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  1. Absolutely. Bush, shaved, or bare?
  2. Screw taking the high road some people deserve what they get.
  3. I agree just seems crazy since she's the one who ended things. If you moved on atleast try to let me be happy elsewhere. Thanks for the input I was definitely leaning that way.
  4. So I've talked about working with my ex and how she's grooming the next girl. I'm trying to get over it (avoiding her and new girl whenever i can) but then I hear things she's saying like she told a guy who was interested to stay away and he wasn't my type. My question is should I talk to her about everything. I feel there was miscommunication and we just stopped talking to each all of a sudden. She was my first real girl fling and yes i caught feelings so I didn't know what to do when she started being strange toward me so I gave her space. She's a lesbian and knew about me. I kind of need the closer but I don' want to stir anything up either. Or should I just let well enough alone and suffer though or talk to her? I also don't want her to think I'm jealous and start the whole cold shoulder thing she has over. Im throughly confused. Any advice is wanted.
  5. Imagine getting the chance to experiment for the first time only to then get rejected because they found someone new and have to see them everyday. Its almost funny.
  6. This this this 100% or especially since we work together.
  7. I'm definitely aboob girl but i do like to look at a nice butt.
  8. Also be the nice girl you think you can run over. Have a fling with a coworker
  9. Like them all but southern accents in america and Scottish accents make me melt
  10. I struggled with weight so I have stretch marks at 30, my arms, my big boobs and my lisp.
  11. Agreed so hard on this. Its like I'm scared to get hurt and yet you still end up hurt.
  12. I shouldn't have done it.
  13. Emily, I was 19
  14. I miss you, what did I do wrong.
  15. @noobi oh wow I to search the net!