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  1. Thanks! I'd like to read and then recommend to my partner. Would be great to open up conversation into something less casual perhaps. Not really sure what I want, but reading and sharing ideas can't hurt that's for sure. I think my friends should all read these books too, might help them be more open minded
  2. Just downloaded this book. I knew there had to be some books out there, just didn't know what to search for. I'm so unimaginative MishalB04 your guy is awesome for being encouraging
  3. Hi! I know ZERO bi women IRL I've been with women and have curious friends, gay friends... but I don't actually know anyone who identifies as bi. So I'm really excited to make some friends here I'm in a 10yr relationship with a guy, who knows that I'm bi. We've had threesomes, and one relationship I can only describe as polyamorous, that ended in a positive way a few years ago. I'm really looking forward to having some open minded people to talk to about an aspect of my life that none of my friends really understand. I've read some posts here and can identify with lots of talk about people's assumptions of bi women, in and out of relationships. Makes me feel happy seeing other women talk about those things in a way no one in my life does. Happy to be here xx