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  1. It warms my heart but it doesn't make me happy, more like sad because this will never go anywhere where I would like for it to go.

  2. It has been one of the best work days with my crush. It warms my heart when she's this friendly with me. It reminded me of how we used to be before I think she realized that I have a thing for her, before she realized what it means considering she has a bf. How can I get over her when my feelings go back to being this strong whenever she calls my name in this teasing manner and just talks to me. I hope for such moments... when we have this kind of connection. Of course there are other people around us and I'm quite reserved because I'm trying hard not to show how I feel about her but it's still fucking awesome when days like this come. I think we won't be working together for a month now. We'll see. Already looking forward to the day when we work together again after being apart for this long. I'm not fooling myself anymore that something can come of this, she's straight and taken. That seals the deal even though on days like this I think she has the potential to be bi like me. I don't think she's like this at work with anyone but me. I've never seen her. She's so beautiful and so endearing on days like today.

    1. JESV


      Lol sometimes what u right; it's like you're talking for Me!

  3. Similar here. I realized that I'm bisexual a few months before turning 35 after the biggest, most serious crush I ever had. Had a few before but I never took them this seriously.
  4. I'm 35. I love the fact that there are so many mature ladies on this forum. I also browse reddit forums and it seems there are mostly teenagers, very young folks over there.
  5. Having no one to share things that matter to you with, no one who appreciates you, no one to support you, be there for you when you need someone and the fact that you don't make a difference in anybody's life.
  6. For 54 % you are: You are Bisexual. For 23 % you are: You are Lesbian. Profile B For 15 % you are: You are Bi-Curious. Profile C For 8 % you are: You are Straight. Profile D
  7. I read that there will be a L-Word reboot. I wonder if we'll see Shane and Carmen together again. Would be nice.
  8. Wow, these two are hot together! So much chemistry! I've never shipped a gay couple, only straight ones but I think Shane and Carmen are the first gay couple I now ship. Thanks for posting the vid.
  9. You have nothing to miss, the experience mostly sucks. I try hard not to care but I still do and she's not worth it, not of my thinking about her, not of my admiration. If they don't appreciate you or like you back then they're not worthy of me appreciating and liking them. But you don't choose the people you fall for. My brain tells me she's not worth it but my heart still cares a bit. I'm telling myself that liking someone is something positive but people are so strange, nothing they do or think makes sense. It's so rare for me that I like someone and now I have to stop liking them because it's pointless and only leads to suffering when you expect something from them, attention, respect, liking you back and you get disappointed when you don't get those things. I hope I learned something from this experience, I mean other than the fact that people disappoint you over and over again, and handle it differently the next time I'm about to fall for someone.
  10. Yup, that's one of the things. I also love the person's voice, smarts, beautiful hair, eyes, smile.
  11. My darling cat. I love him so much. Just seeing him puts me in a better mood and makes me smile. I animals.
  12. Thank you all for the welcome. I already have good vibe about the place. I think I'll mostly be lurking unless I decide to bore you about my crush I thought was mostly over. As they say "One step forward, two steps back". I need to meditate and take a walk to think about it. If I work on myself, take time for myself, I'll slowly be back to only taking steps forward in regards to my crush at work. Some days it just gets harder, you look at her and think how beautiful she is and then you're screwed, especially when she looks at you, too, and you gaze at each other for longer than it's considered casual (never happens with anyone else), it leads to more thinking about her. Damn.
  13. Hi folks, I finally decided to join you today. I'm in my 30s and I have finally admitted to myself that I'm bi after having been seriously attracted to a straight co-worker last year. There have been crushes to both sexes before but never like this. I've been lurking a few times, wanted to see how others have dealt with a similar situation to mine. I have finally managed to get over her when I decided that I don't want to suffer anymore. I feel free now, though I think I'll always like her but thankfully don't have any feelings anymore that would make being around her uncomfortable. Anyway, since I joined this "bi-world" I have seen that many people have had these unrequited crushes, not the only one by far. It helped reading about other people's experiences. Glad to be here.