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  1. I completely relate. I've been married 12 years but haven't actually told my husband. I don't hide the fact that I find women attractive but I haven't spelled it out for him. I'm too scared to say it out loud.
  2. I've never thought of it like that. This really resonates with me. Thank you.
  3. I so relate to this. I don't want to tell my husband and have it turn into another way to satisfy him. But I'm not sure that I want to cheat either. For now I settle for fantasizing...
  4. Thanks so much, Playful!
  5. I'm in the market for a quiet vibrator or sex toy. The quieter the better, but still good (obvi). Any suggestions?
  6. My #1 rule would be the Golden Rule with a twist: treat others how they want to be treated. It's about treating each other well and respecting our diversity.
  7. You just described my life in a nutshell.
  8. I love everything about this thread!
  9. My sexuality has been so repressed since a very young age that I was pretty much asexual. And since it's "normal" to be heterosexual I just went with it, even though I didn't feel too much of an attraction. As I'm started to explore my sexuality, which has been super difficult for me to do, I'm realizing that I have always been attracted to women. Even acknowledging that I have sexual attraction, whether it's to a man or a women, is really hard for me to do.
  10. I cum so much harder when I masturbate, but maybe that's because I've never had sex with a woman...
  11. @Hungry Thank you for the great advice!
  12. @shazza21 I have not told him that. I still trying to figure out if that is what I want. Maybe the compromise is that I can date women outside of the marriage and so can he. Ugh...this is getting complicated.
  13. I can totally relate @unknown. I already feel like I'm performing for my husband when the whole time I'm thinking about being with a woman. I wouldn't mind a compromise - the occasional threesome to satisfy his needs, with enough time alone with a woman to satisfy mine.
  14. I would love to open up to my husband about my bisexuality. He would be thrilled and would immediately start pressing me for a threesome. Here's the thing...I don't want a threesome. I want the opportunity to explore my sexuality with a woman without a penis getting in the way ;). I'm worried my husband will see this as a rejection. But I don't want to be with a woman behind his back either. Sigh...