better chemistry with her than Carmen, they were so great together. The way they looked at each other... Carmen gave depth to the Shane character, Shane character development was best with Carmen. They were great in angsty, as well as funny moments, they were sexy and cute, my favorite combination in a fictional couple I like. Sarah Shahi supposedly confirmed that she'll be in the reboot so I think we have Sharmen to look forward to next year! So happy! Shane will never forget her, loved that scene in season 6 when she didn't want to throw her Carmen-era T-shirts away because she wanted some sort of remembrance of her, had no protest over Paige and Cherie shirts being disposed of. Helena and Dylan, they're special to me because Dylan was "straight" at first and in denial over her attraction and feelings for Helena but couldn't resist her. They had so much sexual tension, their scenes were so hot. Kind of how I wish me and my crush could be together. With both of these couples the writing was the problem in how they ended them. Nothing else to say about the fact that neither stayed together.
  11. My rule would be not to profit at the expense of happiness, well-being, deaths of any living being (no production of weapons, no wars). No exploitation of animals or people.
  12. With my crush I notice that when I want to have contact, some interaction with her the most, it doesn't happen. It happens naturally when I don't feel I have attachment to her. Something to take notice of. be cool, confident, don't feel attachment to anybody and it will happen (yeah, right, like that's me, I wish). Why won't it when I really want it?!? Life sucks, we, people, suck for being so complicated. :lol:

    1. Bifrog


      One of the things that attracted me to her from the start is the way she handles herself as the boss. She's capable, confident, clear-headed, strict (all of those things most of the time anyway) but I also see how nice she can be, a bit vulnerable as well sometimes, I see it in her eyes. I guess she's everything I wish I could be most of the time. Or opposites attract? :)

    2. BellaLuna


      I hear you. It's so frustrating. :(

  13. I liked working with my crush yesterday. It was not awkward. Had a bit of interaction when we got coffee. It was nice.

    1. Bifrog


      And we had a bit of an intense eye contact afterwards when we saw each other again. Which was exciting when I think about it now. I really can't shake the feeling that she feels something for me too. Her body language and eye contact say a lot. I know nothing will ever happen, not deluding myself ever again but I still enjoy it a bit now, love seeing her from time to time. And when she smiles at me.... omg... she's perfect. :wub:

    2. JESV


      Lol thats like earlier this week my boss (whom I am very attracted too) took a bottle out of my hand so brushed my fingers.  I NEVER touch her for good reason lol so will forever remember the hand brushing.   So little and stupid but made me happy!  My male boss (who is friends with my female boss) knows about the attraction. As I talked to him about it as he is an awesome guy.  I asked him "well how do I get over her?" His response was "you don't."  It is fine to fantasize n crush on anyone (who is not a child!) So when am stressed and feel horrible for thinking thoughts about her I think of what he said and makes me feel human n normal :)

    3. Bifrog


      Thank you for sharing. I will remember that as well. :) I also believe you never forget your most intense crushes, feelings can fade away slowly, they're not as intense as before but they can return when you see the crush, talk to them and they're nice to you. We're almost in the same situation. I brushed fingers with my crush once as well, back then when she wasn't aware of my feelings. I distinctly noticed it, not sure she did.  I'm pretty sure we'll never touch again. I avoid it as well, wouldn't want her to think I'd do it deliberately.