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  1. Aaaaaah I'm such a chicken! I saw Ms Crush tonite, but couldn't get a single word out of my mouth! Very frustrating. I just froze up, as usual, smh. I guess I gotta keep trying...
  2. Hahahaha, thanks for the vote of confidence. Having a conversation with her and verbalizing my attraction are challenging enough! I have a tendency to freeze up in social situations, especially when I like someone.
  3. She's posted that she was looking for queer events to attend around town, she's also posted about going to Pride marches etc, and she posts things related to LGBTQ rights. Sounds pretty promising, no? ;) Now I just gotta whip up the courage to actually have a conversation with her.....
  4. Wow, so much to think about. Again, thanks for the responses everyone! Some really good stuff here! I'm pretty sure Ms Crush is into women. I've kind of been stalking her on social media lol. Unfortunately I have no idea is she's single or not. (Hopefully!!! ) But basically it sounds like the best thing to do is to have a conversation with her. Errrrmmm..... words..... Yikes!!!
  5. Ah, good point! I'm not sure at all... I should find out!
  6. Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Yes, I'm noticing how great and supportive this place is. Glad I finally made an account!
  7. Thanks for the replies everyone!!! I was more concerned about the work relationship myself, but what you're saying is very true. If I read her cues wrong and am too forward, it would make for really awkward work encounters. But I don't think I'm reading her cues wrong. The main one is the eye contact. I pay very close attention to eye contact with people, not just with her. And the eye contact with her is very different from the eye contact of platonic friends/acquaintances. I don't know how else to describe it, but its... dreamy. I can just tell something's going on. I use the eye contact test with guys, and when they're giving me the "sexy" eyes, I'm usually right about their intentions. But guys are just a lot less subtle... And on top of the eye contact, she does the "accidental" brushing up against me, touching my shoulder, etc., which really just reenforces what I'm already thinking about the eye contact. She's also raised her eyebrows at me a few times (while smiling), which is also a sign of attraction. When guys make faces at you they usually want to get in you pants, and when you mimic the faces, you're probably into it as well. I was much too paralyzed to mimic the facial expressions back to her, or to reciprocate anything else, but I probably gave her some dreamy eye contact back - because she's really hot and I'm totally attracted to her, and that stuff is involuntary. So I'm probably giving her some mixed signals inadvertently. I'll guess I'll have to use *words* to let her know I'm interested Yikes! Easier said then done, but thank you for the vote of confidence ladies! I will try my best to ask her out and actually use words. And, like, sentences and stuff <gulp>
  8. Hi ladies, I need some advice here So basically I have a crush on a woman. She's hot as hell and I'm pretty sure she's into girls too, but also I'm a complete chicken when it comes to making the 1st move. Not just with women, with guys too, but its much less of a problem with guys... anyway I'm getting a little off topic here. Back to my situation... to complicate matters, we work for the same company, tho we don't see each other all to often and rarely work together. And one more little wrinkle - we work with kids (!!!) I'm always very professional at work. I would never try to make a move on her at work or anything like that. And did I mention I'm also a complete chicken? The signals I'm getting from her seem to say she's kind of into me too... you know, smiling, dreamy eye contact, going out of her way to touch me or brush up against me, compliments on what I'm wearing... things like that. Even tho I'm a total chicken, I'm pretty good at spotting the signs of attraction ;) I've actually invited Ms Crush to hang after work several times. She's refused my offers way more times than she's accepted, but she has taken me up on it a few times. I'm just paralyzed with fear or whatever it is, and I'm completely unable to make a move when I'm around her. So my questions for you are: 1. Is going after her a terrible idea, with the work relationship and all? 2. Do u have any tips for gathering up enough courage to make the 1st move? Any handy dandy pickup lines you like to use? I'm not a big drinker, so liquid courage isn't really an option for me. One more thing I should probably mention is that I'm not really all that experienced with women. The furthest I've gone with a lady is a hot and steamy makeout session, but that's about it. It's not really what's holding me back in this situation tho. I'm sure if I ever got into an intimate setting with her I'd figure out what to do real quick ;) It's my crippling shyness that's the problem. Thanks for your advice!!!
  9. Hi ladies! I've been lurking here for a while and finally decided to make an account. Looking forward to "meeting" you!