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  1. Like so many women here, I like different things depending on if its a man or woman. I love penetration with my SO especially doggy style. Oral with him stinks because he doesn't like doing it and it is so obvious its not even worth it! With a woman I love lots of oral, both giving and receiving. Slow, sensual rythmic oral between two women is soooo good! I love lots of kissing, massaging and nipple sucking with both. I love spooning and cuddling with my man, but for women, it depends. I can't believe I am admitting this stuff!
  2. Thanks so much Patrizia. Thats very true and I do love him all the more for it.
  3. You are right Shazza21 but as you said, its hard. I was raised in a religious and slightly sexually repressive home and so my guilt runs deep, but I don't let it stop me!
  4. Thank you and yes its very true.
  5. Thank you! And yes I have pursued women while we are together and plan to continue doing so! He understands that intimacy with another female is important to me yet not a threat to him. Its totally different. He also respects my privacy with this aspect and lets me tell him as much as I am comfortable with without prying. Now the challenge I have is my own internal guilt. Its crazy but I feel greedy wanting the best of both worlds. Anyone else feel that way?
  6. Thank you!
  7. Hi everyone, I have been lurking around the site for months, reading posts etc. before finally deciding to join. I am 42 and discovered I was sexually attracted to women in my 20's. I considered myself to be bicurious for a long time; it seemed like safe label, not really committing to anything. However, at this stage of my life, I feel comfortable admitting at least to myself that I am way past the bicurious stage; its not just a phase, this is who I am and deserve to embrace it. What helped helped make me more comfortable with myself was being able to tell my SO who has been understanding and supportive. I still have feelings of guilt (not that I let it stop me!) but am so grateful that there is a safe haven for likeminded women to discuss all aspects of our sexuality.